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For a bloviating, washed-up former intel chief, John Brennan seems strangely indifferent to the many dicks Obama’s received, or the one Samantha Power keeps handy at all times

Samantha Power, who was U.S. ambassador to the United Nations under former President Barack Obama, warned President Trump on Saturday that it was “not a good idea to piss off John Brennan” after the former CIA director told him in a tweet that America would “triumph over you.” The American people would like to tell […]

Nicholas Freaking Sarkozy is under freaking arrest, and damn this feels freaking good

K!ke former Europeror Nicholas Sarkozy is under arrest for taking million of euros in bribes from Quaddafi–whom Sarkozy later started a freaking war against, apparently all as a goddamn hit to keep his bribe-taking from coming to light. A nation destroyed, open air slave markets returned, an American Ambassador tortured and killed, shenanigans with ISIS, […]

Explaining how mass casualty crisis theatre works: the Parkland Shooting Hoax and Beyond

Sofia Smallstorm and friends have an almost-two hour discussion that kept me absorbed every second.  A fantastic in-depth examination of the likely mechanics of fake shooting events, funding, logistics, recruitment, media play, legal cover, the carrots and sticks used to control troubled particpants after the fact, hierarchies of planning and knowledge, and the strategies they […]

Jordan Peterson: “That’s what the bloody Marxists always say”

JP on feminism’s Marxist ambition to destroy civilization:

Red Guards: “La Chinoise” at 50, the Trump House under occupation, and Boss J. David Hogg

Though perpetually “not ready for primetime”, some longwinded remarks from the other night at the esteemed PA World and Times have been elevated into an OP for further comment.  Our gratitude as ever to the esteemed proprietor. Those remarks were made in perhaps a somewhat pessimistic humor for yours truly, but tonight I have reminded […]

Beyond Fake: Florida “School Shooting” Crisis Actors

Two and a half years into my Sandy Hook trutherism, there’s not a lot that surprises me.  Just look into “the matrix” and you see the glitches all the time. But this: Now we have to ask some hard questions.  It’s getting hard to keep “normies” from figuring out– even on their own!– what is […]

Florida School Shooting: Another False Flag

We know now just how corrupt, how evil, the FBI is.  Every day our “intelligence agencies” lie overtime trying to depose the President of the United States, just because he won’t authorize an invasion of Syria or North Korea, or give them the immivasion they desire to destroy Heritage America. And so it should be […]

Our friend whorefinder on the State of the Union Address

Noble Alt-Right legend whorefinder has this to say over in the comments at isteve: Dear gosh, did Trump just get Vox to compare the DREAMers to Black Lives Matter? Seriously, this man is inside their heads and their OODA loops. He got Vox to compare illegal immigrants to a violent terrorist organization. And here’s the […]

The last season of “The Apprentice” in review

Before the new season premiere tonight!

Congratulations, Roger Federer!

Like James Bond, Victor Newman, and God, the man just cannot be stopped!   It is always an inspiration to see that this man has–yet and yet and yet again– pushed the boundaries of what even his most ardent fans have considered humanly possible. It has been ten years since John McEnroe declared Federer’s triumphs […]

Oh, it’s so-called “Holocaust” Memorial Day . . .

A Centerthot on dating an SJW

She left a lot of good opportunities for zingers on the table–and she’s hardly anything like a real conservative.  Still, this cutesy goof’s reading of an SJW’s dating profile has a few amusing moments.  

Fire Rex Tillerson

Two of the greatest ongoing campaigns of Big Lie propaganda of recent years are 1) the claims that Syrian President Assad orders chemical weapons attacks; and 2) the claim that Russia is behind blahblahblah rain on Tuesday. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, making the biggest display yet of his worrisome waffling and goofy ineffectuality in […]


We the People have spoken:  we want the borders closed. We want the 22 million illegal alien infiltrators to pack up and return to their beloved homes.  Our demands are peaceable and fair.  These criminal trespassers have been treated with extraordinary leniency thus far.  We should not have to resort to stiff-armed measures to be […]

Tom Kawczynski did nothing wrong

Tom Kawczynski, a rural Maine town manager, has been dismissed after making “racist comments” to the effect that the region should maintain its historic White majority and keep Islam out. The predictable response from Leftist do-badders was to vilify him as a “White Supremacist”.  One scowling Marxist who turns up in the bing search cajoles […]

“Did ANY of you take a course in logic?”

“Is there a single Alt-Leftist who did?  No, I think you were too busy with Women’s Studies or–or, you know, ‘How To Grow Soybeans’ or something like that.” Styxhexenhammer hilariously grilling the Left, and moving into closer sympathies with even the Alt-Right:  

“The wicked shall be turned into hell, all the nations that forget God.”

(Psalms 9:18) Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas!

  This is the month, and this the happy morn Wherein the son of Heav’n’s eternal king, Of wedded maid and virgin mother born, Our great redemption from above did bring. For so the holy sages once did sing, That he our deadly forfeit should release, And with his Father work us a perpetual peace. […]

President Trump’s Winter Wonderland

An English major at Berkeley

I don’t think anything here contradicts Camille Paglia’s story of the English graduate program girl who left after she got looked at like she has leprosy every time she expressed enthusiasm for the beauty of literature.   But hey, this gookette feels “empowered”!  The “culture of the department”.  The faculty “show passion for things that […]

Moore-over, Democrats steal elections

FBI Anon said there’d be civil war if the whole truth ever came out.  Is that in part because so much of American history’s will of the people has been overridden in the trunk of a ward heeler’s Buick full of fake ballots?

