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The Titans Meet

Wonder Twins: activate! The two great free men leading an unfree world out of darkness and deceit into the light of concord and sweet reason have finally sat down for an awesome summit.  Soros wept!  And may the noble Heartistzs have lots of fun analyzing their alpha body language! Advertisements

“We have a great country: I wanna keep it that way, and you WANT me to keep it that way”

Damn right, Mr. President!

Racist Post of the Day: Valerie Jarrett is a damned dirty ape

And somebody should have stood up long ago and told her to get her monkey paws off the United States government. But then, that would’ve required somebody saying the same thing to the cokehead mulatto criminal.

Free Tommy Robinson: and overthrow the EUSSR

Ban Islam in Europe.  Shoot the immivaders.  Forcibly deport all non-Whites from all White homelands.  Hang the traitors who let the rapes happen.  Burn the paki, arab, and African rapists.

“All we have left now is open revolution”: Britain’s Pro-paki Tyranny

  “Britain is now a totalitarian state.”

Hey Chelsea Clinton! Your mom’s a f**king murderess

Cruel and degrading to America.  Even moreso than your wearing wetlook leggings when you were eight months pregnant.  Maybe we can lock the both of you up. Free Tommy Robinson.  Death to Pakis.

A Classical uneducation: Vox Day’s infuriating lapses and self-congratulations

Suppose I’m reading Alexander Pope’s Essay on Criticism.  And I recognize in a passage its debt to Aristotle’s Poetics.  And I put to play in my mind this Popean appropriation of an Aristotelian notion to my reading of Racine’s Andromaque, even though neither Pope nor Aristotle reference the play and the play references neither. That’s […]

Fan Boys and Kindle Book Vaders: the Alt-Right in the Hour of the Peterson Debate

The other night morning, having already bestrewn the pages of Arion The PA World and Times Blog with my rantings against Alt-Right opinionmaker and sometime media mogul Vox Day, I undertook the challenge to set out a slightly more organized set of pushbacks against what I take to be a ludicrously manufactured “crisis” for the […]

Who gives a damn what Vox Day thinks? Camille Paglia likes Jordan Peterson just fine

The lumpenfacefuhrer is on a jihad against what he bizarrely calls “the crazy Christ”.  Yet he purports to admire Paglia, who surely is more of a metaphysical relativist than Peterson, but Paglia practically flutters for JP in this 103 min. lovefest:

Lionel Nation on androphobes

Intelligent Dasein: The Battle against Liberalism

A young man named nebulafox wrote a long, fine comment at isteve which I was about to paste in here (go follow the thread), but then Intelligent Dasein left an even more remarkable reply: “The coalition of the fringes will never fall apart. That’s because it isn’t really a coalition to begin with, at least […]

The Nobel Peace Prize Goes, Of Course, to Red Velvet Irene

While Pres. Trump is due great credit for the rapprochement on the Korean peninsula, when America’s overpriced troops finally are removed to defend our own border we will owe the lion’s share of credit to none other than Red Velvet’s charismatic Leader, Irene:   Without Kim Jong Un’s infatuation with lovely Irene, what peace overtures […]

Styxhexenhammer: “Trump has conned the entire Democrat Party”

–in the best possible sense!  While I sometimes wince over Styx’s amateurish analysis of foreign affairs (like his risible faith that India will surpass China), on domestic politics he’s both hilarious and penetrating, and in this rant on Trump’s trolling genius he’s at his best.  Plus, he lets slip a spicily un-PC opinion on Carlotta […]

“Discreditable Incidents”

Did President Trump’s “Gas Killing Animal” mean something else than what it seemingly (non)meant?  

We Have to yank the cruise missile teat from the NeoCohen throat–and shove those missiles up their ass

It could be worse–but it could be a whole lot better. Either the President knows Assad is innocent or he doesn’t.  If he doesn’t, God help us.  But if he does–he’s got to find a better response to these false flags than lobbing cruise missiles and calling it a day.  And, contra Vox Day, who […]

Is Kim Jong Un in love with Red Velvet Irene?

