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PAC on “Globalism” (with thoughts on its reversal)

At Vox Popoli, commenter PAC writes: Globalism is Zionism: viz., Jewish nationalism and its claim to worldwide dominion. Its current imperial enforcer is America, and it will continue to be until America is sucked dry–at which point Pax Judaica (which is anything but peace) will replace Pax Americana. This needs to be hammered again and […]

VAB Mk3 with 90mm cannon

It’s the SIBMAS for the new millennium! Now let’s build a bunch for the French Army and drive all the darkies, muzzies, and darkie muzzies out of France and all Europe!

Napoleon St_Bernard_David 5th version

Paging the French Resistance (and commenter Eric)!

Just keep watching. Wait for it. Waaaaaiiit for it . . . . Yeeeesss . . . .

Combating Anti-Semitism

  Talking reason to Jews (if that’s not a “hate crime” lolzlz)

Trump Fairfield rally

Trump in Fairfield

White America– peaceful, patriotic, eager to leave off searching for dragons abroad and ready to assert its rights over its own homeland– is on the move. And the cat ladies, puritanical preeners, cucks, and shitskins should hush and shuffle out of the way of a great people making great progress.  To reject this opportunity to […]

Pushing the envelope

A good perspective on the hilarious Cassidy Stay event:

John McCain: “War Hero” No More

As promised by Ron Unz, one of John McCain’s collaborator propaganda radio broadcasts from North Vietnam has been released:   Humanly speaking, we could forgive this young man for breaking under what was presumably torture in order to deliver this formulaic address.  But, rather than admit a moment of weakness and honestly show contrition, John […]

Bodybags Under Her Eyes: Gen. Kong on Hillary’s Crimes and the Cowards Who Enable Them

Interesting question to be sure. The greater problem as I see it are the numerous cucks who fill the ranks of the badge-gang goondas and the military. They obey orders without question, irrespective of the completely lawless nature of such orders, the fact that the constitution and the rule of law are completely overturned, and […]

Cokehead Mulatto Still Unfit for a White Man’s House

Time to move to the fields, gaywad.

“If Cory Booker is the future of the Democratic Party, they have no future!”

 I know more about Cory than he knows about himself. –tweets Pres. Trump, who continues: Be careful, Cory, or I’ll spill the beans on your wife! lolz I’m sure what Trump means is: spill that she’s a beard!

bunny rabbit

Tim Kaine? Are you f**king kidding me?

I cannot fathom why Tim Kaine–the Gerald Ford to Mark Warner’s Ronald Reagan– has long been talked of as a possible Democratic Vice-Presidential nominee, much less why Hillary has now decided to pick him. His predecessor Mark Warner performed something of a political coup just by getting elected governor in Virginia.  Probably northern VA demographics […]

Germaine Greer With Two Anxiously Cute Young Feminists

Best of all, she scorns “trans” shit! Greer’s an old vice of mine.  She’s neither as attractive nor as conservative as the elderly Fay Weldon, but still, I rather enjoyed watching her in this.  I’m not so much keeping score of whether she’s “right” on these questions or not, as simply delighting in the way she […]

MSM: “Leslie Jones Fights Back Against Racism on Twitter”

Unbelievable.  I guess the MSM missed the part where Leslie Jones said we should start gassing homosexuals to death and kill some White people too? Hmm? lolzolz Oh, I didn’t “archive” it– but somebody did. And the “racism” which started all this was only a negative film review of her clearly godawful new movie.

Big Gay Steve on Jewish Brainwashing

The interwebz’ most righteous homosexual weighs in on the matter of media-fueled hypergamy among White women and makes this sad observation: Why are white women feral hypergamous cock-carousel riders? Because that was encouraged and subsidized. Jews have been trying to brainwash hard. I doubt kids in school today have ever seen a picture of a […]

Napoleon St_Bernard_David 5th version

Coup’s Next? Coups Coming for Dinner!

If the Turkish coup is anti-Islamist, then of course it enjoys my hearty support.  Better still if they are both religiously moderate and anti-European Union.  A Turkey ready to partner with Putin and Assad, and ready to halt the movement of so-called “refugees”, would be a great blessing. But it would be far happier news […]


Expel All Muslims, Arabs, and Africans From Europe

The barbarous jealousy of the intractably stupid, ethnocentric, and fanatical Muslims will never be placated– and it is indecent even to try. They have no right to White lands or White lives. They have their own vast regions to call home.  They have their own gazillionaire leaders from whom, if so inclined, they can demand […]


Black People Can’t Shoot, So What Really Happened in Dallas?

It’s true: black people can’t shoot. Gangbangers can’t even aim, which is largely why their impulsive, uncoordinated selves shoot so many black bystanders and children during their rampages. And Black Bullshit Matters, the Soros-funded protest movement, is a bunch of fat adult-baby sociology majors and even less academically-inclined scum.  Not the kind of stonecold smooth operators […]


This Is Our Escape! Out of the EUSSR!

Hail Brittania! To hell with Brussels, to hell with Antichrist “elites”.  To hell with White Replacement. Britain chooses independence.  Britain chooses to keep the n*gg*as of Calais, the Turkish hordes, the Arab and Somali and Afghan rapefugees out.  Run that crap off the road of our history! Deislamify.  Kick out all “refugees”, all “migrants”, all […]

The-Spy-Who-Loved-Me ski jump

Needless to say, we emphatically endorse taking a dive out of the European Union


F is for faghag

There’s a gay heart on youtube, so this must be another damn gay pride day

And, since gays can’t breathe without constant affirmation, I pass along these heartfelt condolences from President Nixon: Thoughts and prayers to those fags’ families. LOLZLZLOLZZL  not that those “families” need it, apparently.


