Whatever else you may think of the new Lovelyz MV, I’ve never seen so much Christmas imagery displayed in what is still the golden warmth of Autumn.  And that’s gotta be something pretty important in itself: With obvious throwbacks to “Shooting Star”, this video is also suggestive of SNSD’s “All My Love Is For You” […]

And Noeul rocking the shiniest wetlook leggings (but Woori gets a comparatively matte pair too).  Best of all, Goddess Yoonhye when she had lines, raps, and plenty of time to show her presence!

One Isabel Hernandez writes: From the outfits: Lisa: Drama queen: always involved in everything. Prom queen. Jisoo: The cute new girl: all the guys want to date her. She writes songs in her spare time. Jennie;”: The cute bad girl. Very mysterious and loves to rap and dance. Rose: Lisa’s best friend: sassy, cute, kind, […]

–built like brick houses. I haven’t rewatched these in a while, so I’d have to research what, if any, changes there were to the lineup as her lengthy promotions went on, and after that poor flub the girl made on Show Champion when she completely forgot to lift Chung Ha’s leg (and basically messed it […]

Well, this is either going to be very pretty and Christmasy and another masterpiece, or else it’ll just be very pretty and Christmasy: I can settle for “pretty and Christmasy” but I confess, are we sure this is the lead single?  Or is this a kind of “Good Night Like Yesterday”/”Shooting Love” b-side release to […]

I. Truth. The Alt-Right believes in objective truth. Man surveys the myriad phenomena of the human, living, and physical worlds and beholds sequence and symmetry. We notice patterns and test predictions. Humans exist not apart from the natural order, but occupy a remarkable place within in as rational animals. The search for truth is what […]

Is this going to be some sort of Inferno meets Dawn of the Dead scenario? But Yeri, what is this “Love sees no colour” crap?  The hell it doesn’t!  Keep it Yellow, my Yellow Angels! Unless of course Wendy is somehow half-White or, God help us, half-Jewish.  In which case I think she should just […]

Chinoiserie dresses and backdrops for their second week “Tiamo” stage on Inkigayo– but did they abandon their children helpers early? I’m sure they were on the other shows through the Goodbye Stages, or some of them at least!  But otherwise, a charming and elegant performance:

Something I’ll need to watch– and something to prod me to finally watch the rest of GFriend Loves Europe, subtitle problems and all.

I mean, it’s a dark week in K-pop BUT: last year, did you think you’d ever get to see beloved Hyunjoo back on a stage and doing Kara covers?  Nope!! God works in mysterious ways.  The Lord be praised for Hyunjoo’s return!

In internet K-pop parlance, every comeback has now become an “era”, so that, for example, fans of Red Velvet or WJSN or Laboum or April or any other group that’s had two singles this year (three, in April’s case!) can and will refer to what their group was doing six months ago as “such a […]

I haven’t watched the whole thing yet, but I’m going to put it here for reference.  It’s from one of the last (or the last) Laboum OT6 performances:

Idol Yulhee and the gang before golden microphones sing their masterpiece:

In one of my life’s most shocking instances of synchronicity, I enjoyed this morning a very long and detailed dream in which I was flirting over breakfast with Laboum’s Solbin and Yulhee, only to discover a little after awaking (after first mini-marathoning some Laboum videos) that in real life Yulhee has, this very morning, left […]

Dancing Machine Bomi goofs around for the amusement of A Pink:

Though blackpill on Crooked Hillary going to jail, Styx is confident John Podesta hasn’t slept in days.  While Tony P. is the most proximate target for Mueller, John has to worry about the Hollyweird stuff too [NB so does Tony to, but I get what Styx means]

Running over helpless people in the street is Islam’s latest spin on acid-throwing, suicide bombing, plane hijacking, and all the other arcane ways these jealous and zealous stains on planet Earth think up to promote their risible Desert Mormonism cult and their ludicrous fantasies of race supremacy over their Ice People superiors. This latest murderous […]

An otherwise shining musical interlude is marred by the camera cutting away to fat Ebonics as a Second Language instructors in attendance. Otherwise, it’s A Pink on stage, performing a great single, and a lot of Asian people jamming along.  So, great stuff, minus that one part.

