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Pope Francis Reveals He’s not the Pope, as Pope St. Benedict the Umpteenth burns gay Satanist cardinals in St. Peter’s Square

Rome.– In a shocking string of revelations, erstwhile “Pope” Cardinal Francis the Mule revealed the retirement of Pope St. Benedict was merely a ruse as part of a grand, godly counter-conspiracy to uproot the Lavender Ill*m*n*tt* Mafia inside the Vatican. “It was a closerun thing, I have to admit,” stated Cardinal Francis.  “I mean, you […]

3 Years in the Love of “Mr Chu”

Tomorrow is the three-year anniversary of the release of Pink Blossom, arguably the greatest mini-album of all time, and the glorious single “Mr Chu”.  Let us take a few minutes to replay and replay again this beautiful teaser, with its spritely teasing piano rendering of the theme and its playful snippets of the girls in […]

Cernovich Victory Lap: Mike and Stefan Analyze the “60 Minutes” Segment

It sounds like he had a good time on 60 Minutes.  I approve:   Some interesting points about liberal overconfidence and lack of self-awareness.


Crazy people about to drive me insane. If I hear that foolishness one more time . . . .

Leather Lace

On a different note, this AOA Show Champion “Like a Cat” stage is visually arresting too: Sigh.  If it weren’t for President Trump, I’d be quite pining away for a time machine . . .  

An enigmatic smile from Hayoung

It mellows and sorts itself into a melancholy frown, but the entire range of motion and emotion is wonderful to behold.  Starting around 0:41, Hayoung’s mouth goes from ingenuous repose and candor, builds into a fetching, beaming brief smile, and then subsides into the sad emotion of “Secret”.  It’s beautiful to behold: And Eunji’s face, […]

I Can’t Believe I’m Even Writing This, But: “That’s it, Brady is the greatest player of all time.”

–says commenter Pyrrhus, at comment no. 313, in Vox Popoli’s Superbowl thread. At halftime, Vox Day had written:  21-3, Atlanta. The silver lining is that if Tom Brady leads an all-time Super Bowl comeback, he’ll ice his reputation as the Greatest of All Time. But it is looking increasingly likely as if Joe Montana will […]

Bullshit Federal Judges Gonna Bullshit

It’s really time for the elected government to just say no. No shellgame with appeals, just declare they have no jurisdiction and they can go screw themselves. In fact, impeach them already. I don’t think any more “nuance” is required here.

April’s Comeback on Show Champion

I hadn’t bothered getting around to this till just now– which is a gross oversight, and really I don’t know why I wouldn’t have made sure to look for it.  I’ve always been a defender of Show Champion, which really has terrific production values, and I can’t figure why lots of people denigrate it.  Yes, […]

Happy Birthday Jiyoung!

The classic Kara maknae turns– hard to believe it’s only– twenty-three! Wow.  And her last Korean comeback with the group was in fall 2013, when already she had a vast catalog of Kara hits to her credit. Happy birthday, legendary Jiyoung, and all blessings for you acting career and all your other ambitions!  And if […]

‘I love the “These are my boobs” dance move.’

–says viewer Joong Hyuk, and who are we to argue? Actually, I’d been meaning to say something along the same lines myself for the past year, so by all means now that we’ve seen him say it, let’s give him credit and post this iteration of Dal Shabet’s boob rotations from Inkigayo. Now, if only […]

The Seth Rich Murder and Wikileaks

Michael Woodley and Stefan Molyneux: Civilization and IQ

Jin Loves Snoopy, Sujeong Loves Pink, and Yein Reads A Book

  Comments later!

