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Thursday Night Fanmail Club (reduced Redux ed.)

Ed.:  Hi Mickey! Me:  Hey Bob! Ed.:  How’s life? Me:  Well, I’m a little bummed.  I just broke my teddy bear mug. Ed.:  This has teddy bears on it, I gather? Me:  It’s got this rakish looking teddy bear– Ed.:  Rakish? Me:  It’s hard to explain.  Imagine if a teddybear were a living person and […]

Thursday Night Fanmail Club (bottoms up ed.)

Ed.:  Hi Mickey! Me:  Hey Bob! Ed.:  How does life treat you? Me:  Swell actually, for the most part. Ed.:  That sounds like an inapt qualification,  “for the most part”? Me:  Well, I consider it a good day; only, I took a little nap which perhaps wasn’t the wisest choice. Ed.:  Your naps usually turn […]

Thursday Night Fanmail Club (Occupy Your Angels diavlog ed.)

Ed.:  Hi Mickey! Me:  Hey Bob! Ed.:  How’s it going? Me:  Ahm, I need a lens wipe, actually. Ed.:  The monitor speckled or something? Me:  No, it’s my glasses.  I’ve got one left, but I don’t want to waste it. Ed.:  You don’t want to waste it?  So what do you want, just to go blind then? Me:  […]

Thursday Night Fanmail Club (Perverted Poltergeist diavlog edition)

Ed.:  Hi Mickey! Me:  Hey Bob! Ed.:  How’s it going? Me:  Ahm, it’s okay I guess?  I kinda konked out early last night, and I kept waking up and waking up, thinking it was dawn already, but it was never there. Ed.:  Bad night’s sleep. Me:  Well, no.  The thing is, it must’ve been really deep […]

Thursday Night Fanmail Club (diavlog edition)

Ed:  Hey Mickey! Me:  Hey Bob! Ed:  How’s it going? Me:  Aaahm, it’s pretty good.  I had a nice late dinner, I– Ed:  You ate out? Me:  No, I– I had a burger in the microwave, I had  one of these Campbell’s soups, it’s like tomato and basil.  It’s supposed to be the low-sodium soup but they’ve […]

Thursday Night Fanmail Club (“O medicina gravis” edition)

     Good evening, Gentle Readers!  We at Lucius Somesuch have had a busy time of it lately– well, some critics might roll their eyes, but really it doesn’t take much to wear out those of us blessed with nervous constitutions, chronic migraines, dim eyesight, unemployable yet prodigious talents, and a lack of solicitude from wealthy patrons; […]

Thursday Night Fanmail Club (10-06-11 edition)

     My Brother From Another Mother’s been hanging out with me a lot lately.  He sees pretty girls all the time, I see pretty girls none of the time, and we see each other seldom.  This is a volatile mix.  He had the idea we should start scoping out around the hospital because there’s a weird […]

Thursday Night Fanmail Club (09-29-11 edition)

     Greetings!  Well, we’ve had a busy week in Lucius land, between, ah, reading Sense and Sensibility and those granola yogurt things and, ah,– stuff, stuff.  It happens around here.  Anyway, the Gentle Readers have been busy as well, and now it’s time to kick open the mailbox and reply to all our eager correspondents.      […]

Thursday Night Fanmail Club

     Well, Gentle Readers, we here at “Lucius Somesuch” (yeah, I don’t know what’s up with that either) have collected quite the generous mailbag from our fans over the internetz, and we thought it time to answer some of the fine members of our approving chorus.      Alert reader Deuce-C writes, “I don’t mean like in a bad […]