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David Napoleon Crossing the Alps second Versailles version

France Will Rise

“Follow me to Grenoble”– and rid Europe of the Muslims, Arabs, Africans, and Arab and African Muslims. It takes only one hero . . . to cast the die.

Hey kid, screw you!

No seriously, you lil’ piece of shit. Fuck off.


Dr. Chuck Tingle, American Genius

Aspiring buckaroos everywhere, trying to halt the Devilman agenda and get HARD, it’s time to kiss the sky! Why is Taylor Swift your only Twitter follow? Taylor Swift is an up-and-coming artist that is gaining a lot of big time fans in the underground. My son is a very big fan and I like to […]

PA on the Alt-Right Consensus

Why Define a Consensus on what’s been Settled? To move forward with our proper focus, the destiny of Western civilization. To distinguish between the legitimate revisiting of old assumptions and the distracting rehashing of old arguments. When were those Questions Settled? Between 2008 and 2013. The great debates on male-female dynamics, race, and the future […]

Noel Gallagher reacts angrily to Bono

And now, a brief word from Oasis

Always fookin’ loved Oasis!  And Noel Gallagher, perhaps the best Western rock song composer since Axl Rose and that dude from Boston, has some words for his lesser near-contemporary, Bono: Noel Gallagher Reacts Angrily To Bono’s Spreading Love To Terrorists: ‘I’d Prefer To Kill Them All’ –retweeted by Donald Trump!  Holy crap, let’s rawk!   […]

mickey Kaus for Senate

Move to Idaho, Mickey!

I was just thinking about Kaus’s failed California Senate primary campaign this afternoon, and here I read this tweet from his pal Ann Coulter: She must have been thinking about it too.

The CIA uses live explosives in school “terror attack” “drills”

–hey wait, the f**king CIA holds terror drills in public schools?!?!? Sandy Hook is a fake.  Pass it along.

“Just because someone wants to move from one country to another . . . .”

From Novus Ordo Watch, via The Thinking Housewife: By the way, there is nothing good or holy or worthy of compassion in being a migrant per se. The word “migrant” simply denotes someone who moves from one place to another. In and of itself, this is neither good nor bad; it is morally indifferent. Just because someone […]

Trump another salute

Muslims Must Go Home: Christendom Belongs To Whites

The extremist faith known as Islam has no place among White people.  We don’t believe in it, we don’t like it: in fact, it revolts us and we will never believe in it.  Sooner or later– be warned– we will not tolerate it: and the consequences for those of you who have imprudently imposed yourselves […]

BigGaySteve is one clever homosexual

Vox Popoli’s witty and gay commentariate Milo, Big Gay Steve (aka Big Gay Koran Burner or BGS or BGKB for short) makes some clever catches in this round-up of comments on recent immivasion developments in Europe (BGS’s original comments in plain italics; his quotes from other commenters in boldface): I am glad I got to […]

Serbian Authorities intercept Hellfire anti-tank missiles shipped to Porltand, Oregan

–A bizarre-sounding item, but apparently somebody in Portland has some sort of project in mind with anti-tank missiles? Did they intend to blow up somebody’s limousine? As commenters at the article suggest, Comrade Obama seems to be doing some of his Fast & Furious/Benghazi/Sandy Hoax gimmicks to help arm up his coreligionists here in our […]


7 Newspapers in New Jersey can eat s**t and fold

The petulance of the Fourth Estate knows no bounds.  Gov. Chris Christie, who has lately done some yeoman’s work to redeem himself from his shameful embrace of Chocosiah Barry Soetero during the 2012 campaign by helping implode Marco Robobot and endorsing Donald Trump, is now handed a “demand” for his resignation by some ludicrous consortium […]

Our Jewish Problem, in a nutshell

Heartiste writes on twitter: (((They))) are emotionally invested in seeing to it that US becomes less Gentile White.  Simple as that.  Raw anti-goyim hatred.  Fuck them. –Europe and America and the Commonwealth are not Jewish homelands.  They are not tools given by God to Jews to fuck around with and exploit.  There will be no […]


Vox Day: “If they are going to arrest people for talking . . .”