Check Your Gut

In case you “paranoid nut jobs” ever need a good dose of Ole’ Time Religion on what kind of Satano-Orwellian evil we are dealing with here in the “Current Year” (Of The Lord): We have a psychological warfare program going on, and the horrible truth will not be denied:   CIA gaywad Anderson Cooper, as […]


Satan is Here

Don’t look now, but check your pulse . . .

Eyes Wide Shut

Vox Day commenter Aliyah to Khazaria writes: No, (((they))) are the inheritors of the knowledge of priest craft, sheeple farming, and “money magic” aka usury. Combined with the tribal code of Omerta and diaspora sayanim, they form a conspiracy in every society (((they))) infiltrate and they hide it in plain site – #chutzpahFTW. Their host […]

The Dalai Lama Defends Europe

As noted at Vox Day.

Jimmy Carter: White God?

Sam Eskimoson narrates President Carter’s visit to Liberia, a nation he oddly seems to think should “hate” us because slavery “joins” us.  But this is the home of freed slaves!  Why should they not be grateful to us? There’s something hilariously jaunty in the footage of the unassuming Carter greeted by black throngs (made all […]

Nixon Sadat pyramids

Richard Nixon: Keep the Major Powers out of the Middle East

In the wake of the Yom Kippur crisis, which threatened nuclear war, the supposedly “””drunk””” and “””drugged-out””” (hey, if you can’t believe Al Haig, who can you trust!) President Nixon addresses the media on the peacekeeping efforts and the hopes of a permanent peace in the Middle East (with no engagement of United States forces […]


Ronald Reagan: For a Human Life Amendment

The “””senile””” Ronald Reagan of 1987 delivers remarks on ending federal aid for abortion counseling and addresses the suffering of aborted fetuses: –which, as he reminds his audience, he had tackled before, to the outraged remonstances of the liberal press, only to receive medical confirmation from numerous physicians.  That was 1987, and how comparatively primitive […]

G-228  Max (Russell Crowe) enjoys the company of his supposed long-lost cousin Christie Roberts (Abbie Cornish) in A GOOD YEAR.

“I Don’t Care”

Is that offensive?  “I don’t care,” Trump says.  Neither should you. He doesn’t have to take to the internet to say it– though his phenomenal twitter feed has itself changed the shape of political discourse in 2016 “Sad!”? lolzolz  No, it’s yuge!).  Trump says it right there, off the cuff, to their face– the face […]

thank you Lord for Donald Trump

Trump All the Way

We have the man, the plan, and the delegates too. Now let’s Cantor Ryan.  Purge the party.  All the illegals have to leave– and they’re not dropping the anchors on us. Outlaw Muslim immigration.  Make America free to insult Allah again.  The real God puts up with this abuse– but for how much longer? And […]


Who the f**k is Cheryl Strayed?

Yeah, I don’t check out the adult coloring books aisle at B&N, but if “Cheryl Strayed” is the second most famous author besides Stephen King to sign this “Writers Against Trump” nonsense, what does that say? Of course, I’m sure loads of glitterati are signatories to this fabulous manifesto.  Needless to say, who cares?  Virgil, […]

Actually, it was Eric who said that!

I got up quite early this morning, under the mistaken impression I might virtuously go off grocery shopping during the halcyon 8:30 to 10:30am time when the place is bright and calm and quiet and nobody’s clogging the aisles except little old ladies who might need help but that’s fine.  But of course, I didn’t […]


Bolsheviks, using every criteria to delineate Bolsheviks, are half of the SCOTUS. Gender angered, low level legal thinking. –Tweets Dr. Napoleon.  And Barry Obama had the chutzpah to nominate another Jew, whom he hilariously refers to as a “white man”. President Trump must devise some sort of Court-packing measure and scare the judiciary into behaving.  […]

“It’s Rubio!” lolzlzlolz

And to think I had never watched this before:   Unbelievable!

Ann Coulter: “NO REPENTANCE for f-ing J*** tweet!”

DAMN RIGHT, Ann! Ann Coulter’s effing Jews tweet will be remembered as the most non-Trump culturally liberating moment of the Reactionary awakening.  It was a moment that inspired awe and cheers, and it moved the Overton Window like a quake.  

Trump in Lynden

HARTFORD, CT - APRIL 15: Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump greets supporters after speaking at a rally at the Connecticut Convention Center on April 15, 2016 in Hartford, Connecticut. The 2016 Connecticut Republican Primary is scheduled for April 26, 2016. (Photo by Matthew Cavanaugh/Getty Images)

Trump Is The Nominee!

Hosannah to the highest!  And on earth peace, through Presidents Trump, Putin, and Assad! Now is the time to consolidate the Midwest naïfs, the disaffected Sanders voters, all White people everywhere, as well as Persons of Color who wish to remain on agreeable terms with the rightful White majority in America, to unite behind the […]

David Napoleon Crossing the Alps second Versailles version

France Will Rise

“Follow me to Grenoble”– and rid Europe of the Muslims, Arabs, Africans, and Arab and African Muslims. It takes only one hero . . . to cast the die.

Hey kid, screw you!

No seriously, you lil’ piece of shit. Fuck off.


Dr. Chuck Tingle, American Genius

Aspiring buckaroos everywhere, trying to halt the Devilman agenda and get HARD, it’s time to kiss the sky! Why is Taylor Swift your only Twitter follow? Taylor Swift is an up-and-coming artist that is gaining a lot of big time fans in the underground. My son is a very big fan and I like to […]

PA on the Alt-Right Consensus

Why Define a Consensus on what’s been Settled? To move forward with our proper focus, the destiny of Western civilization. To distinguish between the legitimate revisiting of old assumptions and the distracting rehashing of old arguments. When were those Questions Settled? Between 2008 and 2013. The great debates on male-female dynamics, race, and the future […]