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WJSN Dawon adds a floral garland to the best stage outfits ever!

  WJSN’s glowingly girlish-maternal Dawon (still shy of her 21st birthday) caps off her Romanov/Royal Mountie military parade outfit with a floral wreath for her wise sweet head.  Truly, I wonder if God is signaling that one or more dynasties are about to reascend their thrones.  K-pop for The Reaction, baby! Trust! in WJSN style!  […]

Autocracy in the RK: WJSN’s military chic gets promoted to 11

WJSN’s third week Inkigayo outfits take their military school ambience to new heights as the girls show off their promotions (third medals have been applied!) on bloodred regal coats. Korea cries out for tsardom, and its martial virtues will take Asia to soaring new heights of patriotism, classicism, and ethnosupremacy! The “Dreams May Come” outfits […]

Oh My Girl’s Mimi in leather shorts and a zip-up midriff-baring blue cardigan turtleneck sweater!

Pay close attention, English majorettes– this is like your ideal first-date outfit for da Lucius Somesuch! Epic fashion triumph, Mimi! Of course, there’s a vast deal to be said about the glorious Comeback Stages for “Secret Garden”, but I need to get my thinking cap warmed up before I pump out a few hundred words […]

Style Nanda Love 3CE Glossy Lip Stick #Picnicker

I don’t know what all the hell that means, but here’s today’s selection of cute photos from Style Nanda: Well it is glossy. And she seems pretty happy about it.  I think there’s something in the opening essay of Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal about the happiness-making of lipstick.  Not that Rand was really about that.  […]

Red Velvet’s Irene “looks super HOT in nerdy glasses + leather jacket”

That’s the headline at koreaboo, where we read: Red Velvet‘s Irene has a natural talent for making any outfit look adorable, even when it has an edgy kick! On their way to Taiwan for their concert, the Red Velvet members were all spotted sporting very stylish airport fashion, especially Irene’s! Wearing an all black outfit that […]

Lovelyz in Leggings Tackle hi-speed “Wow”

A few days back I discovered a new Pops in Seoul interview clip with Lovelyz in which Mijoo and–be still my heart–Sujeong rock wetlook leggings. But while that’s on my rewatch-and-post to-do list, here’s Sujeong in leatherette leggings and a powder blue cable-necked sweater! And most of the rest of the girls in some sort of […]

Style Nanda Tall Treaded Lace-Up Boots: A Photo-essay

    Oh Lucius, Lucius . . .  I’ve been a bad girl again. Smoking cigarettes and listening to miss A’s Hush album– and thinking about you. You know, a lot maybe . . . Charlotte’s just leaving.  You don’t really think she’s funkier than me, do you? Plus, I think my bum is prettier.  […]

Where in the World is Lucius Somesuch?

(sigh) Where the devil is he? He hasn’t hardly updated his damn blog in like–forever! Oh, you mysterious White man, I’ll never understand your confounding ways!  Lucius, Oh Lucius, I want to know everything about you . . . .  What you think of the new Dal Shabet album, what you think of Vox Day’s […]

Laura Wood At the Mall

I was reading with amusement this new post at The Thinking Housewife on scripted customer/clerk interactions, and mentally applying it to my own (relatively limited) interactions in live shopping these days.  Since groceries are most of what I purchase offline, I get to hear  “Did you find everything you were looking for?” alot.  Yes, it […]

Propaganda Colors of Benetton: Putting Turds in Your Daughter’s Bowl from IKEA

Benetton presents their Fall 2015 Kids’ Collection, themed “Follow Me to Stockholm”!  So cute: What could possibly go wrong? –Now, in complete fairness:  the vast majority of this large catalog of photos displays a mostly Nordic-centric Stockholm, minus one frizzy-haired mystery meat girl and a possibly East Asian, possibly young Bjork girl. HOWEVER:  this is […]

A Pink November Comeback Teaser Photos

Hyeri and Sojin: Bad for a day

Girl’s Day has established itself, against the odds, as one of the strongest girl groups, commercially and aesthetically; and so it is only just that we commemorate a bit of their fashionable nonsense.  Smoldery Sojin and simpering Hyeri’s posings were noted thus at soompi: On September 18, Girl’s Day‘s Hyeri and Sojin transformed into London girls for the […]

Lindsey Wixson in a blue dress embossed with an owl, an oversized lavender beanie, and headphones

They said she wouldn’t last.  They said she couldn’t walk.  Poor gap-toothed Lindsey Wixson took spills and, so the gossips muttered, pissed people off. Yet Lindsey has endured, prospered, triumphed.  She is ubiquitous and beloved.  Who today is the world’s greatest model?  Karlie Kloss with her anorexic abs and penchant for fetishwear?  Daphne Groeneveld, the […]

Ice, Ice Alliance, Baby: L’Oreal’s Miss Manga

Contrary to what casual readers might assume, I’m no unambivalent fan of Euro-Asian miscegenation (though Lord knows it’s nothing near as awful as all the other miscegenating options on the globalizers’ table).  I am, however, all for cross-cultural pollination among the illustrious Ice Peoples, which is why I’m greatly amused by this L’Oreal ad: –Actually, I’ve […]

Visions of Delight: Suzy, Eunjung Pictorials

Two charismatic goddesses of K-pop make fresh splashes in spring pictorials of shimmering splendor. miss A’s Suzy: revealed some of her photos taken during the pictorial shooting for the recent issue of Oh Boy! magazine. Along with the pictures, the singer and actress also wrote, “Oh Boy! Oh Suzy” on her Twitter.  Most of the pictures […]

Who is this pasty bug-eyed slag and why does she play royalty on televison?

