I guess all of GFriend ate deliciously, but I’d say SinB eats deliciously most conspicuously: Advertisements

I’m going to post this now and watch it later: I just watched the latest Uzzu Tape, with all its beauty overload (the girls were apparently doing some special stage collab with Hyuna), after a Lovelyz MV marathon plus “Glass Bead”, so I’m going to take a rest but I don’t want to lose this. […]

Lovelyz’ princess Jisoo turns twenty-four!   We are always mindful to be thankful that we have you in our lives–and we hope you will always be happy and healthy and in ours!  Happy Birthday Jisoo, and God bless you! Jisoo hwaiting!

A Pink Goddess Naeun turns twenty-four! The past year and change has been a creative period of transition for our A Pink, with the mature musical flowers of Pink Revolution and Dear, the glorious “Bye Bye” Japanese single and MV, the delightful anniversary gift of “Always”, the triumphal return with “Five” and Pink Up, plus […]

at the end of this fan cam, in a pan through the crowd that reminds me a bit of Bertolucci: But enjoy the side view of the choreo, the girls’ mic leaving/gathering technique, and the redhaired girl in the crowd!

So many lolzlzlzolz

GREAT!! Mnet’s channel is doing a great job this new year btw: the Oh My Girl “Secret Garden” stages were all excellent and they’ve been uploaded in good quality, and of course I’ve been enjoying my “Bboom Bboom”s and Red Velvet “Bad Boys” too.  Anyway I’m happy to see yet another “Bboom Bboom” on stage.  […]

Red Velvet’s turn at the MNet relay dance shows savage maknae Yeri rocking the leather look (along with Irene and Wendy).  Will her bad girl persona show up on a “Bad Boy” stage as well?   Oh the answer is yes!  Plus that slick satin top!

The former April member and The Unit sweetheart “happy virus” Hyunjoo turns twenty! Ne!  We wish Hyunjoo all the success she hopes for–and she remains very fondly fixed in our sweet regards.  God bless you, Hyunjoo, and Happy Birthday!

Dear Lord, Suzy is so enticing in this dulcet majesty of a stage!  What refulgence, what sleepy, beamy bedazzlement!   How did Christmas get back here so fast?!

Joy is so fine.  Joy is especially fine in these leather pants and that damn fur stole wrapped around her sexy hips and waist and body. I was a day late in catching the MV when it came out–I knew a comeback was in the pipeline but I thought it was gonna wait for calendar […]

“Love Whisper” on stage on Christmas Day!   I know I haven’t waxed lyrical yet about the sexy Red Velvet comeback or any other news–I’ve been very busy on other projects, plus President Trump has perhaps won his Vicksburg/Gettysburg turning point of the cold civil war with the SOTU and the Nunes Memo.  Hope Obama […]

OMG in elegant black dresses and purple backdrops for more “Secret Garden”!

While the Loonaverse keeps expanding, let’s give a nod to the I’ve-not-entirely-slept-on-it charm of Loona Odd Eye Circle’s promotions:   And while my preference is for “Sweet Crazy Love”, “Girl Front” has grown on me somewhat too:   With those Kim Lip coos, can we be blamed?

Noble Alt-Right legend whorefinder has this to say over in the comments at isteve: Dear gosh, did Trump just get Vox to compare the DREAMers to Black Lives Matter? Seriously, this man is inside their heads and their OODA loops. He got Vox to compare illegal immigrants to a violent terrorist organization. And here’s the […]

Before the new season premiere tonight!

I’ve been sleeping on Momoland, but how could I not think that JooE is GRATE!! OMG she’s just so cute! Oooo, Momoland in chic and sake-she booties:        

Like James Bond, Victor Newman, and God, the man just cannot be stopped!   It is always an inspiration to see that this man has–yet and yet and yet again– pushed the boundaries of what even his most ardent fans have considered humanly possible. It has been ten years since John McEnroe declared Federer’s triumphs […]

She left a lot of good opportunities for zingers on the table–and she’s hardly anything like a real conservative.  Still, this cutesy goof’s reading of an SJW’s dating profile has a few amusing moments.  

