A Pink’s glorious Reconquista of K-pop continues with their fourth trophy for “Five”! With the “veteran” girl group displaying its musical, social, and cultural hegemony at the foremost ranks of the field.     The girls delighted in their lemony outfits with the blue rococofied blue pocket ribbon detailies.  And now, in further proof of […]

Red Velvet’s “One of These Nights” MV has been, from the moment it was released, a personal favorite and a conspicuous example of an “instant classic.” Awash from beginning to end with spellbinding imagery, captured with peak technical fluency, “One of These Nights” would be, even without any search for hidden meaning, a work of […]

It’s so beautifully simple that it’s undeniable: but it’s shameful I never figured it out for myself. Indeed, I don’t think I quite took the hint with all that water, until “The Theory” was pointed out to me. And now, for all my raptures about the video’s Coppola-esque dissolves, I find again that my wallowing […]

Truly, we have been blessed with this resurgence of legendary A Pink to the pinnacle of triumph with “Five”! I went to bed early, in part due to real fatigue but also, alas, deterred from imagining there was much of a shot thanks to a quick perusal of a onehallyu poster’s breakdown of next week’s […]

Something about the statuesque little minx flaring her hips . . . intoxicates me:   OMG and the way she taps the floor like a bolt of sexy minx-faced lightning!   How does one learn to move like that?   Does this mirror make my butt look hot?

The Lovelyz leaderz turns twenty-five! Sigh.  Poor Baby Soul, why have I always thought of her as an old woman, even back in the days of “For You” and Lovelyz in Wonderland when she was puttering around lost in Seoul and the captions on the show call her a grown-up baby who can’t ask for […]

A Pink consolidate their comeback with a second trophy win for “Five” from Show Champion. A very respectable showing for a “veteran” girl group in its seventh year–especially given the competition. If we can snag a Music Bank or M! Countdown or Inkigayo trophy this week, that would be even sweeter still!  But it is […]

Joining the illustrious ranks of T-ara, Lovelyz, and solo Eunji, A Pink picks up the trophy for today’s The Show: Congratulations to beloved A Pink on this meaningful win– and to all the Pink Pandas who have supported A Pink stoutly for this promotion. May A Pink rake in some more trophies, and of course […]

Make safety shorts great again with Dal Shabet! Performing their classic 2012 hit “Have, Don’t Have” as a quartet.

Yeah yeah yeah a bunch of Freemasons signed a piece of parchment today– but have you seen this Dal Shabet stage from Inkigayo, ludicrously billed as “cute” when obviously it’s a sake-she concept?: And this time, baby, Subin put on the thigh high boots too.  Can’t believe I haven’t watched–??–this before.  Though admittedly the tops […]

Testimonial No. LXXXVIIIIX why you need to make sure you catch every broadcast from Music Bank, here is Dal Shabet with last fall’s postgrad party anthem “Fri. Sat. Sun.” with Ah Young, Serri, and Woohee all decked out in latexy thigh high footwear: Subin is the holdout, probably because thigh high boots are too lowbrow […]

What the hell does this jobless black piece of shit think he’s doing? Get the fuck back on yo reservation, step’n’fetch. What a disgusting display.  Even for a White man, it’s outrageous for the predecessor to go around talking foreign policy like he has a voice. And Obama ludicrously refered to “climate change” as a […]

A negro agitproper at onehallyu unloads this bilge:  I think the best thing for Plan A if ever they get an notification of how this incident have hurt some people, then they need to release an apology. Blackface is an issue within Korean Media and has to be addressed. We live in a more moderate generation […]

I don’t know what all the hell that means, but here’s today’s selection of cute photos from Style Nanda: Well it is glossy. And she seems pretty happy about it.  I think there’s something in the opening essay of Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal about the happiness-making of lipstick.  Not that Rand was really about that.  […]

–with everyone trying to be moody and serious but Yeoreum just smiling so aegyo-like for the camera.  Priceless! Xuan Yi smiles just a little bit too, but it’s more of a sake-she appraising smile (which is wonderful too).  But Yeoreum steals the show at this juncture. Of course, every last thing about this song, this […]

Resurgent A Pink brings an abridged 콕콕 stage plus the full “Five”: OMG Namjoo’s hair knots!!!

Of course, I hope they stay safe from Nuyerk for many ages to come (and Eunseo doesn’t take false lessons from watching Gossip Girls); but here is Eunseo, followed later by Soobin, trying out their aegyo foreign language skirrs! Yeoreum waves cutely at the camera, Lucius waves back! lozlzozl

I’m not going to condescend to pretend to take seriously this “blackface” “scandal” some meddlesome idiots abroad have tried to lay at the feet of A Pink’s Bomi. Understand, I have serious doubts whether blacks and humans even have a common ancestor (how many times do we have to go through this “Mankind originated in […]

After this weekend, will it ever again be true to say such a thing?  Well, depends on how much longer 4-ara will be promoting.  But for today, T-ara and A Pink, living legends, still hwaiting!  

