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Rob Ager on James Cameron’s “Aliens”

Rob Ager has made public on youtube a pair of videos on Cameron films–a Paglia-esque critique of the Rousseauist nature-worship and technophobia of Avatar, and a Paglia-esque appraisal of Ripley’s leadership qualities in Aliens. If like me you haven’t watched Aliens in a number of years but have certainly watched it enough times to have […]

“The Godfather Part III”: Still Vastly Underrated

On youtube, some twat in his review video asks why Michael is “always smiling.”  Because, dumbass, he’s trying desperately to be likeable, to be like his fantasy image of his father.  Vito of course was not always smiling but Michael wants to be liked so he overcompensates.  He is faking it till he makes it, […]

“I’m sorry, Mark Hamill”

An excellent demotion on The Last Jedi, really getting into the thickets of bad plotting and lousy characterization so hopefully we don’t have to:  

Inkigayo Is Better Than Any Movie Ever Made

Over the past couple of months, starting about a week or so before Christmas, I actually managed to watch ten or a dozen movies–most of them films I’d never watched before.  I should be ashamed to admit certain masterpieces that I’d never seen (or at least watched all the way through) before.  While there are […]

Yesterday, I watched the complete Oh My Girl and Red Velvet videographies plus “A Bout de Souffle”

Today . . . eh.  My head hurts. [Ed.:  Well that’s what you get for not skipping “Rookie”.]  –I wouldn’t have even considered skipping “Rookie”.  Yeah, it’s “Rookie”, but it’s Red Velvet– and if I’m going to watch the complete videography then I’m gonna watch the complete videography. Hey wait: I did kick off today […]

Why Disney trashed Luke Skywalker

  The cynical comic-nihilist treatment of Luke Skywalker in the new Disney franchise installment prompts a great deal of analysis among fans and populist cinephiles.  Under this WorldofGeekdom video on youtube, B Hut comments: What has been foisted in the Star Wars fan base is a massive case of gas lighting by Rian Johnson, Kathleen […]

“The Last Jedi” as a lousy theme park ride

The Red Letter Media crew have a lot of funny jokes at the expense of The Last Jedi, a film they clearly thought was headscratchingly ridiculous, yet curiously they sort of hem and haw over declaring it a godawful desecration.  “Mr. Plinkett” does seem somewhat jaded and cynical at this point–where is the passion that […]

Blade Runner 2049 in 4 minutes

It’s all been done before: Curious fact: miss A’s Fei was already 29 when she rocked the pink hair for her solo debut last summer, the same age as the Cuban hologram waifu in the Blade Runner sequel. Her Debut stage on M! Countdown is arguably even closer in its visual aesthetic to the new […]

‘Even the characters in “Prometheus” weren’t THAT stupid–at first . . .’

Julian Sands tells stories of the terrifying Maggie Carter

Tales from the slight yet splendorous A Room With a View:

Mr. Plinkett’s getting senile, prefers Blade Runner 2049 over the original! His commenter Adam Monroe tries to help

Pretty shocking that Red Letter Media endorses Blade Runner 2049 over the masterpiece original (which they definitely don’t think was a masterpiece to begin with!).  My goodness, what next: Attack of the Clones is better than The Empire Strikes Back? In the comments, Adam Monroe summarizes the crappy plot of the new Blade Runner: Hi, […]

A commercial DP’s take on “actor’s directors” vs “visual directors”

Personally, I think any auteur worth their salt has to be doing the framing, but this is a nice talk-through of the spectrum from the English major-turned-director (my epithet, not his!) to the Ridley Scott (before he got off the wagon) type types (also my epithet, not his).

Vittorio Storaro’s First Oscar

  With Godfather Part III star George Hamilton!

Make Films Film Again!

Digital and color grading are the devil.  This guy gets to the crux at the end: just shoot in film again, already.

A Month in Bronson: “Charles Bronson crafts his thoughts in a place where there is no box”

A Month in Bronson: “Charles Bronson takes out his trash”

A Month in Bronson: “Charles Bronson keeps tabs on his lady friends”

A Month in Bronson: “Charles Bronson had right of way”

A month in Bronson: “Charles Bronson has always treated women as equals”

A Month in Bronson: “Charles Bronson Tells a Man Where to Go”

A Month in Bronson: “Charles Bronson’s wonderings will never be anticipated”

“i hate this bullshit. Alien’s story from the very begining was supposed to show humans encountering new unknown species in space, not some fucking android going mad and making monsters from a woman’s pussy.”

Says a commenter under this clip on deleted scenes from Alien: Covenant, which clearly is a worse film than Alien Resurrection:  

A Month in Bronson: “Charles Bronson seems to be having one of those days”

Xenomorph Speaks: Ridley Scott Almost Ruined the Original “Alien”

As crappy as so many of his subsequent films have been, arguably reaching the nadir with Alien: Covenant, I still clung to the idea that the young Scott was, for two movies, The Next Stanley Kubrick before he all let it fall apart. And then I just watched this: So apparently the young and callow […]

But is “Prometheus” any better than “Alien: Covenant”?

