–by sampling the WJSN “Happy” choreo at 3:04 It’s funny because I was thinking one of the backup dancers reminds me in the face of Eunseo (sake-she, but I think the ‘blonde’ backup girl is sake-shiest of all the backup girls).  So now there’s even more to enjoy about this! Advertisements

What a grand display! I’ve always said Show Champion’s glorious sets and photography get far too little exposure or praise, and this ravishing stage is no exception as to why.  The screen displays and lighting are stylized and abstract, but the barrage of strobing lights and “APRIL” crawls, the gentle romantic slopes washed out in a fireworks […]

Jisoo’s first Inkigayo stage and Lovelyz8 debut brings her warm shouts of approval from the crowd–and SBS’s cameras give her the final closeup in a shot that pulls out to give us the true Lovelyz in serence glory.

The last couple of days I’ve been straying into Girl’s Day performances old and new (I’ll try and find the recent “Expect” performance that seems to have started this off).  This classic Inkigayo “Something” catches the group at their pinnacle of success, when they seemed set for hegemonic control of K-pop’s airwaves. Who would have […]

I’m sure this has been posted here before, but I’ve just revisited it at youtube after watching the winning performance, so let us recommemorate this very sweet resurgence of precious A Pink triumph! Eunji preciously makes sure Hayoung gets to the front line, WJSN bows repeatedly, and once the girls are alone on stage they […]

In another happy bit of news (I mean besides winning M! Countdown for “Summer Rain”, the unhappy news of the moment being poor Yerin’s unfortunate illness) for the erstwhile 3rd Gen Queens of K-pop, GFriend’s glorious Summer 2016 megahit “Navillera” has become part of the curriculum, its music featured in a new textbook to be distributed […]

Pithy, yet regenerate! Lots of lolzolz, lots of quotable quotes.  They need to show this one in Civics class for the kids’ sakes.

Climaxing in that adorable grimace at 0:38, ZN’s opening lines in “Only U” give her stage-mugging talents a terrific workout!   And of course the rest of this performance gives further reasons why “Only U” may be (shhh!) the Thinking Man’s “Red Flavor”! Not that we want to take away from Red Velvet’s summer success, […]

With daily checkups on onehallyu to track some of my favorite artists, I’ve managed to stay somewhat more au courrant on A Pink affairs and such.  Unfortunately, a side effect is that I can’t keep on top of everyone, and thus–humiliatingly–I discovered Sunday night that an April Comeback was already here, utterly unbeknownst to me! […]

“World’s Most Cutest” GFriend Yerin has appendicitis.  We wish Yerin a safe and speedy recovery, and hopefully she can rejoin GFriend for their “Summer Rain” promotions.  But regardless, she is in our thoughts and prayers.  Be well, beloved Yerin!

That Angela Merkel hasn’t been deposed yet by a patriotic military coup d’état is a shame.  But at least Nationalism is on the rise in Germany: and with God’s blessing, soon all White nations will begin completely expelling all Muslims, negroes, Arabs, Turks, Pakis, Afghans, Moors, Jews, and mestizos invading our sacred lands. It is […]

The topic of GFriend’s relative slide in popularity from a top tier monolith in 2016 to a– well, they would be a solid low-top tier even now, except nothing succeeds like success but nothing fails like relative failure– is a painful one I still can’t figure out.  The Inkigayo wins for “Fingertip” and “Love Whisper” […]

As he says, it could go down any time–and, as he’s keenly aware, there isn’t much of a substitute hanging around thanks to Dr. No’s hissyfit tantrum.  Why, keen insights on that business are a good part of the charm here.  Let’s cull at random: Police are capable of preventing mob violence anytime they want. […]

Savor the transformative bliss of so many classic stages whizzing by in this compendium of Oh My Girl’s epic promotions for “Windy Day”, the song that spawned not only one of the all-time great music videos but also the best choreo of 2016.   What a Work of Art!  Or, I should say, works of […]

It’s getting on toward two years since Lovelyz8 filled the air with magic, along with its surprise Christmastime spinoff single, but that’s no reason not to bask in the youth and warmth of it now:     This “Ah-Choo” is the one with the dreamily slow soap bubbles, and the zoom-in on Kei is like […]

Apparently a lot of them. I’m disappointed that two of the tracks on their forthcoming minialbum, including the single, are co-written by some White chick from Australia.  Yeah I know, Swedes wrote “Dumb Dumb” and “Genie”, and those are classics, but still I prefer my K-pop Korean.  Plus the album teaser just seems a bit […]

–wrote commenter Eunji Apink (not that Eunji A Pink!) 10 months ago beneath this Inkigayo performance of “Only One”:   And, while I’m no fan of “vocal groups” as such, clearly A Pink is a glorious pop group in the vocal department– and this song, despite its lack of trophies, remains a beautifully rich and […]

It feels so much longer–but these past days of August and now September have been heavy with loss, controversy, and destruction here at home.  Yet “Love Whisper” has sonically shone heavenward through these clouds. But in Korea, there was another Inkigayo trophy–though admittedly GFriend haven’t reascended to the hegemony they won in 2016.  But the […]

–before eventually swinging it vigorously in time to the tune of A Pink’s triumph.  Finally, the girls set it on the stage and sing to it, Namjoo hitting her high note with especially ringing power!


