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Moore-over, Democrats steal elections

FBI Anon said there’d be civil war if the whole truth ever came out.  Is that in part because so much of American history’s will of the people has been overridden in the trunk of a ward heeler’s Buick full of fake ballots? Advertisements

Hey Cory Booker, who don’t you do the honorable thing and come out of the closet?

you silly black sissy, you!

Gay Mulatto fears America is turning into 1930s Germany

Well I should hope it is.  “Democracy” does not mean black people voting in a White-majority land.  It does not mean “gay” “rights”.  And it does not mean globalization, multiracialism, or the surveillance state. Barack Obama is not even an American.  He has no right to opine on the proper operations of the American republic, […]

Late night listening

Millennial Woes deconstructs an hilariously problematic misreading of the Alt-Right from “Prager University”:

Today’s heartwarming headline: “In a Maryland prison, Girl Scouts get to visit with their moms.”

A picture is worth a thousand words:  

Free Styxhexenhammer!

We interrupt this Thanksgiving’s viewing of Hannah and Her Sisters to report that Styx, after posting a video criticizing google for downgrading RT’s returns in order to “protect” us from wrongthink, has been removed from youtube for “violating community guidelines”! Totalitarian bullshit!  You coward faggot commie “liberals”, the man’s a centrist! Heck, he’s not even […]

Can somebody please explain to the NFL that the problem is not Papa John’s or Jerry Jones–it’s their goddamn players who started this “divisive” crap

It just kills me to see these newsfeed items like “Papa John’s apologizes for CEO’s divisive remarks” or “NFL accuses Jerry Jones of stirring up controversy”.  Hey listen assholes: the only ones “stirring up controversy” are your millionaire felons in spandex who insist upon disrespecting the National Anthem at your games.  Anyone who complains about […]

Ten Points of the Alt-Right: A Manifesto

I. Truth. The Alt-Right believes in objective truth. Man surveys the myriad phenomena of the human, living, and physical worlds and beholds sequence and symmetry. We notice patterns and test predictions. Humans exist not apart from the natural order, but occupy a remarkable place within in as rational animals. The search for truth is what […]

Styxhexenhammer: Trump wants you to watch what Mueller does next

Though blackpill on Crooked Hillary going to jail, Styx is confident John Podesta hasn’t slept in days.  While Tony P. is the most proximate target for Mueller, John has to worry about the Hollyweird stuff too [NB so does Tony to, but I get what Styx means]

Burma is expelling Islam–so should we

Running over helpless people in the street is Islam’s latest spin on acid-throwing, suicide bombing, plane hijacking, and all the other arcane ways these jealous and zealous stains on planet Earth think up to promote their risible Desert Mormonism cult and their ludicrous fantasies of race supremacy over their Ice People superiors. This latest murderous […]

Styxhexenhammer in a good mood

Hopeful that Hillary goes to jail– even if it’s only for a week!  Agreed, any kind of legal repercussions for her decades of wickedness would be a relief.  And the Donald gives us continued good hope of further great things to come.

“If stating some historical facts makes me a racist, then I suppose that I am a racist”

–says Marc Faber.  And there are all sorts of other facts we can add on too, that would make us “racists”. Is that so bad?  No, it’s not bad at all! I say to hell with black people.  Europeans must be supreme in Europe– indeed, exclusive in Europe.  China belongs to the Chinese.  Burma, heroically, […]

Trump orders CIA to release real JFK files, so FBI muddies waters with release of fake news Sandy Hook files

–That’s my take.  Certainly no amount of fanfic about nonexistent “Adam Lanza” can wash away the mountains of evidence of Sandy Hook’s hoax status as a diabolical psy-op designed to disarm America and pave the way for Bolshevik tyranny.   There’s so much “good” stuff in the annals of Sandy Hook deception, multiple movie-length videos […]

“They simply wish to create chaos by androgynizing everything.”

At this Styxhexenhammer video, commenter Maldrannon leaves this reply to the “non-binary” push: They simply wish to create chaos by androgynizing everything. Women find the most success when they embrace their femininity and feminine charm and men do THEIR best when they embrace their masculinity and the Masculine virtues. We are fighting against forces that […]

A Hint of False Flag

The Jordan Peterson-Camille Paglia Lovefest Has Landed!

The dissident Big Thinkers finally get to enjoy their confab, and we get to sit in too:

Benghazi, Nevada: The Fast and Furious Las Vegas Shooting Conspiracy Theory

In summary:  Paddock was an undercover FBI agent handing out weapons to ISIS affiliates inside the United States, in an entrapment scheme with creepy/stupid echoes of “Fast and Furious”.  The ISIS terrorists got wind of his real identity, killed him, and gave us a downpayment of mayhem with their fresh cache of weapons by gunning […]

Styxenhammer Delivers An Hilarious Rant Against Communism

Pithy, yet regenerate! Lots of lolzolz, lots of quotable quotes.  They need to show this one in Civics class for the kids’ sakes.

Styxenhammer: President Trump Will Crush All GOP Naysayers, Cruise to Second Term Triumph

Barry Obama’s ridiculous tweet

Fact: black babies are born into this world smelling like ass to the noses of every other race. Bonus fact: Islam blows.  If you’re not born hating it, you’ll figure it out eventually. What the hell does “background” even mean?  Giving blowjobs in Indonesia when you can’t remember your father’s face? Fuck off Obama.  And […]

I, for one, welcome our Alt-Right Overlords


“This is Chinese greatest strength. DO NOT worry about refugee, black nigroes transexual, harry potter”

says Weihan Wang.

