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Gay “Marriage” Today, Incest the world!

It’s here!  Move aside tranny weddings, the newest new frontier in the Battle For Civil Rights(TM) has arrived!!  H/t Vox Popoli: A judge in Australia has been criticised after saying incest may no longer be a taboo and that the community may now accept consensual sex between adult siblings. Judge Garry Neilson, from the district […]

The Abomination Called “Surrogacy” (and the train that follows)

It never should have been allowed.  Surely a Marxist would call it the ultimate degraded form of “alienated labor”.  A Christian or a Jew should recognize that even the polygamous arrangements of the Old Testament have nothing in common with it.  No contract, no exchange of money, can ever unbind the bond stiched in the […]

The Post of the Beast: Post No. 666 (“the very essence of the whore”)

What a frightful milestone. What will we talk about?  Not anything dreamily SoShi-fied: that would be blasphemy.  And what with a high-def version of Girls’ Generation’s Romantic Fantasy becoming elusive online, perhaps it’s as well we should turn from this seemingly endless spree of post-Holiday Cheer and look back at the ugly, tawdry truth all […]

Althouse: “Polyamory on the march”

An interesting Althouse post, with a lively comments thread with good entries by Shouting Thomas, palladian, and others, including responses from Althouse herself.  I think Shouting Thomas, a grizzled veteran of the Woodstock generation who pointedly needles Althouse about her fealty to Gay Marriage, is correct though when he writes: Time to say the obvious, Althouse… […]

The Heroic Mold: Roger Federer vs the Juicers

Steve Sailer has a fine follow-up meditation on steroids in sports, using the physique of Roger Federer (which he aptly compares to 60s Sean Connery) as a foil for his roidal peers in tennis and the sports world at large.  Sailer’s title, gratifyingly enough, is “What the 21st Century’s finest athlete looks like with his shirt […]

Lies, you know

Lance Armstrong throws in the towel with a shrug and a rhetorical smirk.  CNN Sports Illustrated‘s Michael Rosenberg writes: Normally in doping cases, we are outraged because we feel like the athlete  fooled us. The first time I felt this way was in 1988, when I watched Ben  Johnson win the men’s 100-meter dash at […]

A premature debate: Intern Kerishma, Sen. Rev. Diaz, and the reductio ad Hitlerum that maybe isn’t

“If there’s one thing I’ve ever learned from watching The Daily Show (or just being a decent human being with some form of common sense) is that you never, ever compare anything to Hitler, the Nazis, or the Holocaust. Ever. I didn’t realize The Daily Show was so informational about the Holocaust.  Is Jon Stewart […]

Brave New World: Anna Smajdor’s exopregnant feminist nightmare

Brave New World is afoot: I would like to close with an imaginary scenario: You, the reader, from behind the veil of ignorance, are asked whether you would prefer to be born into society A, where women bear all the risks and burdens of gestation and childbirth, as they do now, or society B, where […]

“Girl-stuff for free”: the contraception debate continues

A vigorous pile-on in the comments thread for this (rather free-ranging) entry from Althouse. I’ll quote Synova: If we don’t complain about this, not about the “free” part and what that means to the economy, or the infringement on the rights of Catholic institutions… What else can we ever complain about ever again? It’s going to […]

Yes, Penelope Trunk is crazy, but

I quite like this piece on divorce.  Check it out. Note well item No.3.  I’m Lucius Somesuch, and I approve this stereotype!

Toward the Nature of Evil

In the interstices of my comfortable life of virtuous T-ara listening, smoothroast coffee-drinking, and talking on the phone with my mother for a solid fifty-seven minutes, I’ve been thinking about the nature of evil.  Contemplating the career of K*t* P*rr* who, despite some readers continued disbelief, truly is a unique perversion and outrage in the history of […]


For as regards nature, experience presents us with rules and is the source of truth, but in relation to ethical laws experience is the parent of illusion, and it is in the highest degree reprehensible to limit or to deduce the laws which dictate what I ought to do, from what is done.                              –Immanuel […]

Riches . . .

Riches are for spending, and spending for honor and good actions.  –Francis Bacon

Wall Street: Focus Against the Family

     Joel Kotkin contributes a fine opinion piece on politico (which I’ve long since given up flocking to daily ever since they decided upon the ideological niche they were going to squat in) about the Obama Administration’s electoral woes in the greater context of the harm Obama’s brand of liberalism has been inflicting upon middle and working […]