I was looking for something I came across arbitrarily the other day in the archives of VFR, from the early months of the Obama presidency in which Auster was contemplating Obama’s missteps at that juncture.  This I read in the light of another VFR piece, from later in the Obama years, which I had stumbled […]

Wow, and Shinsadong Tiger helped produce it?  So was “Bye Bye” written for the Pink Revolution sessions after all? They’ve had three No. 2 singles on the Oricon charts but as yet no No. 1, so here’s hoping. [Update: it’s currently No. 7, arrow pointing down, but I couldn’t figure how to navigate to the […]

Look out for Jisoo at 1:02, lol face!  

Tang! Tang! Tang! GFriend done opened another can of whoop-booty.  Shake it, SinB!

You might at first glance say to yourself:  what is this retro, washed-out Casio sound trying for? Ah, but there is genius to this.  What I’ve said before about Sweetune’s production on a.de’s “Good Time” perhaps applies in spades here.  They’re milking a deep vein of luminous, haunting melancholy here, and the very “foreignness” of […]

Rookie group gugudan appears to be rising up in popularity with their second single “A Girl Like Me”.  Normally this sort of more-bass-than-beat pop isn’t my cup of tea, but I’ve grown to enjoy the spastic, brassy attitude of this song, all cooing come-hither squeals atop the shuddering staccato flurry of the arrangement.  The music […]

It’s a light-hearted turn from Mark Jaws, and describes what in other contexts we might call Honkey Heaven. This comes, btw, from a View From the Right in which legendary commenter-turned-blogger PA is prominently featured.  I had been searching to see what Larry might’ve said over the years about Fred Reed (a “moral nihilist” for […]

–and in it Min and Suzy were on some talk show complaining that miss A never made any good songs. I was pretty crestfallen– it seemed extraordinary they would diss their own catalog like that.  They were even rifling through various names of songs (Laboum’s “Journey to Atlantis” was mentioned) that were better than any […]

Rome.– In a shocking string of revelations, erstwhile “Pope” Cardinal Francis the Mule revealed the retirement of Pope St. Benedict was merely a ruse as part of a grand, godly counter-conspiracy to uproot the Lavender Ill*m*n*tt* Mafia inside the Vatican. “It was a closerun thing, I have to admit,” stated Cardinal Francis.  “I mean, you […]

Celebrating the three-year anniversary of what is likely the most aesthetically perfect collection of pop songs in recorded music history. From the lambent “Sunday Monday” (No. 1 most played track in my iTunes library) to megahit “Mr Chu” to the e.one-produced heaven-storming “Crystal” and the shattering “Love Story” and wistful “So Long”– plus the still-mysterious […]

Tomorrow is the three-year anniversary of the release of Pink Blossom, arguably the greatest mini-album of all time, and the glorious single “Mr Chu”.  Let us take a few minutes to replay and replay again this beautiful teaser, with its spritely teasing piano rendering of the theme and its playful snippets of the girls in […]

A few days back I discovered a new Pops in Seoul interview clip with Lovelyz in which Mijoo and–be still my heart–Sujeong rock wetlook leggings. But while that’s on my rewatch-and-post to-do list, here’s Sujeong in leatherette leggings and a powder blue cable-necked sweater! And most of the rest of the girls in some sort of […]

Glorious Yein, back on stage with Lovelyz8 and wearing a glossy grape skirt! There’s something fetching about Sujeong’s green top with the cuffs too. And we can’t omit waifu Jin in that mockturtleneck blue top and lilac skirt. I loved Music Bank’s low angle, Show Championesque camera angles capturing all the ceiling stage lights too, […]

Sigh.  I really need some remedial training in dance criticism, so I learn to stop and smell the choreo roses:   Those finger gestures behind Exy during her rap!  Xuan Yi pointing. as if flashing imaginary guns, off to the side, then turning to “you! you! you!” them behind Exy’s back!  Magic! I’m going to […]

It sounds like he had a good time on 60 Minutes.  I approve:   Some interesting points about liberal overconfidence and lack of self-awareness.

After checking out the always-delightful WJSN performance from this broadcast, this one popped up, so why not check out darling Seohyun while we’re at it?   Good times!  Seohyun, besides being a really good singer in her own right, has such awesome hair too!  Plus, pink fur wristcuffs! Yes, the Girl’s Day comeback has finally […]

Our beloved maknae is out of her cast and back on stage to give Lovelyz8 performances of “Wow”! or as youtube commenter GIGAMANIAC Tan puts it: YEIN!!!!!!! OMG SHES BACK YASSS I CAN FINALLY ENJOY A FULL LOVELYZ STAGE Ah, sweet Yein!  We are very happy and relieved to see you happily and healthily on […]

I haven’t written about the GFriend comeback because at first I was really on the fence about this one: my initial thought was that “Fingertip” wasn’t necessarily anything more special than Crayon Pop’s “FM”, a song I’ve also always been ambivalent about. But in Crayon Pop’s case the ambivalence was a sort of piteous ambivalence: the […]

I shouldn’t deign to notice, but since Amber continues her suicide march to get unhitched from her contract and her devoted stans continue to apologize for her unKorean and unladylike misbehavior, I will briefly unload my sentiments. f(X) Amber continues to beg to get released from her contract by boldly bitching on her instragram account about […]

It’s just a thought, but there is a suggestion in her new collection as to why she can’t stop horndogging after Rihanna (God be praised I had to look up how to spell that herpestetic whore’s name). And unless you’re a Paglia completest, beware: the book includes the phrase “bootylicious Beyoncé.”  Break Blow Burn it […]