–I’m not even complaining about the demi-shaved hair, per se.  No, let’s waive that aside [Ed.:  Is there a pun?  —No, but if she wants to play Leia, she’s got one bun missing.].  Just look at that coke-crazy thousand yard stare: Freak. I mean, she looks like a Dixie Chick from space who crashed into […]

KARA’s Seungyeon: “Hot Bookworm”

Things aren’t looking so rosy for longstanding K-pop stalwarts KARA, what with Nicole (rumoredly) looking to bail and return to the United States (??) where she hints she’ll study singing and dancing (?!?!?) and return some day as a soloist.  We hope these rumors don’t prove true; but Nicole and other KARA members have had […]

Style Nanda High Neck Striped T-shirt: an extempore found photo essay

“Come in, Lucius.  I was just making some green tea.” “I hoped you might want something . . .  or just, you know . . . .” “–and I baked shortbread.  Would you like some shortbread?  I bet you’ll love my shortbread.  It’s nice and buttery . . . .” ” . . . and tight.  I […]

A Fistful of Fashion: Femen gets it in the face

Noted commenter Eric will be tickled pink–I’m rather gratified, myself.  Almost makes me nostalgic for white women: A Liverpool model said she “punched” two Femen protesters who broke onto the catwalk at Paris fashion week and grabbed her arm. Hollie-May Saker was modelling for designer Nina Ricci in the French capital when protesters from the […]

Acropolis Now: Gayoon’s Greek Pink Fashion Fantasia

I was just dismissing the merits of J-dog’s  proposal that the Parthenon should be restored, but–  As my Korean muses excel all mortals in all things besides, so too this question must be laid before their adored feet for answer.  4minute’s Gayoon’s new fashion shoot for CeCi gives us the needed reply: OMGTHISISSOTOTALLYWICKEDOUTRAGEOUSTHANKYOUGAYOONILUVIT!!!  [Ed.:  You […]

Bad Girls of Cheer: the Missguided Holiday Lookbook

Bob keeps reminding me there are plenty of marriageable, pretty Western girls out there to choose from, and with that in mind, I’ve been meaning to devote a bit of space to a wrap-up of winter fashions.  Hat-tip to My Stylistic Life, here are a few stills from UK label Missguided’s lookbook for the Holiday party […]

S**t you cannot make u– Oh thank God! somebody made it up

Could it really be true that Victoria’s Secret would demolish their brand in an effort to comfort Slut Walking fattie rejects and drive their hot, loyal customers to La Perla or despair? Could the sensible people at the helm of a successful brand be taken in by the narcissistic insanity of Mommy’s Little Mulatto Princess She Raised […]

The resemblance is scary

between this uncredited Portuguese fashion model: and someone we’re hearing a lot about: if you see how I mean.  I’m not sure what the moral is, except perhaps to beware of women who give you that Kristina Wayborn stare that lures so many to their willing doom.  That freezing serpent stare!

miss A Suzy’s new perm makes the “High Cut”

Classy miss A members are well known for their established sense of chic, and now our own Suzy has gone and turned every head in class with– gasp!– new hair: And, per fashion photo convention immemorial, her feet stuffed into some shoes unlaced.  Ah, Suzy shuffling in some Chucks! –You can’t imagine how that bothered […]

Miranda Kerr decides she likes posing naked (in tall boots)

There was a fit of coyness, when those Italia GQ nudie fashion pics surfaced from her past.  Or was she just putting on a bit about taking it all off for the shutters? Shudder. I noticed these over at the Daily Mail when they first came out; but I only now just happened to visit the Harper’s Bazaar […]

A black leather skirt for an A Pink girl

I’m underwhelmed by K-pop girl group A Pink, but their lead vocalist Eunji has become a big tv item and was recently feted at Korea’s SIA (Style Icon Awards), where she rocked this number: This is rocking total badass.  Totally badassed rockin’.  A bunch of haters in the comments section at allkpop sneer she should […]

Kooky nooks

I am, as I often say, a sucker for ramshackle, and here it comes via photographer Annabel Sougné: And this is ramshackle deluxe: kooky frosty-glade hair bow, limbs akimbo, thrift-Rococo furnishings, books and stuff, an eye-entangling mess of dreamy refinement in sweet disarray.  Just looking at this is enough to lure me inside some dream– […]

