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Our week in search terms (Feb 8th ed)

Overdue, and better never than late, our latest top ten in weekly search terms: 10.  italian porno star milly Well, look what you made me look up:  if it isn’t another porn star in Italian politics! If elected, D’Abbraccio wants to create a red light area with strip clubs, erotic discos and sex shops called “Love […]

Our week in search terms (Feb. 1st ed)

Yes, we’ve skipped a week.  No,  I’m not bummed.  Shall we, ladies? 10.  carpe lucius      I should hope you might. 9. threesome & nature      But then, let’s not.  Anyway, that’s four people right there. 8.  high school girls shaking their ass      I’m sure I never said anything about high school. 7.  white […]

Our week in search terms (ending Jan. 18th)

     I took the cullings last Wednesday, but I’ve been behind.  No time like the present to unload these, since I’ll take a fresh batch tomorrow.  –With apologies to the anonymous netizen throngs, here is the weekly Top Ten of searching formulations that have led you, Gentle Readers, to these shores: 10.  threesome experience Now how […]

Our week in search terms

     Really I do feel a bit Orwellian about this, but– wordpress features a list of search terms by which the eager mobs find their way over here.  As a sort of mirror-image of the blog, it’s not always flattering, though sometimes amusing and, occasionally, inspiring.  As a reader of Leibniz, I do believe even […]