It’s so cute and Christmasy– plus, we get a vertical triptych of their duo pairings. Sigh.  Though I hope I do do a lot for A Pink, really in some ways I have failed them so.  Like why don’t I ever watch the A Pink Comedy channel on youtube? Perhaps they peaked too soon, before […]

GFriend’s fatefully glamorous Jessica Jung doppelganger turns nineteen! And to think, she was only seventeen when she was bicycling all over Jeju Island in GFriend Where Are You Going?, and of course, venturing into young adulthood in the mv for “Rough”. Time flies.  But: SinB is but nineteen, and doubtless many glories still await her […]

Maybe Ridley Scott was never any good.  Maybe Alien was never any good. All of this gross-ass stupid crap is so awful.  Damn “facehuggers” and space vaginas with teeth and extraterrestrial face rape and stupid psycho robots and bad religious allegories and crap. Why am I wallowing in this junk?  Oh yeah, to keep from […]

Dear Lord, at least two M! Countdown trophies and an Inkigayo, I beg of you! And 750,000 digital– or at the very least 500,000– but absolutely 60,000 physical albums moved but preferably 100,000. We want to at least get back up to “Remember” numbers.  And nothing fishy like, oh say, how 4Minute won Inkigayo with […]

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In another blow struck for nationalism– not only for America’s, but for the independence of other sovereign nations who may take up the chance to reassert their liberty of action– the President has withdrawn the United States from the Paris climate thinging-a-jig.  The AP reports: WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump said Thursday he was withdrawing […]

Omg.  Just freeze the frame at 0:23 and try to assimilate the scenery: Here is Goddess Jin– in a black leather skirt, no less!  And dark sunglasses.  And a sombrero!  Jiae in a black dress and cream beret.  Baby Soul making her Girl Power sign in a white dress and leather jacket.  Mijoo with some […]

Kick off June with more glittery January action from Seohyun:   because I can’t get enough.

It’s true, kids.  I’m not interested in elaborating at the moment– but good Lord, what a chore to afflict students with!  It’s unconscionable how many of her barely literate offerings are stuffed inside most survey anthologies. What is the reasoning here?  That because America had Emily Dickinson, a major world poet, in the 19th Century, […]

T-ara goddess, lead vocal, fashionista, actress, designer, and World’s Greatest Female Idol Rapper Hyomin turns twenty-eight! Though these last few months– and the months going forward– will be difficult ones for those like Hyomin left behind in the husk of “T-ara”, we pray that soon all the girls will bask in the radiance of freedom.  […]

The otherworldly princess turns twenty! Well, after your teen years have gone out in a blaze of Inkigayo triple crowns, what else is there to do?   But rock on like the pop princess you are!  “World’s Most Innocent” Eunha, though you were still eighteen when you were bestowed that title and you are twenty […]

Mr. Plinkett and friend with their latest précis of all its awful things: The longer takedown:

The first time around, it looks like Mijoo tries to hold back Kei from running off short; the second time round, it looks like Mijoo runs Kei off!  Either way, Mijoo is very lolz hogging the spotlight for her dance! Toward the end, I guess they decided to make it more breathless.  I think everybody […]

I’m a fan of some of The Cinema Snob’s official “The Cinema Snob” reviews, but this is the first I’ve watched in his real-life persona, so I can’t say for sure if he’s often this shaken by the awfulness of what he’s just watched. But he looks and sounds pretty shaken by the awfulness of what […]

WJSN’s scholarly Eunseo turns nineteen! And must be busy with the forthcoming WJSN comeback.  But we hope they find time to honor this charmed occasion for our still-teen heroine to celebrate the great year of achievement behind her– and the awesome year to come!   God bless our Eunseo, and we wish her a very […]

Yesterday’s performance from KCon in Japan: –Now if WJSN comes up with a third single in a row at the interstellar level of “Secret” and “I Wish”, I just don’t know what I’m going to do.  They can easily be forgiven a lesser track at this point, but the very idea of having another genius […]

Dal Shabet’s young sweetheart turns twenty-six!   A thoughtful time, perhaps, but we needn’t be too thoughtful of Time.  Ah Young has plenty of youthful charm left to spare! Along with a certain “mature” charm! Though we’ve had already many fun years together, may our beloved mascot of everything disco-silly in K-pop give her fans […]

Seventy-nine.  And going by some of the interview footage I’ve seen, getting very out of it. I’m not going to go fishing for it– I’ve seen it sampled in various online reviews of the new film.  He acted more drunk than anything else, but very drunk.  It might be meds, meds and booze together, perhaps […]

I haven’t watched this yet, but I’m placing it here NOW because it’s time for dah Lucius to get in shape and start watching all these sublime entertainments his idols so graciously bestow upon the world. WJSN.  A Neoclassic garden.  What could be more magnificent? Sigh.  And all the other episodes I haven’t watched.  And […]

And the last time I mentioned this song was January of 2015?– at which point I was reminiscing about the far-off days of late 2013?  The hell?! I really really wonder where the time goes.  And it worries me.  Oh well.  Let us enjoy NC.A in her days of plastic skirtdom!

Seohyun and her dance crew in icy splendor:  it’s hard for this routine to get old! Love the dramatic final two shots and the cut that joins them.