If they are going to arrest people for talking, people are going to conclude they may as well be arrested for acting. –On the report of a man in Scotland arrested for complaining on facebook about the immivasion. If we’re going to be arrested– that’s right, it might as well be for doing something.  It […]

terminator 2 robert patrick

The Terminator: the Mickey Kaus case why Rubio must be destroyed

Iconoclast liberal and Ann Coulter-buddy Mickey Kaus goes to watch Marco Rubio in action firsthand and presents a long-form case why his nomination would deal a coup de grace to the nascent populist-nationalist Reaction and traditional America (at least as long as we’re still constrained to resist by means of the “ballot”): Marco and the […]


Churchian cucks & Cuban f**ks

What is your damn problem, Iowa? Or did Microsoft rig the caucus? Donald Trump lives to fight another day– and New Hampshire and South Carolina, we can all agree, are more favorable turf.  By no means can this outcome in insular Iowa determine the race. Still, it is disheartening to say the least that the […]


Thirteen year old girls aren’t being protected.

Vox Day commenter Philip George generally tends to get ignored, in part because he seems to be some sort of Christian Monarchist forever beating his drum about the centuries-long march of devolution rather than specifically addressing whatever question is at hand, but I thought this particular comment was a rhetorical gem: There’s only one story […]


If supremacism is defined as desiring a nation of like-minded racial kin then every nation on earth BUT White nations are supremacist.

–says the heartiste twitter feed.


Choose Life: Choose Reaction!

On twatter, faggy nepotist pseudo-conservative Jew Jonah Goldberg refers to the Alternative Right as “scummy Nordic horseshit and antisemitism.”  To which I answer, first of all, screw the second-rate Jewish culture and all the pushy, nosy Middle Eastern Semites (Arabs as well as Jews); and second, I pass along this addition from the subsequent meme […]

“Make the Rebels surrender to Doctor Assad and ship them home”

–advises Skylark Thibedeau in the comments at Vox Popoli. Or, we might add, if the Syrian “refugees” don’t wish to surrender to Pres. Dr. Assad, let’s surrender them to Pres. Dr. Assad!  May God make this the year he triumphs against the rebels in Syria and restores an intact Syrian homeland to its legitimate rule, […]

What do you know about–Witches?



“Honestly, My Knees Are A Little Weak Right Now”



Keep On Rockin’ in Christendom!

Don’t stop believin’!  Elect Donald Trump.  Godspeed Pres. Putin.  A Pink comeback, and Lovelyz– two apiece.  T-ara in China.  Laboum gets big.  April gets big too, and Somin joins KARA or gets a swell solo gig.  Rainbow at least goes out with another great mini-album.  Dal Shabet comeback in five days!  And we thank God […]

Swiss flag

Eat Pig and Die

Ivica Petrusic, the vice president of Second@s Plus, a lobbying group that represents mostly Muslim second-generation foreigners in Switzerland (who colloquially are known as secondos) says the group will launch a nationwide campaign in October to ask Swiss citizens to consider adopting a flag that is less offensive to Muslim immigrants. In a September 18 […]

wedgwood gaukartifact

“Whites must never, ever give up”

Lawrence Auster called his view “racial conservatism”–though not so often that I had recalled this coinage–but looking for something affirmatively “racist” in defense of White civilization but not necessarily “nationalistic” in the old imperial sense, “racial conservatism” sounds like a good label to me: When I speak of a movement of white people to preserve, […]

T-ara Sugar Free ohkpop

T-ara Out: Thoughts on Conspiracies Small, Great, Fictitious, Factual, and Developing

I looked up the trailer for Brian De Palma’s Blow Out, which I really need to see again (this is one of those masterpieces I spent forever waiting to see and then I saw it once and then I’ve never seen it since), and it turns out Criterion has released the film and they have […]

Donald_Trump_declares_massive_victory-finance yahoo

Donald Trump on “White Trash”: “It’s a terrible expression”

I was browsing the comments at heartiste yesterday and I suddenly thought of this old scene from Donald Trump’s The Apprentice.  Back when I was living in sin, the Ex and I watched a couple of seasons of the show together in bed.  I couldn’t tell you what the projects were or who was on […]