Yoona brings winter, I feel fuzzies

If Autumn comes, can Winter be far behind?  And in it– Yoona, in the snow, once more! Yoona in Eider winter sportswear.  Good Lord, it’s Pale September and already I want some hot cocoa and a screening of For Your Eyes Only. I love the look of quilted-y, sheeny winter coats, btw.  And chunky winter […]

I think Camille Paglia would be pleased

She’s an iCarly fan, and sidekick Sam aka Jennette McCurdy, is grown-up nicely.  Ah, the pensive gaze of a girl in a halter-neck swim top:  there’s such a, a– gravity— about those gazelles.  I mean, girls.  This girl. I’ve only seen the show a couple of times, but Camille thinks it’s just about up there with […]

Perfect fit

Kpopstarz notes: Actress Jun  Ji Hyun shows off her great figure as a sportswear model. Today, Jun Ji Hyun will be working with Reebok as a model. She will be  working for 1 year as their model and appear on their poster campaign and  commercial. In the picture, she is wearing a body suit that […]

The light of modesty: SNSD’s Yuri on her “few” talents

Girls’ Generation’s Yuri vamps pensively for Ceci: With heels like those I’d never leave the window either.  Ah, to be alone with one’s thoughts! [Ed.:  You are alone with your thoughts.]  –Yes, I’m alone with my thoughts, but soon I must venture out for soup and paper towels, and it is dark, and the world […]

And now comes the part . . .

where I update this, my little blog, with another culling of lookbook fashionistas in their liquid leggings.  Because it’s not like this is an election year or something, and what else can we be paying attention to? Pop C. here posted this from last December: If Pop Champagne’s contemplating cutting a techno-folk record, she should totally […]

Too rich or too thin

This is Yulia Chumack in Prada’s Spring 2009 show: Those expressive orbs, the aristocratic calm, the luminous classical features.  A truly lovely, beautiful girl. A lovely, beautiful, deathly skinny girl. Was she afraid that if she eats, it’ll go to her perfect face?  If my face were that exquisite, I might be afraid to eat […]

Punks’ Generation: Hyoyeon and Seohyun go bratty for Nylon

So what exactly is Korean Nylon like, anyway? Well, it looks an awful lot like American Nylon, it turns out: A lot of punkarse multilayered girlie-glam thrifty mess.  Even with SNSD goddesses Seohyun and Hyoyeon as models, they’ve seen fit to label their personae as “Brats”. So I suppose all Nylons think alike, more or less.  I […]

Dal Shabet totter on the charts and into our hearts

Rising K-pop behemoth-oughttabes Dal Shabet do some modeling for SONOVI: Taken at a studio in Chungdam-dong, Seoul, the pictorial marked the girls’ second project for SONOVI. Ranging from colorful, retro looks to chic, party looks, the members pulled off a wide variety of styles with their doll-like looks and bodies, while bringing a positive atmosphere […]

Harry Potter and the Nocturnal Stroll of Hot Mess Mystery

That boy knows how to pick ’em.  First that Olive unesietlsernut  party girl chick, and now this piece of arm candy: Is it me, or am I seeing both a bra strap and nipple-pokeage here?  That’s no small feat. Now, I’m all about comfort food and simple pleasures myself.  Or as Alexander Pope might epigrammatize: Critiqued […]

‘National first love’ Suzy

So that’s what they call it, when you are the sweet seventeen stuff of a people’s dreams! Sung Yu Ri  and Suzy wore the same dress but portrayed different looks. Sung Yu Ri, the past member of Fin K.L and the ‘original’ fairy, and Suzy, the ‘national first love’ and the fantasy of all males, […]

Ho-lay poop!!

After School’s (and Orange Caramel’s) Nana: Dang.  And I thought they were done for after the legendary Kahi left.  Oy.  Well, it still ain’t the same After School without her, but, uhm, wow! Yeah, AS’s never really been able to live up to its full potential.  But what potential! [Ed.:  Maybe you should try listening to their […]

Philosophy Spring 2012: Ferretti’s garden of Proserpines

The stills from Philosophy (di Alberta Ferretti)’s Spring 2012 line reveal the sweet difficulty of beauty:  the allure is self-evident, yet with a strangeness that summons the mind to puzzle over the riddles of womanhood.  These elegant, floral-feminine frocks, and the glossed and glazed and crimp-headed girls who don them, have a Pre-Raphaelite oddity, something […]

Disappearing-pants making the internet more safe and beautiful

T-ara’s Mad Max-ish “Day by Day” comeback video looms, False-ara members and all.  And with it, the threatened horror of T-ara with evil dyed hair (which is good enough for other, lesser K-pop groups, but not for Divine-ara).  In happier news of days of heaven that perhaps may never be more,  kpopstarz reports: The ‘2012 Making a Beautiful […]