Hey Cory Booker, who don’t you do the honorable thing and come out of the closet?

you silly black sissy, you!

Gay Mulatto fears America is turning into 1930s Germany

Well I should hope it is.  “Democracy” does not mean black people voting in a White-majority land.  It does not mean “gay” “rights”.  And it does not mean globalization, multiracialism, or the surveillance state. Barack Obama is not even an American.  He has no right to opine on the proper operations of the American republic, […]

Late night listening

Millennial Woes deconstructs an hilariously problematic misreading of the Alt-Right from “Prager University”:

Today’s heartwarming headline: “In a Maryland prison, Girl Scouts get to visit with their moms.”

A picture is worth a thousand words:  

Free Styxhexenhammer!

We interrupt this Thanksgiving’s viewing of Hannah and Her Sisters to report that Styx, after posting a video criticizing google for downgrading RT’s returns in order to “protect” us from wrongthink, has been removed from youtube for “violating community guidelines”! Totalitarian bullshit!  You coward faggot commie “liberals”, the man’s a centrist! Heck, he’s not even […]

Can somebody please explain to the NFL that the problem is not Papa John’s or Jerry Jones–it’s their goddamn players who started this “divisive” crap

It just kills me to see these newsfeed items like “Papa John’s apologizes for CEO’s divisive remarks” or “NFL accuses Jerry Jones of stirring up controversy”.  Hey listen assholes: the only ones “stirring up controversy” are your millionaire felons in spandex who insist upon disrespecting the National Anthem at your games.  Anyone who complains about […]

Ten Points of the Alt-Right: A Manifesto

I. Truth. The Alt-Right believes in objective truth. Man surveys the myriad phenomena of the human, living, and physical worlds and beholds sequence and symmetry. We notice patterns and test predictions. Humans exist not apart from the natural order, but occupy a remarkable place within in as rational animals. The search for truth is what […]

Styxhexenhammer: Trump wants you to watch what Mueller does next

Though blackpill on Crooked Hillary going to jail, Styx is confident John Podesta hasn’t slept in days.  While Tony P. is the most proximate target for Mueller, John has to worry about the Hollyweird stuff too [NB so does Tony to, but I get what Styx means]

Burma is expelling Islam–so should we

Running over helpless people in the street is Islam’s latest spin on acid-throwing, suicide bombing, plane hijacking, and all the other arcane ways these jealous and zealous stains on planet Earth think up to promote their risible Desert Mormonism cult and their ludicrous fantasies of race supremacy over their Ice People superiors. This latest murderous […]

Styxhexenhammer in a good mood

Hopeful that Hillary goes to jail– even if it’s only for a week!  Agreed, any kind of legal repercussions for her decades of wickedness would be a relief.  And the Donald gives us continued good hope of further great things to come.

“If stating some historical facts makes me a racist, then I suppose that I am a racist”

–says Marc Faber.  And there are all sorts of other facts we can add on too, that would make us “racists”. Is that so bad?  No, it’s not bad at all! I say to hell with black people.  Europeans must be supreme in Europe– indeed, exclusive in Europe.  China belongs to the Chinese.  Burma, heroically, […]

Trump orders CIA to release real JFK files, so FBI muddies waters with release of fake news Sandy Hook files

–That’s my take.  Certainly no amount of fanfic about nonexistent “Adam Lanza” can wash away the mountains of evidence of Sandy Hook’s hoax status as a diabolical psy-op designed to disarm America and pave the way for Bolshevik tyranny.   There’s so much “good” stuff in the annals of Sandy Hook deception, multiple movie-length videos […]

“They simply wish to create chaos by androgynizing everything.”

At this Styxhexenhammer video, commenter Maldrannon leaves this reply to the “non-binary” push: They simply wish to create chaos by androgynizing everything. Women find the most success when they embrace their femininity and feminine charm and men do THEIR best when they embrace their masculinity and the Masculine virtues. We are fighting against forces that […]

A Hint of False Flag

The Jordan Peterson-Camille Paglia Lovefest Has Landed!

The dissident Big Thinkers finally get to enjoy their confab, and we get to sit in too:

Benghazi, Nevada: The Fast and Furious Las Vegas Shooting Conspiracy Theory

In summary:  Paddock was an undercover FBI agent handing out weapons to ISIS affiliates inside the United States, in an entrapment scheme with creepy/stupid echoes of “Fast and Furious”.  The ISIS terrorists got wind of his real identity, killed him, and gave us a downpayment of mayhem with their fresh cache of weapons by gunning […]

Styxenhammer Delivers An Hilarious Rant Against Communism

Pithy, yet regenerate! Lots of lolzolz, lots of quotable quotes.  They need to show this one in Civics class for the kids’ sakes.

Styxenhammer: President Trump Will Crush All GOP Naysayers, Cruise to Second Term Triumph

Barry Obama’s ridiculous tweet

Fact: black babies are born into this world smelling like ass to the noses of every other race. Bonus fact: Islam blows.  If you’re not born hating it, you’ll figure it out eventually. What the hell does “background” even mean?  Giving blowjobs in Indonesia when you can’t remember your father’s face? Fuck off Obama.  And […]