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“Lord, send twelve legions of angels to encamp about President Trump, to protect him from his enemies, and to thwart their evil plans.”

From Chapel Heartiste. Advertisements

“Only the virtuous are competent to love or to hate men.”

Confucius, Analects Bk IV, ch. 3

Intelligent Dasein: The Battle against Liberalism

A young man named nebulafox wrote a long, fine comment at isteve which I was about to paste in here (go follow the thread), but then Intelligent Dasein left an even more remarkable reply: “The coalition of the fringes will never fall apart. That’s because it isn’t really a coalition to begin with, at least […]

da GBFM’s Magnum Condom Opus

Originally posted on Chateau Heartiste:
da GBFM needs no introduction, but does need a Pulzlolzllolzzlitzer. Reprinted in full: ****** TO EE HOW WELL ALL OF YOU BEETATTZ BUNGHOELRZ HAVE BEEN STSUDYDYTING lzozlzozlzlzz lzozozlzozo da gbfm quiz: 1. The best way to bernankify a woman is through her: a) nose hole b) ear hole c) mouth…

Plumpjack on the Culture War

Noted commenter Plumpjack writes at the Chateau: this is the bottom line. the left’s narrative is collapsing all around us, leaving a giant cultural void to be filled by just about anyone who offers an even SLIGHTLY more nuanced, interesting, and accurate interpretation of people and society. it will never be easier in our lifetimes […]

“If it’s time to bury your guns, it’s already time to $hoot somebody”

Overheard in the comments today at Vox Popoli.

Dante: the silence of the blessed spirits

Generous will–in which is manifest always the love that breathes toward righteousness, as in contorted will is greediness– imposing silence on that gentle lyre, brought quiet to the consecrated chords that Heaven’s right hand slackens and draws taut. Can souls who prompted me to pray to them, by falling silent all in unison, be deaf […]

The Elite Hunger for WWIII: comments by Horzabky

A Derbyshire commenter writes: The Trump tragedy is a very bad omen indeed. It means that there won’t be any significant change in policy unless the system actually collapses. Which in my humble opinion it will do, worldwide, somewhere between 2020 and 2030. Our national leaders are decadent, but they are not stupid. They know […]

Such was our awe of Oh My Girl: “Secret Garden” Paradise on M! Countdown

Each beauteous flow’r, Iris all hues, roses, and jessamin, Reared high their flourished heads between, and wrought Mosaic.  Underfoot the violet, Crocus, and hyacinth, with rich inlay Broidered the ground, more colored than with stone Of costliest emblem.  Other creature here, Bird, beast, insect, or worm, durst enter none, Such was their awe of man. […]

Our friend whorefinder on the State of the Union Address

Noble Alt-Right legend whorefinder has this to say over in the comments at isteve: Dear gosh, did Trump just get Vox to compare the DREAMers to Black Lives Matter? Seriously, this man is inside their heads and their OODA loops. He got Vox to compare illegal immigrants to a violent terrorist organization. And here’s the […]

“Did ANY of you take a course in logic?”

“Is there a single Alt-Leftist who did?  No, I think you were too busy with Women’s Studies or–or, you know, ‘How To Grow Soybeans’ or something like that.” Styxhexenhammer hilariously grilling the Left, and moving into closer sympathies with even the Alt-Right:  

“He who heard the truth in the morning might die content in the evening.”

Analects IV. 8.

“The wicked shall be turned into hell, all the nations that forget God.”

(Psalms 9:18) Happy New Year!

Why Disney trashed Luke Skywalker

  The cynical comic-nihilist treatment of Luke Skywalker in the new Disney franchise installment prompts a great deal of analysis among fans and populist cinephiles.  Under this WorldofGeekdom video on youtube, B Hut comments: What has been foisted in the Star Wars fan base is a massive case of gas lighting by Rian Johnson, Kathleen […]

The light of the just giveth joy: but the lamp of the wicked shall be put out.

Proverbs 13:9

Well doth he rise early who seeketh good things; but he that seeketh after evil things shall be oppressed by them.

