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“We have a great country: I wanna keep it that way, and you WANT me to keep it that way”

Damn right, Mr. President! Advertisements

Free Tommy Robinson: and overthrow the EUSSR

Ban Islam in Europe.  Shoot the immivaders.  Forcibly deport all non-Whites from all White homelands.  Hang the traitors who let the rapes happen.  Burn the paki, arab, and African rapists.

“Ah mah sway Romeo!” GFriend’s “Love Bug” on Show Champion

While I pray A Pink will renew their Indian Summer this summer, if not then let us bask in the fact that GFriend will be there to carry the torch of Innocence and spread the magic of love:   And on this stage, none carries off her outfit better than “World’s Most Cutest” Yerin!

Hey Chelsea Clinton! Your mom’s a f**king murderess

Cruel and degrading to America.  Even moreso than your wearing wetlook leggings when you were eight months pregnant.  Maybe we can lock the both of you up. Free Tommy Robinson.  Death to Pakis.

“Time for the Moon Night” sails on with the trophy haul

With repeat wins on Show Champion, Music Bank, and Show! Music Core, 2018 GFriend’s return to undisputed preeminence is guaranteed. Whether or not an Inkigayo Triple Crown awaits, it is indisputable now that all early talk of GFriend’s obsolescence is now burned to the ground.  The group never really left–but now, it is as if their […]

A Classical uneducation: Vox Day’s infuriating lapses and self-congratulations

Suppose I’m reading Alexander Pope’s Essay on Criticism.  And I recognize in a passage its debt to Aristotle’s Poetics.  And I put to play in my mind this Popean appropriation of an Aristotelian notion to my reading of Racine’s Andromaque, even though neither Pope nor Aristotle reference the play and the play references neither. That’s […]

Nicholas Freaking Sarkozy is under freaking arrest, and damn this feels freaking good

K!ke former Europeror Nicholas Sarkozy is under arrest for taking million of euros in bribes from Quaddafi–whom Sarkozy later started a freaking war against, apparently all as a goddamn hit to keep his bribe-taking from coming to light. A nation destroyed, open air slave markets returned, an American Ambassador tortured and killed, shenanigans with ISIS, […]

Beyond Fake: Florida “School Shooting” Crisis Actors

Two and a half years into my Sandy Hook trutherism, there’s not a lot that surprises me.  Just look into “the matrix” and you see the glitches all the time. But this: Now we have to ask some hard questions.  It’s getting hard to keep “normies” from figuring out– even on their own!– what is […]

Florida School Shooting: Another False Flag

We know now just how corrupt, how evil, the FBI is.  Every day our “intelligence agencies” lie overtime trying to depose the President of the United States, just because he won’t authorize an invasion of Syria or North Korea, or give them the immivasion they desire to destroy Heritage America. And so it should be […]

Happy Campers

So many lolzlzlzolz

Fire Rex Tillerson

Two of the greatest ongoing campaigns of Big Lie propaganda of recent years are 1) the claims that Syrian President Assad orders chemical weapons attacks; and 2) the claim that Russia is behind blahblahblah rain on Tuesday. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, making the biggest display yet of his worrisome waffling and goofy ineffectuality in […]

“The Last Jedi” as a lousy theme park ride

The Red Letter Media crew have a lot of funny jokes at the expense of The Last Jedi, a film they clearly thought was headscratchingly ridiculous, yet curiously they sort of hem and haw over declaring it a godawful desecration.  “Mr. Plinkett” does seem somewhat jaded and cynical at this point–where is the passion that […]

Yesterday was also the anniversary of the release of “Cause You’re My Star”!

–which showed how shockingly young and vernal the Fairy Idols remained, more than five and a half years since their debut. And today?  They remain shockingly young and vernal still!  Plus, are releasing their third Japanese album!  A Pink hwaiting and Merry Christmas!

In memoriam

I dream that Laboum’s Yulhee kissed me; I wake up and find out that Yulhee has left Laboum

In one of my life’s most shocking instances of synchronicity, I enjoyed this morning a very long and detailed dream in which I was flirting over breakfast with Laboum’s Solbin and Yulhee, only to discover a little after awaking (after first mini-marathoning some Laboum videos) that in real life Yulhee has, this very morning, left […]

“If stating some historical facts makes me a racist, then I suppose that I am a racist”

–says Marc Faber.  And there are all sorts of other facts we can add on too, that would make us “racists”. Is that so bad?  No, it’s not bad at all! I say to hell with black people.  Europeans must be supreme in Europe– indeed, exclusive in Europe.  China belongs to the Chinese.  Burma, heroically, […]

Tranny Pageant?

The Jordan Peterson-Camille Paglia Lovefest Has Landed!

The dissident Big Thinkers finally get to enjoy their confab, and we get to sit in too:

Seohyun is crazy for Sistar’s “Shake It”–but Sunny’s reaction is the funniest of all

Apparently Seohyun can’t stand still for “Shake It”.  I can’t blame her, and the lengthy documentary evidence is entertaining, but Sunny’s reaction shot right at the beginning is the most priceless moment of all:   And this one first of all:   It’s weird to see all these 30 year old women in schoolgirl outfits […]

Romantic April (“April Story” on Music Bank)

Here is the February 3rd broadcast of and April’s lush masterpiece of melancholy K-pop:   With our agonized snow princesses (including today’s birthday ballerina Rachel)  enacting such a poignant and impassioned “painful fairy tale”.

