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Oy, that Jew’s unfit to print!

Because the only thing in this universe that could possibly be even more important than tittie cancer, is Jewish tittie cancer: {Ed.:  Hey, filthy goy, why don’t you suck my left one?]  –Hey, that’s an idea!  Oh but wait:  you ain’t got a left one.  AH–HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! . . . . Okay, spare me the “anti-Semitic” […]

How to tell when your indignation isn’t wearing off

The great and good Mickey Kaus blogs, using the word “s-t-eating” [his orthography] in the main entry, later updates and deploys a good hard “fuck”. It may have something to do with the fact that in the first instance he’s dealing with David Carr of The NYT, who may be nothing much to Kaus (though calling Carr “master of the […]

Romney IS like Poppy Bush

And I like that.      It’s fine of her to notice, except I notice her sarcasm– but what am I saying?  It’s Dowd!      I would affix an NB:  Willie Horton was a resentment that deserved stoking.  His heirs in crime leave me plenty stoked, in the ill way.  Kids pretending to be “gangstas”, jeez.  […]