Proverbs 11:27

“If stating some historical facts makes me a racist, then I suppose that I am a racist”

–says Marc Faber.  And there are all sorts of other facts we can add on too, that would make us “racists”. Is that so bad?  No, it’s not bad at all! I say to hell with black people.  Europeans must be supreme in Europe– indeed, exclusive in Europe.  China belongs to the Chinese.  Burma, heroically, […]

” When man no longer had God’s pearly gates to polish, his worship was redirected to the pussy below him.”

–quoth the noble Heartiste, in this essay.

Tweets from Counter.Fund (Pax Dickinson)

As he says, it could go down any time–and, as he’s keenly aware, there isn’t much of a substitute hanging around thanks to Dr. No’s hissyfit tantrum.  Why, keen insights on that business are a good part of the charm here.  Let’s cull at random: Police are capable of preventing mob violence anytime they want. […]

“peril-tost on barbarous strands”: Dido’s introductions to Aeneas

Astonished by his looks, then by his plight And sore distress, Sidonian Dido spake: “What Doom pursues thee, Goddess-born? What spite Casts thee so peril-tost on barbarous strands? Art that Aeneas whom sweet Venus bore Dardan Anchises by the Simois stream? I mind how Teucer, from his land expelled, To Sidon came, and sought to […]

“Chinese work hard technology”

I don’t know if this is a parody account or for real, but it rocks: africa black nigro govenments can not succeed without Chinese organize expertise U.S. cannot compete Chinese work hard technology. Chinese Children learn arithmetic and health exercise at camp. This boys wear a dress Fuck a #GoogleMemo Chinese technology company give work […]

Spencer Quinn: “It would be best for all if the races admitted our differences and separated as soon as possible.”

An excellent piece in rebuttal of the obnoxious Cosby Kid affirmative-action “linguist” John McWhorter, with some of the most lucid writing I’ve seen at The Unz Review on the desirability of permanent separation from the African anthropoid populations. Whites are beginning to wake up and realize that racial differences need to be discussed openly and […]

Some dumbass darkie “K-pop fan” weighs in on Bomi’s SNL skit

A negro agitproper at onehallyu unloads this bilge:  I think the best thing for Plan A if ever they get an notification of how this incident have hurt some people, then they need to release an apology. Blackface is an issue within Korean Media and has to be addressed. We live in a more moderate generation […]

“I have to say, once these neuroses are wiped from the face of the earth, can you imagine how peaceful those times will be? It will literally be exactly like those Renaissance paintings, where people are reclining peacefully under trees eating grapes and sipping wine, while the golden glow of God’s love is shining down all over them.”

–writes Anonymous Conservative: In truth, feminists who could care less some nice animal was killed, will probably get all worked up over the idea there are vaginas somewhere being controlled by old white men and used to generate profits. I guess when in crazy Rome, do as the crazy Romans. The problem they ran into […]

ZhukovG: “There are two sides to ‘Demographics is Destiny’.”

At Vox Popoli he comments: There are two sides to ‘Demographics is Destiny’. The Birthrate and the Deathrate. For White/European peoples the first is fine, because we are very good at inflicting the second. Indeed.  It is time for all Western nations to unleash their firepower against incoming “refugees”, and put their forces to work […]

“Feminism is part of a complex cycle of the rise and fall of empires, and it’s not going away any time soon.”

writes commenter grapesoda (lolz) at Steve Sailer’s current open thread on Pres. Trump: I think Trump is a good guy, but there is only so much he can do. And he has his own independent interests as well. We all watched as he gave the middle finger to the PC orthodoxy, and that was fun […]

“Would you consider T-ara to be the most relevant/most talked about and iconic kpop group of all time?”

asks a thread-starter, sadako, at onehallyu: I  feel like even 100 years down the road people will still remember T-ara and their legacy, their iconic scandal that shunned the olympics in 2012, and continues to be one of the biggest scandal in kpop history.    even in 2017 t-ara still tops news portals even wiith simple […]

“Not wearing a bra isn’t a malfunction, it’s an exhibition.”

says allkpop commenter pink_oracle at the article over T-ara’s delayed and final comeback (in response to a post of Hwayoung’s nip-slip incident and another commenter’s attempt to defend Hwa from “slut-shaming”).