WordPress promoting shit from John Sc*lz*

Fucking idiot.  ISIS wants you to be an ecumenical pussy.  ISIS wins again! And here’s how to imagine a better world: Europe with no non-White people in it.  Supermajority White America and Commonwealth.  Islam publicly shamed and ridiculed freely by all non-Muslims.  All Middle Easterners and Africans forced to stay in their homelands.  All Jews […]

PA guillotine Eiffel Tower

Paris Peace Attacks: How the Leftist “Narrative” Tries to Protect Our Enemy, Islam

The newscrawl at the bottom of the bing homepage is lit up with idiotic news flashes from Paris:  “Peace for Paris” and “Muslims Condemn Attack”, etc., all doctored up with translucent French tricolors akin to the idiotic “Pride Flag” people on facebook covered their avatars with in the wake of the Judeo-queer Supreme Court usurpation […]

Life in a Racially Homogeneous, High IQ Society

Life’s a breeze in a racially homogeneous, high IQ society: fun, lightness, laughter, security. If only White people in their White homelands could enjoy the same. Gramscian evildoers will not stop until they’ve destroyed all lightness and laughter, on whatever side of the globe.  So let’s stop the Gramscian evildoers instead. Free France from blacks, […]


A View To A Kill

With breaking chaos in Paris, multiple sites of attack, hostages, and an emergency closing of the borders– funny how that can happen so fast when all of a sudden Islamic enrichment takes the form of a bomb at a stadium the Socialist President sits in attendance?– it is time for all Muslims across all Europe […]


We Are White Patriots, We Are Christendom

We will preserve and prevail. We are stronger than you.  We are brighter than you.  In spirit and in form, we are more beautiful than you.  We are the bearers of a peculiar benediction– too often derelict, yes, and many have failed.  But we undertook a Covenant, and from the already spectacular beginnings of Greece […]


Save White Europe: Invaders Must Die, Traitors Must Hang

Kill, Kill, Kill.  Die, Die, Die.  When will it begin? When the Tet Offensive collapsed, they say we had to use bulldozers to clear the streets of Viet Cong dead.  May we live to see it with the Muslim invaders in Europe.  Clerics swinging from lampposts.  Pigs herding merrily among the charred, flattened remains of mosques.  Dead […]

“Migrant crisis has EU nations grasping for solution”?

—Shoot them.

“Do not relent on abortion, life rules everything”

An interview with a French patriot (in which he quotes that advice from another).


Lawrence Auster’s Eulogy for Ronald Reagan: with reflections on Donald Trump

I chanced upon this in the archives at View From the Right, moving forward day by day from something a few days behind: Ronald Reagan, 1911-2004 We learned of the death of Ronald Reagan yesterday in an unusual and touching way: at the seventh inning stretch at Yankee Stadium. The announcer asked everyone to stand […]


That use which is against nature

[21] Because that, when they knew God, they have not glorified him as God, or given thanks; but became vain in their thoughts, and their foolish heart was darkened. [22] For professing themselves to be wise, they became fools. [23] And they changed the glory of the incorruptible God into the likeness of the image […]

Arab woman kisses Putin portrait

“Russia does not play games. They are problem solvers, and they do it quietly and efficiently, not like the Americans who prefer to do everything in front of the cameras”

–says an Iraqi medical student, in this AP piece documenting President Putin’s rockstar iconic status today in the Middle East, where large swaths of the populations are looking to him as a savior against ISIS and the USSA. The piece concludes by informing us that the sundry Syrian rebel factions have responded by creating a […]

This One’s For Eric

Courtesy of The Thinking Housewife, I think he’ll enjoy it lzlzolz: –Actually, I think Eric may have posted some of their other work before.

Mel Gibson Hamlet

White Shoah

Germany’s insane determination to fold within her embrace 800,000 “refugees” this year has morphed into the embrace of 1.5 million alien scum.  Vox Day reports: There is nothing any of us can do about any of this except watch, wait, and understand that when the native populations begin taking measures that go well beyond the […]