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President Trump: “Today, we remember the crew of the Space Shuttle Challenger, 31 years later. #NeverForget”

Just mesmerizing!  What an ingenious, audacious troll! Now: let’s destroy this illegal “Federal Judge”‘s “temporary halt” on our glorious Muslim ban! Continue the carnage!  Break Jewish influence, and deIslamify America and all the West!

An Open Letter to Republican Congressman Adam Kinzinger

After watching the latest broadcast of the PBS Newshour, I’ve been stewing in some fury to see Illinois Republican Cong. Adam Kinzinger telling the cameras that– can you believe this– we still need so-called “comprehensive immigration reform” and “a path to legalization.”  Some people, it seems, never learn.  So I’ve actually sat down with a […]

Build a Better Day: America First

It is done.  The “impossible” has been achieved. Not “impossible”, of course.  Fifth grade: I read in Time magazine about the swaggering billionaire from New York, who wants to build the world’s tallest building and might even run for President someday. Ninth grade: in my first competitive extemporaneous speech, I cite the possibility of billionaire […]

Check Your Gut

In case you “paranoid nut jobs” ever need a good dose of Ole’ Time Religion on what kind of Satano-Orwellian evil we are dealing with here in the “Current Year” (Of The Lord): We have a psychological warfare program going on, and the horrible truth will not be denied:   CIA gaywad Anderson Cooper, as […]

A snapshot of the idiotic moral smugness of Ted Cruz supporters

–courtesy of commenter AP writing on March 14th at a Derbyshire column at The Unz Review: Interesting and generally correct analysis. I’m sort of inclined to include a fifth “party” led by Ted Cruz. Derb lumps him together with the neocons/establishment but his support seems to have distinct features and pattern of geographic support warranting […]


Rusticating in my rural retreat this week, I watched the events in Baltimore unfold on Monday in spellbound terror.  I had only turned on the tv, quite arbitrarily, as the afternoon violence was underway– in hindsight, the most frightening phase of the riot.  The police cruiser ransacked, the platoon of cops retreating up the street, […]

Beijing-Moscow High Speed Rail?

— at a staggering quarter-of-a-trillion dollars?  This sounds like something Lyndon LaRouche might cook up. A social media post, published by Beijing’s municipal government yesterday, finally confirmed that China are to go ahead with plans to build a multi-billion dollar high-speed rail link between Beijing and Moscow. The line aims will provide super fast transport […]

Three Great Monotheisms: But One Has No Home

They’re all basically the same, right?  I mean: I.  Make fun of Christians– win an arts grant. II.  Make fun of Jews– lose your job. III. Make fun of Muslims– lose your life. The shows of ‘solidarity’ for “Charlie Hebdo” (and yes, I think it’s a stupid name and I still don’t know what it […]

“At the train station, I heard one schoolgirl telling her friends that World War III has started and she doesn’t care if anyone calls her racist”

–writes Vox Day: What has been ruled out of bounds for more than three decades is finally becoming the political fault line. And the line is not going to be drawn in the favor of those with blood on their hands, in the favor of those whom history will one day damn far more fervently […]

God Save France

God save France– for the French. God save the French as a free people. God save France from Islam.