Bill Nye is a pervert

I’m not surprised to see that creepy old cryptkeeperish-looking “kid-friendly” ghoul Bill Nye is doing some godawful pervy propaganda crap about ‘the flavors of sexuality’, as Steve Sailer notes today at The Unz Review. It’d be stupid-amusing enough to note in passing, even without the fact that his I!!umin@ti handlers have (all too predictably) decided […]

“A fool worketh mischief as it were for sport”

:but wisdom is prudence to a man.  Prov. 10:23

“Northern people co-evolved with dogs. A companion for roaming, an alert guard, shared peace when all is well”

Commenter Elli leaves this stirring tribute to the White people’s love affair with the dog at isteve (on an entry about, if you can believe it, the dog-leasing racket– yes, it’s a thing): I’ve got four children and a “rescue” mutt, not that I personally rescued her. I didn’t know that a dog would fulfill […]

How da GBFM(TM) characterizes churchian male leadership

This is from a long time ago, and the parties in question may be good pals by now for all I know; but back in the day, de GreatBooksForMen had some choice words with which to characterize a certain blinders-on notion of what it means to be a woman-leading man: In da GBFM’s characterization of […]

Good Friday

Dream not of their fight As of a duel, or the local wounds Of head or heel. Not therefore joins the Son Manhood to Godhead, with more strength to foil Thy enemy, nor so is overcome Satan, whose fall from Heav’n, a deadlier bruise, Disabled not to give thee thy death’s wound, Which he, who […]

Campground: PA on the prep for physical defense

Blogger and National Merit Commenter PA writes about the atrocity story currently making the rounds, about a German couple in the woods assaulted by a lone Ghanian “migrant” with a machete.  The woman was raped– or, depending upon what ambiguity some find in the source materials, perhaps only “assaulted”– but her boyfriend did nothing, despite the potential for […]

Larry Auster: Pavlov-cons, “Get a life”.

I was looking for something I came across arbitrarily the other day in the archives of VFR, from the early months of the Obama presidency in which Auster was contemplating Obama’s missteps at that juncture.  This I read in the light of another VFR piece, from later in the Obama years, which I had stumbled […]

Mark Jaws on “Hebrew Heaven”

It’s a light-hearted turn from Mark Jaws, and describes what in other contexts we might call Honkey Heaven. This comes, btw, from a View From the Right in which legendary commenter-turned-blogger PA is prominently featured.  I had been searching to see what Larry might’ve said over the years about Fred Reed (a “moral nihilist” for […]

Azure-Eyed Athena: plus the return of GBFM(TM)! lozlzolz

From the opening of Homer’s Odyssey, in the Pope translation, melancholy Minerva– or Athena, if we’re nixing alliteration in favor of accuracy, proclaims the just punishment of Aegisthus for the murder of Agamemnon but protests the languishment of righteous Ulysses kept from his beloved home: Here paused the god; and pensive thus replies Minerva, graceful […]

Prosecute Obama

The idiocy of media lies is astonishing.  The Washington Post accuses the President of “citing no evidence” in his charges that Obama wiretapped him.  They actually write: “Trump offered no citations nor did he point to any credible news report to back up his accusation . . ., ” as if the President only has […]

KenH on the “anti-anti-White Left”

From the comments at an Unz article from December: “Call me a cynic, but I think the anti-anti-white rhetoric of Jacobin and other like lefty sources is calculated to stop the hemorrhaging of white moral support at least until we are a politically disenfranchised minority. It’s finally dawned on them that the implacable racial hatred […]

” Over one thousand pedophiles have been arrested around the world since November, and you can be certain that most of them are singing like canaries.”

–writes Vox Day, annotating an interview at zerohedge with a DHS insider. The DHS informant says: FBI anon did a “bank shot”. That’s a pool hall term we use. Ask Bob about it. FBI Anon rattled their cages as other DHS and local authorities rounded up all sorts of street-level human traffickers. The big arrests […]