In sad news, JinE won’t be a part of Oh My Girl’s forthcoming (and how could it not be awesome?) comeback.  Awesome, because it’s Oh My Girl– and yet, incomplete, for how can the hole in our hearts heal as long as our JinE is away?   But at least she is still a member.  […]

The latest A Pink Japanese single is less J-pop than straight-up pure retro K-pop recalling the dulcet musicbox funk of S.E.S. and Baby VOX, and to top off the confectionary sound A Pink has mounted a video that is a veritable orgy of Rococo hues and girlish opulence: Fans of Kara’s enormously successful Japanese run […]

From the opening of Homer’s Odyssey, in the Pope translation, melancholy Minerva– or Athena, if we’re nixing alliteration in favor of accuracy, proclaims the just punishment of Aegisthus for the murder of Agamemnon but protests the languishment of righteous Ulysses kept from his beloved home: Here paused the god; and pensive thus replies Minerva, graceful […]

  Last year we lamented the inevitable turning of the decades for Lady Rambo, but now, let us celebrate her turning an attractive thirty-one! It’ll come back to me which ‘era’ this photo is from, but Boram thus far has aged with a grace which leaves little to remark on in the passing of the […]

We can’t have Yein alas, but we can have a stage awash in the dulcet discodelic tones that help take us away on an audiovisual odyssey beyond the event horizon of the mundane and into the infinity of stars and hearts of Loveliness!   Jisoo so cute!  And I’ll think of that ring as Jin’s […]

The splendorous centerpiece of Lovelyz, goddess Kei, turns twenty-two!   And having lately released the R U Ready? album, Lovelyz has left us busy with new songs and stages to digest– although KBS and SBS cruelly seem to be neglecting to post the performances since the Comeback weekend (what’s up with that?).  Oh well. It […]

An arbitrary freeze that reveals Binnie with a benign Mona Lisa smile on a face with the softness of a Correggio. And of course the rest of this great Comeback stage is terrific too!

Oh Lord make it real! (I mean, as long as she stays mature and legal and all that!)  Koreaboo reports: Apink‘s Eunji knows the secret to looking younger, and it’s all in her hair. Eunji has surprised her fans by returning to her youthful front bangs hairstyle. Although she is only 23 years old, she has turned […]

The Sacramento Bee reports: California Supreme Court Chief Justice Tani Cantil-Sakauye on Thursday told federal immigration officials to stop “stalking undocumented immigrants” at California courthouses. Cantil-Sakauye said she was “deeply concerned” that U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents are apparently seeking out undocumented immigrants for deportation at courthouses and courtrooms from San Francisco to Los […]

With A Pink’s Pink Revolution and Lovelyz R U Ready? there’s a curious vein of moody, rock-inflected tracks that recall somewhat the middle period of Oasis on albums like Standing On the Shoulder of Giants and Heathen Chemistry.  This griefstruck late track from the new Lovelyz album exemplifies this Britpop-esque trend and is one of […]

I was going to post an mnet fancam for WJSN’s SeolA (for starters) because I don’t think we’ve ever paid her personal tribute here, but apparently mnet’s stopped doing those. I guess I can see where it would get tiresome for their interns, especially with a group like WJSN where they’d need thirteen people out […]

The lovely ladies lasses of WJSN (minus Mei Qi, filming on location in China) make a potpourri of their previous stage outfits for this frolicsome (and still full-length!) rendention of their terrific awesome smash “I Wish”: Main Vocal Yeonjung appears to be wearing the outfit from their Music Bank Comeback stage, but I see now […]

Now that I think about it, I believe I’ve read this commenter before without being especially troubled by any problems with his writing or thinking– but I could be wrong.  Nonetheless, “flipping through” one of Derbyshire’s latest essays, I found my eyeballs groaning with stupefaction over the repeated, needy, insistent comments left by one Wizard […]

Or  수정가죽 치마!  Well of course there’s more of this Lovelyz7 set!

–and give Oh My Girl another masterpiece of video, choreo, and music like “Windy Day”, a work that can never lose a drop of its thrilling freshness! JinE and Oh My Girl hwaiting!

WJSN continued promoting “I Wish” right up through this past very weekend, but since I can’t find all of the latest installments (even SBS seems a bit spotty with keeping up posting all of a given group’s performances unless they’re A-listers like– long may they reign!– A Pink) I took the time out to catch […]

The girls of Lovelyz (sans injured Yein, sigh) take to the stage of Yu Huiyeol’s Sketchbook for “Ah Choo”, and this time around Sujeong gets to wear the tasty leather skirt and this one ain’t matte! Ne!  How charming.  This Lovelyz comeback would be a winner on wardrobes alone: it so itches my scratch from […]

In a year threatening lackluster albums, April’s Prelude stands out thus far as one of the strongest. Even so, after watching April cover A Pink’s immortal “Luv” and seeing a recommendation for April doing “Wow”, I shocked myself into the belief they already were covering the brandnew Lovelyz single lolzlz! So here they are, with […]

These are the demigods of our world, the darlings of God:   Gifted, chaste, svelte, splendorous, supernal, flooding light of genius upon the waiting land. If you are fat, ugly, black, unchaste, or an employee of the CIA, you are not worthy to share in this glorious life with us and should really just go […]

because of you – after school was the first gg song i ever knew (and the only bg songs i knew at the time were haru haru and mirotic), and after school just kept on doing the most for me. the shampoo mv invented beauty and me crying –writes commenter swimgood at OneHallyu. And while […]