–and other retro-futurist, Narnia/Dune neon magic delights from WJSN’s “Secret” MV:   The song is an acknowledged phenomenal masterpiece–but too seldom have I indulged watching the video over and over too.  Too bad I didn’t have this when I was a child–but then, it makes one of me again, adrift in the melancholy and excitement […]

Of course, A Pink already practically are K-pop in Japan, what with so many top ten Oricon hits over there.  But then, that’s why it’s essential to have them on the stage for a KCON or any such expo of the Hallyu Wave when playing in Japan:   That was last autumn, as “Only One” […]

–and the Japanese like it too! Yeoreum, Yeonjung, Cheng Xiao and the whole gang really do splash joy around like golden retrievers during a sun’s-out shower.  My heart aches at the sight of such beauty and joy–and God keep Korea at peace, and free from foreign intervention!  

Astonished by his looks, then by his plight And sore distress, Sidonian Dido spake: “What Doom pursues thee, Goddess-born? What spite Casts thee so peril-tost on barbarous strands? Art that Aeneas whom sweet Venus bore Dardan Anchises by the Simois stream? I mind how Teucer, from his land expelled, To Sidon came, and sought to […]

Well, we can always hope Jisook has further tv or cover girl opportunities– and Goddess Yoonhye has talked about a Rainbow reunion!

As crappy as so many of his subsequent films have been, arguably reaching the nadir with Alien: Covenant, I still clung to the idea that the young Scott was, for two movies, The Next Stanley Kubrick before he all let it fall apart. And then I just watched this: So apparently the young and callow […]

We should have annotated this happy and historic event before, but probably we didn’t.  Lovelyz win on SBS The Show, and true to form the maknae sweetness and light of Yein (combined no doubt with a little bit of that magic potion from Lovelyz In Wonderland that made her Leader for a day still running […]

–as compiled by a poster at onehallyu: Downloads 1. Twice – Knock Knock (735,770) 2. Red Velvet – Red Flavor (721,421) 3. Twice – Signal (641,816) 4. Blackpink – AIIYL (626,381) 5. Mamamoo – Yes I am (624,834) 6. Unnies – Right? (567,938) 7. Red Velvet – Rookie (557,487) 8. Apink – Five (487,546) 9. […]

Here is the February 3rd broadcast of e.one and April’s lush masterpiece of melancholy K-pop:   With our agonized snow princesses (including today’s birthday ballerina Rachel)  enacting such a poignant and impassioned “painful fairy tale”.

April’s Rachel– who, omg, is the new maknae!  how did I not notice before? OH THAT’S RIGHT BECAUSE I CAN’T DO MAFF DUMBASS 2001 COMES AFTER 2000!!!– turns seventeen! Whew! I was freaking out there for a moment.  Now when Jinsol’s birthday comes on December 4th she’ll turn sixteen! Anyway, Rachel only joined us this […]

The audio isn’t ideal on this one, but with the slightly gothic costumes that make WJSN look like witchy teens this one is a pleasure for the eyes. I especially love watching the ways it catches, for instance, Dayoung in those broken mechanical doll reaching-above-our-heads-for-the-heavens motions.  Plus, Goddess Bona in that black beret!  Exy of […]

I’ve been sifting through some of the myriad highlights of my years watching K-pop broadcast performances so as to add just a few chestnuts to the “pages” at the top of the blog, but springboarding from one to another I caught up with this Music Bank performance of “Tiamo”, this time without their backup (forward-up?) […]

–writes first time poster Zinka at onehallyu. Well, especially for a first ever post (comment #150 in the relevant thread), Zinka really hits it out of the ballpark. I cannot for the life of me understand how anybody admires any of Twice’s singles.  They’re complete garbage.  Quite literally, every girl group in K-pop makes better […]

We’ll stop at 35:56 on our 2nd day of trying to sit through episode one of Lovelyz Loves Canada, as “East Team”, who appear to be rather lost in a frighteningly dark and empty and alienating Montreal, get accosted by a couple of fat white chicks who apparently know nothing about K-pop but want to […]

A mountaineer plunges off the side of a grisly peak in the Yukon–but survives his fall (and even being whacked midfall by another falling body), only to be declared the victim of foul play by a Native American female paramedic after he lands safely in a parking lot but is put down by an unseen […]

I haven’t done justice to this stage, with its floating furniture straight out of the video, which gives it a quaint minimalist charm (here the chairs are colorful, as though they’d taken a brief detour through Oh My Girl’s “Coloring Book” MV), and with the Lovelyz in sweet pyjama-style outfits, our Main Vocals Kei and […]