I, for one, welcome our Alt-Right Overlords


Piece of crap has-been Barry Obama sets foot on sacred Korean soil

What the hell does this jobless black piece of shit think he’s doing? Get the fuck back on yo reservation, step’n’fetch. What a disgusting display.  Even for a White man, it’s outrageous for the predecessor to go around talking foreign policy like he has a voice. And Obama ludicrously refered to “climate change” as a […]

Xuan Yi’s Pigtails, and Other Pleasures of WJSN’s “Happy”: The Music Bank Comeback

Now, no force on earth can move me to claim that “Happy” is up to the stratospheric standard set by WJSN’s shock-and-awe pair of previous singles, “Secret” and “I Wish”.  Compared to them, this TWICE-style summer cheerleader romp is mediocre stuff. But still, this is WJSN, the supercharged, supersized, superglorious girl group that, in a […]

Happy Birthday Hyomin!

T-ara goddess, lead vocal, fashionista, actress, designer, and World’s Greatest Female Idol Rapper Hyomin turns twenty-eight! Though these last few months– and the months going forward– will be difficult ones for those like Hyomin left behind in the husk of “T-ara”, we pray that soon all the girls will bask in the radiance of freedom.  […]

Alien Resurrection II: Let’s Talk Some More Trash about Ridley Scott’s Awful “Alien: Covenant”

Mr. Plinkett and friend with their latest précis of all its awful things: The longer takedown:

Camille Paglia’s Writing Process

Ariana Grande Bombs

Freakish coalburner “Ariana Grande” gets her concert in Manchester suicide-bombed. It’s a tragic but preventable commentary on our decayed and violated society. Grande may have had the makings of a harmlessly cute minx long ago– but given the Ill*m*n*t* realities of Jew-run Disneywood, it’s not unlikely she was violated and even “programmed” from an early […]

Pope Francis Reveals He’s not the Pope, as Pope St. Benedict the Umpteenth burns gay Satanist cardinals in St. Peter’s Square

Rome.– In a shocking string of revelations, erstwhile “Pope” Cardinal Francis the Mule revealed the retirement of Pope St. Benedict was merely a ruse as part of a grand, godly counter-conspiracy to uproot the Lavender Ill*m*n*tt* Mafia inside the Vatican. “It was a closerun thing, I have to admit,” stated Cardinal Francis.  “I mean, you […]

3 Years in the Love of “Mr Chu”

Tomorrow is the three-year anniversary of the release of Pink Blossom, arguably the greatest mini-album of all time, and the glorious single “Mr Chu”.  Let us take a few minutes to replay and replay again this beautiful teaser, with its spritely teasing piano rendering of the theme and its playful snippets of the girls in […]

Cernovich Victory Lap: Mike and Stefan Analyze the “60 Minutes” Segment

It sounds like he had a good time on 60 Minutes.  I approve:   Some interesting points about liberal overconfidence and lack of self-awareness.


Crazy people about to drive me insane. If I hear that foolishness one more time . . . .

Leather Lace

On a different note, this AOA Show Champion “Like a Cat” stage is visually arresting too: Sigh.  If it weren’t for President Trump, I’d be quite pining away for a time machine . . .  

An enigmatic smile from Hayoung

It mellows and sorts itself into a melancholy frown, but the entire range of motion and emotion is wonderful to behold.  Starting around 0:41, Hayoung’s mouth goes from ingenuous repose and candor, builds into a fetching, beaming brief smile, and then subsides into the sad emotion of “Secret”.  It’s beautiful to behold: And Eunji’s face, […]

I Can’t Believe I’m Even Writing This, But: “That’s it, Brady is the greatest player of all time.”

–says commenter Pyrrhus, at comment no. 313, in Vox Popoli’s Superbowl thread. At halftime, Vox Day had written:  21-3, Atlanta. The silver lining is that if Tom Brady leads an all-time Super Bowl comeback, he’ll ice his reputation as the Greatest of All Time. But it is looking increasingly likely as if Joe Montana will […]

Bullshit Federal Judges Gonna Bullshit

It’s really time for the elected government to just say no. No shellgame with appeals, just declare they have no jurisdiction and they can go screw themselves. In fact, impeach them already. I don’t think any more “nuance” is required here.

April’s Comeback on Show Champion

I hadn’t bothered getting around to this till just now– which is a gross oversight, and really I don’t know why I wouldn’t have made sure to look for it.  I’ve always been a defender of Show Champion, which really has terrific production values, and I can’t figure why lots of people denigrate it.  Yes, […]

Happy Birthday Jiyoung!

The classic Kara maknae turns– hard to believe it’s only– twenty-three! Wow.  And her last Korean comeback with the group was in fall 2013, when already she had a vast catalog of Kara hits to her credit. Happy birthday, legendary Jiyoung, and all blessings for you acting career and all your other ambitions!  And if […]

‘I love the “These are my boobs” dance move.’

–says viewer Joong Hyuk, and who are we to argue? Actually, I’d been meaning to say something along the same lines myself for the past year, so by all means now that we’ve seen him say it, let’s give him credit and post this iteration of Dal Shabet’s boob rotations from Inkigayo. Now, if only […]

The Seth Rich Murder and Wikileaks

Michael Woodley and Stefan Molyneux: Civilization and IQ