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F**k the March for Our Lies

Satanic traitor Boss David Hogg and his SJW teenybopper army will burn in Hell. Advertisements

For a bloviating, washed-up former intel chief, John Brennan seems strangely indifferent to the many dicks Obama’s received, or the one Samantha Power keeps handy at all times

Samantha Power, who was U.S. ambassador to the United Nations under former President Barack Obama, warned President Trump on Saturday that it was “not a good idea to piss off John Brennan” after the former CIA director told him in a tweet that America would “triumph over you.” The American people would like to tell […]

Nicholas Freaking Sarkozy is under freaking arrest, and damn this feels freaking good

K!ke former Europeror Nicholas Sarkozy is under arrest for taking million of euros in bribes from Quaddafi–whom Sarkozy later started a freaking war against, apparently all as a goddamn hit to keep his bribe-taking from coming to light. A nation destroyed, open air slave markets returned, an American Ambassador tortured and killed, shenanigans with ISIS, […]

Explaining how mass casualty crisis theatre works: the Parkland Shooting Hoax and Beyond

Sofia Smallstorm and friends have an almost-two hour discussion that kept me absorbed every second.  A fantastic in-depth examination of the likely mechanics of fake shooting events, funding, logistics, recruitment, media play, legal cover, the carrots and sticks used to control troubled particpants after the fact, hierarchies of planning and knowledge, and the strategies they […]

“She’s safe!”: Classic Crisis Actor Theatre with the Hubbards

Styxhexenhammer: Trump wants you to watch what Mueller does next

Though blackpill on Crooked Hillary going to jail, Styx is confident John Podesta hasn’t slept in days.  While Tony P. is the most proximate target for Mueller, John has to worry about the Hollyweird stuff too [NB so does Tony to, but I get what Styx means]

Trump orders CIA to release real JFK files, so FBI muddies waters with release of fake news Sandy Hook files

–That’s my take.  Certainly no amount of fanfic about nonexistent “Adam Lanza” can wash away the mountains of evidence of Sandy Hook’s hoax status as a diabolical psy-op designed to disarm America and pave the way for Bolshevik tyranny.   There’s so much “good” stuff in the annals of Sandy Hook deception, multiple movie-length videos […]

Benghazi, Nevada: The Fast and Furious Las Vegas Shooting Conspiracy Theory

In summary:  Paddock was an undercover FBI agent handing out weapons to ISIS affiliates inside the United States, in an entrapment scheme with creepy/stupid echoes of “Fast and Furious”.  The ISIS terrorists got wind of his real identity, killed him, and gave us a downpayment of mayhem with their fresh cache of weapons by gunning […]

Crisis Acting

Glenn Close in Dangerous Liaisons.  Jeremy Irons in Reversal of Fortune.  And:  Emma Parkinson.

Victoria’s Secret

When I go on youtube to watch A Pink’s “Five”, it shows me an ad in Korean with some bitch begging for “acceptance” of her confused son

Listen faggot Jews, get your schmucky pro-sterility shit out of mine and all righteous people’s eyeballs. You can practice that filth in Israel or your (consenting 18+ only) romper room in Silicon Valley.  But the inch-deep “tolerance” for your crapotry you’ve cultivated through the boobtube upon the social-conformist minds of silly females will evaporate quickly […]

Sandy Hook “Parents” Will Burn In Hell

“My name is Robbie Parker . . .”   The screencap shows the delightful Soto family–I just adore somehow that youngest lying little minx whose eyes CANNOT HIDE the love she has for that Oscar she’s getting. But: Sandy Hook never stops giving.  Until now I had never seen the interview with the Parkers that […]

Ariana Grande Bombs

Freakish coalburner “Ariana Grande” gets her concert in Manchester suicide-bombed. It’s a tragic but preventable commentary on our decayed and violated society. Grande may have had the makings of a harmlessly cute minx long ago– but given the Ill*m*n*t* realities of Jew-run Disneywood, it’s not unlikely she was violated and even “programmed” from an early […]

NYPD, FBI, Putin, Trump: Drop the Dirt on Hillary & Finish Her Off!