“Chinese work hard technology”

I don’t know if this is a parody account or for real, but it rocks: africa black nigro govenments can not succeed without Chinese organize expertise U.S. cannot compete Chinese work hard technology. Chinese Children learn arithmetic and health exercise at camp. This boys wear a dress Fuck a #GoogleMemo Chinese technology company give work […]

Styxenhammer: Trump has people chasing their own tails, and it’s amusing

The always articulate Styxenhammer puts on a shirt and explains why Pres. Trump can’t get the GOP Congress to do crap, why he’s right to tell them to go screw themselves, and how he’ll likely achieve that.

It’s Time for Justice: Thoughts from the amusing Alt-Centrist Styxhexenhammer on Gov. Justice, Pres. Trump, and the new Cold War

Rusticating: the Week in Review, and notes for the week to come

It’s been a busy week, what with A Pink’s continued triumphs with “Five”, visitations from the Muse, tears over the ending of Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me, a helpful reminder to Vox Day not to trust “SteelPalm”, and who can remember what all besides (oh, that 4,000 word essay on “One of These Nights”, […]

Spencer Quinn: “It would be best for all if the races admitted our differences and separated as soon as possible.”

An excellent piece in rebuttal of the obnoxious Cosby Kid affirmative-action “linguist” John McWhorter, with some of the most lucid writing I’ve seen at The Unz Review on the desirability of permanent separation from the African anthropoid populations. Whites are beginning to wake up and realize that racial differences need to be discussed openly and […]

Piece of crap has-been Barry Obama sets foot on sacred Korean soil

What the hell does this jobless black piece of shit think he’s doing? Get the fuck back on yo reservation, step’n’fetch. What a disgusting display.  Even for a White man, it’s outrageous for the predecessor to go around talking foreign policy like he has a voice. And Obama ludicrously refered to “climate change” as a […]

When I go on youtube to watch A Pink’s “Five”, it shows me an ad in Korean with some bitch begging for “acceptance” of her confused son

Listen faggot Jews, get your schmucky pro-sterility shit out of mine and all righteous people’s eyeballs. You can practice that filth in Israel or your (consenting 18+ only) romper room in Silicon Valley.  But the inch-deep “tolerance” for your crapotry you’ve cultivated through the boobtube upon the social-conformist minds of silly females will evaporate quickly […]

Start Sinking the African “Refugee” Boats

If keeping Europe safe and pure and civilized means 244,000,000 dead Negroids, then it means 244,000,000 dead Negroids.  The same goes for China–hell, it even goes for the Arabs.  The human race owes the African hominoids nothing. Not that we really need to kill that many (at least by direct means– benign neglect will of […]

Sandy Hook “Parents” Will Burn In Hell

“My name is Robbie Parker . . .”   The screencap shows the delightful Soto family–I just adore somehow that youngest lying little minx whose eyes CANNOT HIDE the love she has for that Oscar she’s getting. But: Sandy Hook never stops giving.  Until now I had never seen the interview with the Parkers that […]

“I have to say, once these neuroses are wiped from the face of the earth, can you imagine how peaceful those times will be? It will literally be exactly like those Renaissance paintings, where people are reclining peacefully under trees eating grapes and sipping wine, while the golden glow of God’s love is shining down all over them.”

–writes Anonymous Conservative: In truth, feminists who could care less some nice animal was killed, will probably get all worked up over the idea there are vaginas somewhere being controlled by old white men and used to generate profits. I guess when in crazy Rome, do as the crazy Romans. The problem they ran into […]

Freedom from global change climate hysteria: Pres. Trump breaks from Paris

In another blow struck for nationalism– not only for America’s, but for the independence of other sovereign nations who may take up the chance to reassert their liberty of action– the President has withdrawn the United States from the Paris climate thinging-a-jig.  The AP reports: WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump said Thursday he was withdrawing […]

Ariana Grande Bombs

Freakish coalburner “Ariana Grande” gets her concert in Manchester suicide-bombed. It’s a tragic but preventable commentary on our decayed and violated society. Grande may have had the makings of a harmlessly cute minx long ago– but given the Ill*m*n*t* realities of Jew-run Disneywood, it’s not unlikely she was violated and even “programmed” from an early […]

Does Fat Yenta Retard Donna Zuckerberg Even Know How to Read English?

Certainly she writes it deplorably enough.  One must ask what motivation she ever had to slog her way through a Greek grammar or Latin lexicon:  certainly her “work” puts them to little enough use. In his capacity as Higher Ed Realist, Steve Sailer’s been busting the carb-enhanced balls of Donna Zuckerberg, sister of faceborg-famed Mark, […]

The Emperor Strikes Back

Comey is fired.  Will Hillary be indicted? The Syrian strike was a cause of grief–but Pres. Trump has made now a fresh positive move to drain the swamp, one he’s obviously been preparing for.  Hope rekindles with soaring ardor that this year will see bold new reforms, and a healing wind of justice.

If Obama warned Trump about Flynn– what does that say about Flynn?

“Feminism is part of a complex cycle of the rise and fall of empires, and it’s not going away any time soon.”

writes commenter grapesoda (lolz) at Steve Sailer’s current open thread on Pres. Trump: I think Trump is a good guy, but there is only so much he can do. And he has his own independent interests as well. We all watched as he gave the middle finger to the PC orthodoxy, and that was fun […]

The Fate of France: Vote Le Pen, Expel Islam


Ramzpaul on the generation-long war in Afghanistan

Ramzpaul of late has (with the exception of his awkward European Zionism video, which argued there should be one nation for White people only, which is weird because there should actually be a bunch of nations– Hungary, Poland, France, Britain, Sweden, places like that–each for their distinct subgroups of White people, but he didn’t seem […]