The great Roger Moore, seven times James Bond, has died at the age of 89. Roger Moore was more than just James Bond– he did a couple of non-Bond pictures with the great On Her Majesty’s Secret Service director Peter Hunt, for example.  But it is his dapper tenure as 007 from 1973 to 1985 […]

After seven years of chart-topping “sexy concept” domination in K-pop, legendary quartet Sistar has announced its disbandment– though on May 31st they will release a final “goodbye” comeback. Sistar’s early work, which I surveyed in my early months of K-pop fandom in 2012, didn’t suit me.  Brave Brothers, that wildly uneven producer, gave them a […]

Freakish coalburner “Ariana Grande” gets her concert in Manchester suicide-bombed. It’s a tragic but preventable commentary on our decayed and violated society. Grande may have had the makings of a harmlessly cute minx long ago– but given the Ill*m*n*t* realities of Jew-run Disneywood, it’s not unlikely she was violated and even “programmed” from an early […]

April’s doll girl turns seventeen! While April has had its share of adjustments over the past year and a half, Yena has been a constant presence with her poetic glamour and quiet mystery– occasionally shaken by fits of liveliness:   –and chipmunkesque aegyo plus career resolutions! Well, even in ten years time Yena will still […]

Please excuse the vulgarity of the expression “baby momma”, but Baby Soul (who always looks so warm and nurturing) looks especially maternal and buttery and glowing with her sweet hair up in a bun: [Ed.:  Baby rabies much, Mickey?]  Yes. . . . Admittedly, the swaying “Lovelyz” logo on the rear screen does kinda make this […]

God keep them away from any signs of “diversity”!  But judging from this teaser, they’ll be cooing over the cuteness of White babies like “GFriend Loves Europe” (which I’m still horribly stalled on watching all the way through–I’ve rewatched the first two and a half episodes like half a dozen times). Sigh.  It’s largely because […]

The squeakiest of livelyz turns twenty-four! Ne!  Her “Destiny” thus far has gloriously enriched us with aegyo and appeal!   And now “Now, We” continues Lovelyz’ starry trail of K-pop magnificence, tracing the heavens with an upward melodic curve as ingenuous and appealing as Jiae’s moistly imploring gaze. And, to paraphrase Jiae herself, “Don’t worry!  […]

Not long ago I was on a micromini AOA jag when suddenly, as if by malign synchronicity, came news that Choa was taking some sort of sabbatical.  This news, accompanied by cryptic social media remarks by some of her bandmates which suggested they knew she was unhappy and there was something missing in her life, […]

Laboum’s colorful minx Haein turns twenty-two!   From her days of feisty hair color and explaining her non-autotuned voice, to dragging her teddy bear across the stage and now dragging off a Music Bank trophy, the adorable Haein has already blazed a trail of K-pop effervescence across the musical heavens– and she’s barely a month […]

GFriend look so good in these cute tight paradeground military schoolgirl outfits! Especially Yuju, who is just so tall and noble in bearing here, with those tight sleeves and the pert fit of her jacket and her noble poise and high head and calm demeanor. As a huge Yerin fan, now that “Fingertip” promotions are […]

Since Laboum’s debut, their appearances on Pops in Seoul have been highlights of my entire K-pop experience.  Though many, including glorious Lovelyz and A Pink, have shown in Pops in Seoul’s formats, no single group is so consistently high-energy and full of improve fun during the Secret Box, interview game, or Pick and Tell formats.  […]

Lovelyz at last scores their first show trophy, on SBS’s The Show. Admittedly, it’s the least prestigious of the current roster, but a win nonetheless and a proud milestone in their career–a highly emotional one too. My beloved Jin is especially affected, as we should expect.  Yein yips with joy, then tosses her head in […]

–and they fit legos and Pac Man ghosts into the stagesavers too.  Plus, black skirts! which I think look especially flattering. Some fans have complained that some of the earlier, gaudier outfits for “Coloring Book” were not flattering, and I tend to agree.  But these dresses look classy.  Goddess Jiho, as you should expect, looks […]

With lighting to rival that for the Comeback Stage, plus some ravishing camerawork (the camera’s zoom in on Mijoo’s smiling face at 0:10ff is heartbreakingly beautiful!), this broadcast is another classic: And Jin gets a great shot starting at 1:29, as noticed in the comments by someone who uses Xuan Yi’s picture for an avatar. Sujeong gets […]

Certainly she writes it deplorably enough.  One must ask what motivation she ever had to slog her way through a Greek grammar or Latin lexicon:  certainly her “work” puts them to little enough use. In his capacity as Higher Ed Realist, Steve Sailer’s been busting the carb-enhanced balls of Donna Zuckerberg, sister of faceborg-famed Mark, […]

I’ll have to watch it through again to keep up with how many audience shots were her versus another prepossessing young lady, but this Mamamoo performance of their milestone “Um Oh Ah Yeah” certainly has the crowd engaged:

WJSN’s spacey minx turns sweet eighteen! Circa 2:05 to 3:02 Dayoung’s alarmingly original Engrish diction! Alas, history has left us no Less Dance broadcast for “I Wish”, which deserved one as much as the awesome “Secret” and perhaps even moreso for the cosmically iconic scissoring arms choreo! OMG heartquake! We pray WJSN’s next single will […]