T-ara Eye Contact

True-T-ara’s Wild Roses Campaign: the treasured “eye contact” spots.

Solicitous Boram, her eyes– they’re expanding!

Ebullient Hyomin– Eunjung can hardly contain her amusement at left of frame! Ahhh, playful hazy days . . .

And bemused Eunjung takes her turn:

I think Soyeon may have been having Female Problems that day.  We love you Soyeon!

Jiyeon makes devilish-sweet alien mockery of it all.  Out of this world!

Poor Hwayoung, and so many bittersweet memories.  Even meta-T-ara memories, for here she reminds me so much of my Beloved Ex, it’s ecstasy to behold:

Hwa, you drama queen.  And here’s Qri, who also had her shots repeatedly aborted by unpredictable bystanders:

And no, she’s not channeling M*d*nn*, scumbag.  She’s channeling– God.  Ave Qri!

Behold the septpartite perfection of our multi-megatalented T-ara troop when it shilled and thrilled:



  1. this is all deeply baffling

    1. Woman is a surging tide of mystery. Surf’s up!

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