Arin, Hyojung, Yooa, and Goddess Jiho: Oh My Girl’s “White” MV

One-half of Oh My Girl sets up shop under the Christmas tree to ring in the Yuletide Season with the holiday single “White”: Arin, as we saw with the “A-ing” video, is becoming quite the mascot in her own right, once again getting to mug the camera through a screen-within-the-screen setup.  But not to worry!  […]

Delusional Jewish Bitch

Delusional and dumb Louise Mensch tweets: “#JewsArePeople and they are the sexiest people too” Jews are the most sex-obsessed people (and the kinkier the better, as far as they are concerned), but they are physically and spiritually about the least sexy beings imaginable. The solipsistic conceit and racist bigotry of Jews is mindscrambling.  And they […]

Friends, please remember that if you see a whopper of a Wikileaks tomorrow–it’s probably for real

But meanwhile, US “cyber security” is working overtime to bring down wikileaks– I mean, er, “protect the U.S. election from cyber interference from Russia! lozlz”. Yes, wikileaks is frozen up, and the Hillary campaign is terrified about the next shoe to drop on them. And the latest MSM briefings about alleged threatened “Russian” hacking […]

Snidely Whiplash on Trump’s Drug Test Challenge

At Vox Day, he comments: It draws attention to Hillary’s physical weakness and lack of motor control, as well as the eye sync problem. Some number of undecided voters will be looking, consciously or unconsciously, for the tells. And once they’ve seen them, they can’t unsee them. It’s not the accusation, it’s the doubt that […]

Which Alphabet Agency do I write to to tell you warmongers to go burn in Hell?

CIA spooks saber-rattle a cyberattack on Christian Russia, to “reveal” Pres. Putin’s supposed “financial indiscretions.” lozlzozlzozlzolzolz Hey fucktards, what about the financial indiscretion of Jewish rape of Mother Russia, resulting in a 20,000,000 population decline during the Yeltsin Depression? What about Vince Foster?  What about the indiscreet arms deal with ISIS gone wrong at the […]

Cheating the Calendar?

It’s a small thing: but having filled up the September calendar with at least one entry per day (however slight) it started to mean something to fill out the calendar entirely.  But now it’s past midnight and I’ve failed– but, it seems like mine may somehow be an hour off, so in the interests of […]


Dear Chinese fathers, please lock up your daughters and keep the damned Jews out of your noble nation. Courtesy of twitterer siesta_mindset, this vision of the Stupid Slutty Ugly wrought by inflicting Semite seed upon the noble Han breed. Disgusting whorish slags.  Monstrous!

Hayoung: “Pink Revolution” Teaser

And lastly our maknae Hayoung’s teasers: I think the style of the last three teasers (Naeun, Namjoo, Hayoung) shows an improvement over the first three.  Maybe there’s a design at work here, starting off with a style that seems a bit more unexpected before moving to something closer to the actual concept for the album? […]

Trump’s “Dread Game”

Perusing Heartiste’s twitter feed, I came across this intriguing explanation for the last week or two in the Trump campaign:  Trump teased and taunted the world with the threat of a “flip-flop”, inducing for his own base the experience of “dread game”, where a successful alpha male induces in his female partner the dread that […]

Proverbs 28:3

A poor man that oppresseth the poor, is like a violent shower, which bringeth a famine. –Which is a good description of the underclass generally.  And something to keep in mind every time the collective “charity cases” decide to burn down their– or anybody else’s–neighborhoods.

VAB Mk3 with 90mm cannon

It’s the SIBMAS for the new millennium! Now let’s build a bunch for the French Army and drive all the darkies, muzzies, and darkie muzzies out of France and all Europe!

Hayoung Is Still 19 (but not for long)

A Pink’s last teenage member clings to the last hours of teenagehood. But soon the Romantic girl will be–twenty. Sigh. But still a radiant young woman.

Who, you ask, was Isambard Kingdom Brunel?

Well, as it turns out, some kind of bigshot inventor of the Industrial Revolution. [Ed.: Who’d you think he was, some Muzzie footballer?] Ahem.  Yeah. –Look, I’ve ploughed through Global Economic History: A Very Short Introduction twice, and all I can tell you is, I don’t give a f**k who invented the Arkwright jenny or […]

Happy Birthday Jin!

Already it’s just another day in Lovelyz Wonderland, but since I’m here and it’s still on our calendar–once again, Happy birthday, Jin!

Get better, Seunghee!