Two of the greatest ongoing campaigns of Big Lie propaganda of recent years are 1) the claims that Syrian President Assad orders chemical weapons attacks; and 2) the claim that Russia is behind blahblahblah rain on Tuesday. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, making the biggest display yet of his worrisome waffling and goofy ineffectuality in […]

GFriend’s debut did not impress me at the time (though for some reason I did buy the minialbum–but I skipped “Me Gustas Tu” until “Rough” came out and I was officially converted to “GodFriend”), but today we can enjoy the dulcet retro appeal of GFriend’s audition for global superstardom:

WJSN Goddess and Uncle Lucius’ Waifu Xuan Yi turns twenty-three! Needless to say, we wish this charismatic deity a Happy Birthday!   We want all her days to be happy, forever! God bless you, priceless pearl Xuan Yi, and may all your days–and WJSN’s days– be filled with song and beauty and love and health […]

We the People have spoken:  we want the borders closed. We want the 22 million illegal alien infiltrators to pack up and return to their beloved homes.  Our demands are peaceable and fair.  These criminal trespassers have been treated with extraordinary leniency thus far.  We should not have to resort to stiff-armed measures to be […]

Oh My Girl’s triumphant Main Vocal turns 22! As Oh My Girl celebrate their new peak of much-deserved success, we hope Birthday Girl Seunghee enjoys a wonderful time with her bandmates, and all the pride of their glorious new promotions.  God keep you safe, sweet Seunghee!  Happy Birthday!

A precious Snowflake indeed– arguable Song of the Decade “Rough” released today in 2016:   Just as the “long-shot” candidacy of Pres. Donald Trump was bounding upwards and onwards, from Korea came this symphonic anthem of dazzling powerful innocence to stir our hearts, then as today. Meanwhile at onehallyu (where I was thankfully reminded of […]

Oh My Girl follow up with a second “Secret Garden” win!  OMG hwaiting!

Ne!  Oh My Girl’s much awaited moment in the trophy spotlight has finally arrived as they take their first ever show win on SBS The Show! Not too surprisingly, it feel to Goddess Jiho to take up the leaderly duties of beginning the ‘thank you’s because Hyojung and everyone else was too emotional!  But that’s […]

Tom Kawczynski, a rural Maine town manager, has been dismissed after making “racist comments” to the effect that the region should maintain its historic White majority and keep Islam out. The predictable response from Leftist do-badders was to vilify him as a “White Supremacist”.  One scowling Marxist who turns up in the bing search cajoles […]

Amazing outfits, beautiful performance, and astonishing stage lighting and backdrops that build and build in incandescent intensity: just as my head was woozy with astoundment, the final stretch kicks the visuals into even greater transcendence.  This stage is just jawdropping!  

Retired Oh My Girl member JinE turns sweet twenty-three! Though we miss greatly JinE’s magic on the stage, her noble body of work will remain with us to cherish.   And we hope she is well and happy on this blessed day, and all the days to come.  God bless you JinE!  JinE hwaiting!

“Is there a single Alt-Leftist who did?  No, I think you were too busy with Women’s Studies or–or, you know, ‘How To Grow Soybeans’ or something like that.” Styxhexenhammer hilariously grilling the Left, and moving into closer sympathies with even the Alt-Right:  

Full of intimate camerawork capturing the quicksilver secret emotions of the girls, this is another remarkable entry in this remarkable comeback:  

My second “Mr Chu” stage of the day is one I don’t think I’ve gone back to in a long while–but the classics, God bless ’em, they always work!

A Pink Goddess Naeun startles and stuns in her new beverage commercial:   Netizens chime: ㅇㅇ I knew that she danced prettily after seeing her in New Face. Since she’s tall and has a nice body, she looks even prettier ㅇㅇ She’s so skinny but her body line is so distinct ㅇㅇ No but her waist, her pelvis […]

Another wealth of visual glory, incliding an iconic closing closeup take for Goddess Jiho!

Pay close attention, English majorettes– this is like your ideal first-date outfit for da Lucius Somesuch! Epic fashion triumph, Mimi! Of course, there’s a vast deal to be said about the glorious Comeback Stages for “Secret Garden”, but I need to get my thinking cap warmed up before I pump out a few hundred words […]

A celebration of Jisoo’s adorable and adored visage, from barefaced to caked-on stage makeup, with a myriad of adulatory comments: 1. Light daily makeup is the prettiest 2. Jisooㅠ She’s so pretty with blonde hair this time. Every time I watch ‘Twinkle’ stage, I keep staring at Jisooㅠㅜㅠ 3. Jisoo is pretty with everything… Her […]

–exclaims commenter ANGELILYworks at youtube under this, the sublime Show! Music Core Comeback Stage, in which Jiho, after sitting for the sublime M! Countdown and Music Bank Stages, resumes formation: in a broadcast so excellent, I actually dropped it at the chateau, as proof of South Korea’s national excellence.