T-ara Stages

From their abridged and whimsical cover of S.E.S.’s “Dreams Come True”, to the Jiyeon and Hyomin solo singles that hold us over until the next T-ara album arrives, a survey of T-ara’s career based upon the official MBCKpop Playlist– with a few judicious substitutions, a few additions, and, as required, a couple of entries from the archives of SBS’s Inkigayo.  In twenty videos, a look at the passion and glory of the world’s premiere girl group:

1. “Dreams Come True”

2.  “Lies”

3. “T.T.L. (Listen 2)” feat. Supernova

4.  “Bo Peep Bo Peep”

5.  “Like the First Time” (minus Jiyeon)

6.  “I Go Crazy Because of You”

7.  “Why Are You Being Like This?” (first single with Hwayoung joining lineup; Eunjung absent with injury)

8.  “Roly Poly”

9.  “Cry Cry”

10.  “We Were in Love” (Soyeon, Hyomin, Jiyeon, and Hwayoung with Davichi)

11.  “Lovey Dovey”

12.  “Don’t Leave”

13.  “Day by Day” (Ahreum joins T-ara; Hwayoung’s last single with T-ara)

14.  “Sexy Love”

15.  T-ara N-4 “Jeon Won Diary” (subunited comprised of Hyomin, Eunjung, Jiyeon, and Ahreum; Ahreum’s last Korean promotion with T-ara)

16.  “Because I Know” (abridged edit)

17.  “Number 9”

18.  “Do You Know Me?”

19. “Never Ever” (Jiyeon solo single)

20.  “Nice Body” (Hyomin solo single)

21. “I Don’t Want You”


22.  “Sugar Free”


23.  “So Crazy”





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