T-ara Ramen

T-ara’s delightful and glorious ramen-shilling RED HOT PROJECT for Japan’s Nongshim:  the tastiest, slurpiest seven-fecta  I’ve seen!

First, Jiyeon’s scandalously exultant table manners in the ramen-slurp (and chopstick touchdown) heard round the world:

Hwayoung displays a deft soft-sell for her hot cuppa ramen:

Sweet Boramssi cooks up a meal bigger than herself– and almost as delightful:

It’s back to the cup with Qri, who’s putting a– Qri, NOOO!!  Don’t tell me you’re gonna eat a raw egg?!  –Did she do that?  Did she cook that first??  She stirred in a raw egg, stirs it, time lapses– was that in the microwave?  then we see another raw yolk, but then its like she’s eating from a cooked cup, but– oh Qri, please please don’t be eating a raw egg!!  These damned Japanese, damned KKS, urgh, what will they stop at!!!

Her bite didn’t look yolky.  I think they switched cups.  Stay safe out there!

Meanwhile, a voluble Eunjung maxes out with a hunking pan of something stew-y:

But Soyeon’s meal looks fit to feed an army.  Even in a competitive field, this could be the most appetizing of all!:

Our final turn in the kitchen comes from Hyomin, whose chef’s salad-y thing looks almost as gratifying as the spill of her tresses past her shoulder’s verge:

She’s such a politician!  Thus, the sevenfold delight of T-ara RED HOT PROJECT, and long may the ramen boil softly and safe. Collectively, this set gratifies my spirit and senses like a Woody Allen matinee: only, afterwards in the grocery store I need to hunt down fresh eggs and ramen instead of shiksas [Ed.:  Oh, I think you and Woody both are done hunting for the ‘shiksas’ . . . .]


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