Fallen in Love: Laboum

Perhaps the most overlooked cadre in K-pop, the high-spirited girls of Laboum won hearts from the get-go with their exuberant antics and classic pop style.  With chestnuts from “What About You?” to “Sugar Sugar” to “Journey to Atlantis” they have collected a devout following and built a formidable discography.  As they vault from the “nugu” shadows into stardom’s spotlight, we place on the shelf introductions and a selection of their most amusing frolics.  Laboum hwaiting!

LABOUM-800x450 Love Sign soompi

Pops in Seoul “Secret Box” appearance, “Pit a Pat” promotions:





Pops in Seoul “What About You?” interview:


Laboum Soyeon teaser


Pops in Seoul “Sugar Sugar” interview:


LABOUM-1 yujeong


Pops in Seoul “Aalow Aalow” Pick & Talk:


Laboum ZN


Laboum Television #1:


Haein allkpop B44EG0PCcAA7l-L


Laboum Television #2:


solbin laboum kpopped profiles


Laboum teaser ohkpop