After recording a special stage with A Pink for the 500th episode special of Show! Music Core, Oh My Girl’s bratty-eyed cutie Seunghee hyperventilated and passed out.  She’s currently resting in hospital and under evaluation.  We’ll assume she’s just fatigued and will shortly be back on her feet– alas, these poor girls work so hard– […]

When the Laboum “Pops in Seoul” Tetralogy Became the– oh heck, just watch it

When “Aalow Aalow” came out in December, the next question of course was, “When will Laboum return to Pops in Seoul to show off their camaraderie and comedic timing once more?”  And I had my answer, when Laboum showed up in the format that replaced “Secret Box” (how I miss “Secret Box”!) to purchase questions […]

Suzy Supports Laboum!

Nation’s First Love stumpsNation’s First Love stumps for the most underrepresented great talent of K-pop: miss A’s Suzy recently showed some sweet support for her juniors! On April 8, she uploaded a screenshot of LABOUM’s new song “Fresh Adventure” on her personal Instagram. In the caption she wrote, “Good song.” –And I had begun to […]

“Remaining Migs Are Bugging Out”

–You’re telling me. . . . I can’t believe I was stupid enough to dream this morning about the dogfight at the end of Top Gun— a movie I haven’t seen since I saw it in the theatre as a kid. What next, nightmares about Bananarama?

Charles Murray’s Anti-Wonder Bread Hypocrisies

Since I chanced upon it while cruising the IQ archives at Lawrence Auster’s View from the Right, I’ll take a moment to take down this marvelous take-down of Murray’s bullheaded snobbish dismissals of too-White America by Larry’s reader Shrewsbury.  It’s so magnificent and apt and true, it deserves to serve as a kind of epitaph […]

7 Newspapers in New Jersey can eat s**t and fold

The petulance of the Fourth Estate knows no bounds.  Gov. Chris Christie, who has lately done some yeoman’s work to redeem himself from his shameful embrace of Chocosiah Barry Soetero during the 2012 campaign by helping implode Marco Robobot and endorsing Donald Trump, is now handed a “demand” for his resignation by some ludicrous consortium […]

Ladies’ Code: “Galaxy” MV Teaser

A Digipedi production full of staggeringly opulent baroque imagery, but with the surreal creepiness of vintage Dario Argento and further shades of the *ll*m*n*tt*, we now brace ourselves for “Galaxy”: –Is everything in this video going to be about triangles/pyramids?  We know there are only three survivors . . .  but is that blue pyramid […]

I’m just a rookie but my band’s just won ten trophies; meanwhile, let’s interview these old hens who have been around for 7 years and haven’t won anything

The glamorous glory of Rainbow in their last hurrah, and the blessed youth of GFriend as their rising sun already threatens to eclipse all before it. Two wonderful groups, but what an irony in the passing of the guard of the Hallyu Wave! [Update:] OMG this GFriend member is Yerin, and she’s so cute I […]

Happy Birthday Jisoo!

Lovelyz’ luminous and once much-traduced but now famous and beloved Jisoo turns 22! I’m sorry Jisoo, I almost forgot . . .  But I hope you had a lovely birthday with all the lovelies of Lovelyz!  And many great blessings to come!  Jisoo hwaiting!  

Happy Birthday Naeun!

A Pink’s celebrated Lead Visual turns 22! –though not usually smoldering away in black leather, even if A Pink has admittedly taken to the stuff of late.  [Ed.:  You mean like when they played San Francisco?]  –Shut up, Bob!  It wasn’t just San Francisco.  Anyway probably it was Bomi’s idea.  And anyway it came off pretty elegant-like. […]

Dear Lord, looks like I’m becoming a GFriend fan

A reasonable listener could still defend hating “Glass Bead” and rolling the eyes over “Me Gustas Tu”, but “Rough” brings out so much operatic passion, such youthful intensity. And I admit, the little scrufflings can dance. “Rough”s theatricality is not the highbrow drama of Rainbow’s “Black Swan”, but it is in a way something quite […]

I was about to wet my kegelcized self with glee when I read that 200 Swedish football hooligans beat the crap out of a Muslim mob

but apparently it turns out they were just handing out anti-“immigrant” leaflets and got beat up by Swedish riot police instead. Dear God, beat up the Muslims! UPDATE: Or was it real?