The beauty of a homogeneous nation adoring its own emotion, its music, its idol:

This week has seen a drastic continuation of the previous death threats against A Pink, with a bomb threat phoned in against their Comeback Showcase and now a building evacuation for Music Bank.  allkpop reports: On June 30 at approximately 10:30 AM KST, KBS-2TV received a call with the message, “[I] have installed a bomb […]

Listen faggot Jews, get your schmucky pro-sterility shit out of mine and all righteous people’s eyeballs. You can practice that filth in Israel or your (consenting 18+ only) romper room in Silicon Valley.  But the inch-deep “tolerance” for your crapotry you’ve cultivated through the boobtube upon the social-conformist minds of silly females will evaporate quickly […]

If keeping Europe safe and pure and civilized means 244,000,000 dead Negroids, then it means 244,000,000 dead Negroids.  The same goes for China–hell, it even goes for the Arabs.  The human race owes the African hominoids nothing. Not that we really need to kill that many (at least by direct means– benign neglect will of […]

A Pink have returned, at what promises to be a crossroads for their career–for renewed recognition and popularity or else some sort of fade-out. With 2016’s long-awaited comeback “Only One”, A Pink seemed to hit a snag with their once dazzling popularity.  2015’s “Remember” didn’t equal the trophy-stealing triumph of their 2014 megahits “Mr Chu” […]

Having discovered this very shortly after its release, I failed to leave remarks in its praise for hope of further collating my thoughts, not only about the “Eclipse” MV and song in particular, but about the whole epic Loona phenomenon which shows little sign of even beginning to run its course. That said, I feel […]

In further teary-eyed doings of K-pop this week, Seunghee had an emotional scene during OMG’s first Concert when she teared up while covering 2NE1’s feministyish song “Ugly”: Seunghee herself is, of course, the duckling of the Oh My Girl beauty basket, and was early on pegged with the “ugly” epitaph on Korean search engines, so […]

The final of the member video teasers for “Five” shows us Chorong nibbling on a petit macaroon and giving us yet another musical snippet:   –which sounds, I suspect, like what we’ll actually get from the single– and if so, it’s a magical opening!

Eunjung was already away, on account of her role on a tv drama, and of course Boram and Soyeon are not here, but when the winner was announced, Hyomin, Qri, and Jiyeon were reduced to absolute speechlessness: After five long years of ugly hatred at home, based upon wicked little lies, at last they are, […]

The good singer Eunji goes on her “blind date” with one of those actor trainees, I guess:

I don’t really say much about Blackpink, “Uncle YG”s whippersnapper Next Gen 2NE1 “badass” K-pop girl group.  Perhaps back in 2012 I might’ve been more receptive– I loved 4Minute at the time after all.  And I don’t intend to measure them against some spurious “Western” standard as to some sort of punkass “keepin’ it real” […]

  So which is Bomi’s real hair?

First, the fortuitious discovery of this cute video of Eunji singing her second minalbum’s hit “The Spring” in Mnet’s studio:   And second, this medley of A Pink singing past hits, to whet our appetite for their forthcoming Comeback:   And now: the Eunji “Five” teaser!   with its throwbacks to “Mr Chu” MV as […]

Further Asian-inflected strings and pastel digipedi hints from Naeun!

It sounds as though A Pink is indeed going to tap into some of their “old school” high energy dance-pop for their Summer Comeback! Regardless of what the charts will say, I expect this is going to be an immensely enjoyable addition to the A Pink canon.  But we pray it also sweeps Korea by […]

My thoughts often turn back to Rainbow, so why not enjoy this fancam of sweet wifelyly Seungah dancing in a tight leather skirt?  

A Pink releases the first video teaser for the forthcoming mysteriously named Shinsadong Tiger production which (we pray) will be a musical masterpiece and catapult A Pink back to the peak of popular and commercial relevance:   With our florally contemplative maknae!

It’s June 18th already in Korea, which means Oh My Girl’s maknae Arin has turned 18! Sigh.  It’s like you have to be an April stan these days unless you want to fall in love with a grandmother. Oh, we kid, we kid!  Arin, you may be eighteen today but you are still our darling […]

It may have been A Pink’s Autumn Comeback, sonically crafted for the chilling air, but in this performance they braced themselves to bare their bellies like perhaps never before:

Japanese word for “girls” on her finger, and some motto in Korean on her foot.  A potentially trolling commenter at allkpop editorializes: Through her embrace of lingual diversity, Stephanie Young is a true cosmopolitan in these parochial, intolerant times. –Snort.  Well, two languages used is two more than will ever be used by a nagger […]