Maybe Ridley Scott was never any good.  Maybe Alien was never any good. All of this gross-ass stupid crap is so awful.  Damn “facehuggers” and space vaginas with teeth and extraterrestrial face rape and stupid psycho robots and bad religious allegories and crap. Why am I wallowing in this junk?  Oh yeah, to keep from […]

Alien Resurrection II: Let’s Talk Some More Trash about Ridley Scott’s Awful “Alien: Covenant”

Mr. Plinkett and friend with their latest précis of all its awful things: The longer takedown:

The Cinema Snob and his friend review “Alien: Covenant”

I’m a fan of some of The Cinema Snob’s official “The Cinema Snob” reviews, but this is the first I’ve watched in his real-life persona, so I can’t say for sure if he’s often this shaken by the awfulness of what he’s just watched. But he looks and sounds pretty shaken by the awfulness of what […]

Do You Realize Ridley Scott is Seventy-nine years old?

Seventy-nine.  And going by some of the interview footage I’ve seen, getting very out of it. I’m not going to go fishing for it– I’ve seen it sampled in various online reviews of the new film.  He acted more drunk than anything else, but very drunk.  It might be meds, meds and booze together, perhaps […]

Godspeed, Sir Roger Moore

The great Roger Moore, seven times James Bond, has died at the age of 89. Roger Moore was more than just James Bond– he did a couple of non-Bond pictures with the great On Her Majesty’s Secret Service director Peter Hunt, for example.  But it is his dapper tenure as 007 from 1973 to 1985 […]

Still Cracks Me Up–Hard

I wouldn’t have believed I would still laugh so hard over this: The original scene is arch enough, but this just takes the two actors’ effective mannerisms and compounds them into an unbelievable hilarity.

Alain Delon Flies the Concorde Upside Down While George Kennedy Shoots a Flare Gun Out the Cockpit Window

This makes Airplane! look like a goddamn documentary. (commenter Shawn Watson)   I’d love to catch this on TCM sometime . . .

More Stupid “Alien” Sequel Crap

If it weren’t for the occasional nightmares I have about these damned things, I’d say the xenomorph is pretty much a joke at this point. And Ridley Scott really wants to relive the David Fincher Alien Cubed crap about the alien jigajiving off the walls of corridors? Shitty CGI.  Alien gonna go all Mission Impossible […]

Warren Beatty’s Oscar Night

For those who will only know Warren Beatty from the gooffest inflicted upon him by Hollywood’s risible collective decision to go Full Down-low Retard last night, let us honor the man with a look at his genuinely excellent acceptance speech as Best Director for Reds: Beatty is a fire-breathing leftist, yes; but against the calumnies […]

Self-righteous Hollywood Jews just gave “Best Picture” to a Black Gay piece of crap movie just so they could say “F**k you” to our glorious, growing-more-White America

Please, my dear Hollywood Jews– fuck you too! American movies, including the supposedly “good” ones, have been in terminal decline for over a decade.  But this Hollywood pro-Blacks-all-the-time schtick is just ridiculous.  Moonlight only grossed $25 million– nothing.  Nobody likes or cares about it.  It was bad enough when they tried to gin up Hurt […]

F**k you some more, Ridley Scott! Oh, I’m not just “triggered” by the gay couple on a colonization mission: I’m triggered by all the ugly ass f**king mystery meats!

Looks like Ridley Scott’s shitty new Alien prequel is the ludicrous last gasp of multicultural porn:   God, what a bunch of ugly ass mystery meats.  They couldn’t even try and cast the supposed “hot” version of same?  What gross-ass miscegenation monkeys.  But then, all the White people look like a bunch of degenerate goofs […]

Hey, Ridley Scott! FUCK YOU!!!

Boy, you were hot shit when your filmography was confined to The Duellists and Alien and Blade Runner, weren’t you?  You probably woke up every morning, looked at yourself in the mirror, and said, “Who’s the next Stanley Kubrick?  Who’s the next David Lean?  YOU ARE!!!” Well, it’s about twenty or thirty piece of shit […]

Warren Beatty’s New Movie Exists

Interesting. . . . I’d really be thrilled if Warren in his old age, with a daughter destroyed by liberal sex theory ( and doubtless her revulsion at her father’s promiscuity) made a picture in which innocence and virtue triumph over age and cynicism, but it looks more like it’ll be a love triangle with […]

“She is a huge flop for trying to promote BULLSHIT that goes against God! Out you go you f[**]king traitor!”

Says, well, Tila Tequila, on Emma Watson and her new flop film.

Godspeed, Michael Cimino

Legendary auteur and enfante terrible Michael Cimino has died.  He was seventy-seven. Starting as a screenwriter, Cimino swiftly made his way up the ladder to Hollywood ascendance after his co-writing (with John Milius) of the Dirty Harry sequel Magnum Force led to his feature directorial debut, Thunderbolt & Lightfoot, starring Clint Eastwood and Jeff Bridges.  His second […]

Milos Forman’s Valmont: “Restored”

I don’t know if this is a new, longer cut or just a happy return of Forman’s forgotten classic, but for whatever reason his lustrous Les Liaisons Dangereuses adaptation is back on screen at Cannes:   And how happy it would be at last to have a proper DVD release!  Especially since I was just […]