On Election Night, Philadelphia, Milwaukee, and Detroit were the last to give their returns in their states, and CNN’s coverage kept telling us “Hillary’s camp believes they have the votes.”  Wink wink.  Wonder how many thousands of votes “cast” for Clinton on Election Night in those states were fraudulent to begin with? Since the election, […]

Pizza Pizza: scenes from the Podesta Suspected DC Pedophile Ring of Hell

        BREAKING: From the anon who brought you the Laura Silsby connection: I have uncovered a pedophile with links to Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, David Brock, George Soros, Marina Abramovic and the Podestas from The_Donald   http://voxday.blogspot.com/2016/11/the-comet-connection.html https://dcpizzagate.wordpress.com/ [UPDATE 11/26/2016] Hat-tip to BGKB:  http://www.shtfplan.com/headline-news/evidence-scrubbed-accounts-suspended-as-citizen-researchers-delve-into-the-hell-that-is-pizzagate_11252016# [UPDATE 12/05/2016]  From dcpizzagate:  Very weird times, my […]

Friends, please remember that if you see a whopper of a Wikileaks tomorrow–it’s probably for real

But meanwhile, US “cyber security” is working overtime to bring down wikileaks– I mean, er, “protect the U.S. election from cyber interference from Russia! lozlz”. Yes, wikileaks is frozen up, and the Hillary campaign is terrified about the next shoe to drop on them. http://voxday.blogspot.com/2016/11/bracing-for-impact-ii.html And the latest MSM briefings about alleged threatened “Russian” hacking […]

FBIAnon Files “Q: What did the Clinton Foundation do? Please elaborate.” “A: Sold influence, intel, favors, and people to anyone willing to pay.”

“People.”  It was there all along. And originally I never got to Thread Two, where the sex trafficking becomes more more explicit.  Read it: http://pastebin.com/hgW5q5Kx/

Eyes Wide Open: Hillary in Satan’s Service

True Pundit reports all FBI agents in DC area are on call to make arrests this morning from “the top down”: BREAKING: Comey Mandates All FBI Agents Report to D.C. Offices; Prep for Raids, Possible Arrests in Clinton Probes NYPD sources, as we’ve already heard, claim child sex trafficking is in the new emails.  Vox […]

Vince Foster! Bribes! Arkancide! Lesbo!: the Hillary Lies are Breaking!

The National Enquirer is dropping its dossier!  And yes, Virginia, they cracked the Edwards love child lies, now here comes the greatest public service of all. Stay home, soccer moms. Hillary’s a liar, a perv, and a maniac. Better yet, vote for your children, and vote for Donald Trump.   Citizens of Ohio, Pennsylvania. Florida, join the […]

PAC on “Globalism” (with thoughts on its reversal)

At Vox Popoli, commenter PAC writes: Globalism is Zionism: viz., Jewish nationalism and its claim to worldwide dominion. Its current imperial enforcer is America, and it will continue to be until America is sucked dry–at which point Pax Judaica (which is anything but peace) will replace Pax Americana. This needs to be hammered again and […]

Gay “Marriage” Today, Incest the world!

It’s here!  Move aside tranny weddings, the newest new frontier in the Battle For Civil Rights(TM) has arrived!!  H/t Vox Popoli: A judge in Australia has been criticised after saying incest may no longer be a taboo and that the community may now accept consensual sex between adult siblings. Judge Garry Neilson, from the district […]

Heard from the depths of Hell: “God, you magnificent bastard, I read your book!”

Because how else could Satan pull off so monstrous, so low, so devious a blow against everything pure, beautiful, and good in this world– as this. Baudelaire said, “The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he doesn’t exist.”  I am not deceived. I see your hand, Adversary.  And one sweet day, St. Michael the […]

The Mark of the Beast

In a thread on chick-lit (the fantasy/sci-fi variety, to be exact), Vox Day commenter Goshawk writes: Meh… The day vampires became the “good guys” I stopped reading. Today, it seems like almost everything in science fiction and fantasy is pure occultism and focused primarily on marketing the soon return of the Antichrist and his mark. […]

Always Winter but never Christmas (in Hawaii, not even that)

“We have 54 trees in the White House,” an excited Michelle Obama proudly told  visitors the other day. “54!  That’s a lot of trees.” –Yes, yes it is, Michelle.  I guess you’re not the only one in the First Sun People Family who’s floored and flummoxed with the counting stuff. Ann Althouse (who, being a […]

The End of the World As I Know It

The Apocalypse is nigh: T-ara will be destroyed welcoming two new members to their group. One will be revealed on the 31st, while the other will be revealed this coming June. Core Contents Media confirmed on the 23rd, “The newly added 8th member of T-ara is 18 years old and possesses a great visual and talent. […]

Brave New World: Anna Smajdor’s exopregnant feminist nightmare

Brave New World is afoot: I would like to close with an imaginary scenario: You, the reader, from behind the veil of ignorance, are asked whether you would prefer to be born into society A, where women bear all the risks and burdens of gestation and childbirth, as they do now, or society B, where […]

Toward the Nature of Evil

In the interstices of my comfortable life of virtuous T-ara listening, smoothroast coffee-drinking, and talking on the phone with my mother for a solid fifty-seven minutes, I’ve been thinking about the nature of evil.  Contemplating the career of K*t* P*rr* who, despite some readers continued disbelief, truly is a unique perversion and outrage in the history of […]

How hideous is ‘hideous’?

That hideous.