The K-pop megagrooup may be besieged today by accusations of falling relevance, but how on earth can such lovely and endearing goddesses not remain forever hegemonic– at least with all true lovers of goodness and beauty?

It may sound dumb, incurious, or even outright “raciss”, but I have never bothered to familiarize myself with even a single member of Twice.  Yeah “Sha sha sha” girl is in there somewhere, and she may be the same as the pointy-knockered fresh faced girl who seems to be in front of the camera two-thirds […]

Jisoo has dyed her hair blonde, and a poster at onehallyu has a strange, broken, but very beguiling set of reflections on it: https://onehallyu.com/topic/598885-【-pann-】-lovelyzs-jisoo-goes-blonde-for-the-first-time-since-debut-what-do-you-think/ –Actually, I think it’s someone quoting a long outside post, but same difference.  The responses are amusing too.

–so let’s post it now!  Porcelain Laboum hwaiting!

If you were left forever wondering just what was beyond that door inside the old tree trunk in 2016’s “Brand New Days” video, we may finally have the answer: Not only does the “Orion” MV provide us a fresh set of magical portals, a la the door in the woods in C. S. Lewis’ The […]

Looks like there are some quality performances out there I need to add to the collection! e.one’s magisterial anthem is competitive as best single of the year– but a big part of his and April’s competition is with themselves! (I just watched this channel’s stage mixes for “Take My Hand” and “Summer Rain” prior to […]

Hopeful that Hillary goes to jail– even if it’s only for a week!  Agreed, any kind of legal repercussions for her decades of wickedness would be a relief.  And the Donald gives us continued good hope of further great things to come.

Digital and color grading are the devil.  This guy gets to the crux at the end: just shoot in film again, already.

–says Marc Faber.  And there are all sorts of other facts we can add on too, that would make us “racists”. Is that so bad?  No, it’s not bad at all! I say to hell with black people.  Europeans must be supreme in Europe– indeed, exclusive in Europe.  China belongs to the Chinese.  Burma, heroically, […]

Here’s one of those performances I watched sometime in the past, and if you’d asked me I might’ve thought it was back in July or something, but this one is dated October 13th, so it hasn’t even been two weeks ago! Well, shows how much I pay attention.  Sorry, DIA!  It’s quite possible I should […]

The next AkMu?  I haven’t been paying attention, but this is cute: Also, kudos to MNet when they make a genuine high-quality upload.  Alas, too seldom!

–That’s my take.  Certainly no amount of fanfic about nonexistent “Adam Lanza” can wash away the mountains of evidence of Sandy Hook’s hoax status as a diabolical psy-op designed to disarm America and pave the way for Bolshevik tyranny.   There’s so much “good” stuff in the annals of Sandy Hook deception, multiple movie-length videos […]

–so in honor of that charming social call in lala land, let us enjoy a triumphant “Five” stage and Hayoung’s playfully coltish wobble at the end!   If it be no disrespect to Hayoung, I’ll commend Namjoo’s hair bunchies too.  We can spare a slice for Namjoo when Hayoung enters my dreams!

A disneyfied castle in the distant anchors the LCD savers when they’re not awash with the gauds of a carnival playland as A Pink perform in tight spandexed denim and–what do you call those collars? Hayoung’s shimmery hair and face are an autumn highlight in these performances, as usual. Nearly all the comments below at […]

Or should that be flip and flip and flip their hair?  Anyway there’s a substantial about of hair tossing and hair flipping to go around throughout the engaging “A Girl Like Me” choreo:

Celebrating the first day of Autumn-Winter 2017-18 in which the central heat has come on, let us bask in the sakeshe, doomy luxury of 9Muses’ masterpiece:

The triumphant girls of April wheel out another awesome stage for their epic anthem!

–quoth the noble Heartiste, in this essay. https://heartiste.wordpress.com/2017/10/19/god-game/

At this Styxhexenhammer video, commenter Maldrannon leaves this reply to the “non-binary” push: They simply wish to create chaos by androgynizing everything. Women find the most success when they embrace their femininity and feminine charm and men do THEIR best when they embrace their masculinity and the Masculine virtues. We are fighting against forces that […]