So maybe President Trump wasn’t the main player behind getting North Korea to the peace table?   “Will we be reunified thanks to Irene?”  I guess Irene could do worse than becoming Empress or even Secondary Consort of Korea.  But seriously, with all the mysterious and enigmatic theories about Irene, it’s quite impressive that she […]

Lionel Nation: Pres. Trump’s tweets, QAnon, and Vice Principal Haley

Lionel Nation’s agonized yet hilarious attempt to sort out the meaning of the President’s rhetorical escalation on Syria:

If Russia shoots down incoming US missiles, I’m fine with that

It would certainly present a refreshing change to the American “hegemony” which has so destabilized and “globalized” the world especially since the end of the (last) Cold War. President Trump’s blustery-sounding tweets suggest to me that he’s playing a double game.  Let’s hope so.  Pres. Assad did nothing wrong.  It is time at last for […]

Tucker Carlson on the Warmongers Who Would Destroy Syria

Tucker Carlson’s celebrated “foreign policy by viral video” takedown of the Uniparty genocidal push to invade Syria:

Plumpjack on the Culture War

Noted commenter Plumpjack writes at the Chateau: this is the bottom line. the left’s narrative is collapsing all around us, leaving a giant cultural void to be filled by just about anyone who offers an even SLIGHTLY more nuanced, interesting, and accurate interpretation of people and society. it will never be easier in our lifetimes […]

White House Weekly Address: “We will win, and we will win soon. It’s happening!”

President Trump fires up against unconstitutional California and the Democrats’ Open Borders insanity.  The war against immigration has finally arrived.  Arm the border!  Build The Wall!

Trump Secures the Border

And Styxhexenhammer’s having a good day thanks to that:  

Pertinent Today as Ever

Candidate Donald Trump gives a fiery interview to Bill O’Reilly on illegals, crime, The Wall, two years ago.  Today, he’s President of the United States and he’s still fighting on these issues.  Thank God for Donald Trump, President of the United States!

Styxhexenhammer: “The media sticks its dick in people’s heads”

I’m confident that Pres. Trump’s diplomatic expulsions convey no real animosity towards Russia or its leadership, and that Pres. Putin understands.  After all, the cruise missiles in Syria fell mostly on empty sand.  Still, as Styx points out, it was great fun when Trump could publicly upbraid McCainiac and Princess Grahamnesty for their WWIII-mongering. Then […]

Trump is a Genius

Lionel Nation isn’t off the Trump Train:

F**k the March for Our Lies

Satanic traitor Boss David Hogg and his SJW teenybopper army will burn in Hell.

The Elite Hunger for WWIII: comments by Horzabky

A Derbyshire commenter writes: The Trump tragedy is a very bad omen indeed. It means that there won’t be any significant change in policy unless the system actually collapses. Which in my humble opinion it will do, worldwide, somewhere between 2020 and 2030. Our national leaders are decadent, but they are not stupid. They know […]

Ann Coulter on the Omnibus Bill

I’m not in despair right now– but this is a maddening and depressing day.  This is not the first time the President has punted/caved on corrupt and gargantuan spending bills, and while there is a bit of a chess move defense that it’s better for the midterms to have this fight in six months than […]

For a bloviating, washed-up former intel chief, John Brennan seems strangely indifferent to the many dicks Obama’s received, or the one Samantha Power keeps handy at all times

Samantha Power, who was U.S. ambassador to the United Nations under former President Barack Obama, warned President Trump on Saturday that it was “not a good idea to piss off John Brennan” after the former CIA director told him in a tweet that America would “triumph over you.” The American people would like to tell […]

Nicholas Freaking Sarkozy is under freaking arrest, and damn this feels freaking good

K!ke former Europeror Nicholas Sarkozy is under arrest for taking million of euros in bribes from Quaddafi–whom Sarkozy later started a freaking war against, apparently all as a goddamn hit to keep his bribe-taking from coming to light. A nation destroyed, open air slave markets returned, an American Ambassador tortured and killed, shenanigans with ISIS, […]

Explaining how mass casualty crisis theatre works: the Parkland Shooting Hoax and Beyond

Sofia Smallstorm and friends have an almost-two hour discussion that kept me absorbed every second.  A fantastic in-depth examination of the likely mechanics of fake shooting events, funding, logistics, recruitment, media play, legal cover, the carrots and sticks used to control troubled particpants after the fact, hierarchies of planning and knowledge, and the strategies they […]

Jordan Peterson: “That’s what the bloody Marxists always say”

JP on feminism’s Marxist ambition to destroy civilization:

Red Guards: “La Chinoise” at 50, the Trump House under occupation, and Boss J. David Hogg

Though perpetually “not ready for primetime”, some longwinded remarks from the other night at the esteemed PA World and Times have been elevated into an OP for further comment.  Our gratitude as ever to the esteemed proprietor. Those remarks were made in perhaps a somewhat pessimistic humor for yours truly, but tonight I have reminded […]

Beyond Fake: Florida “School Shooting” Crisis Actors

Two and a half years into my Sandy Hook trutherism, there’s not a lot that surprises me.  Just look into “the matrix” and you see the glitches all the time. But this: Now we have to ask some hard questions.  It’s getting hard to keep “normies” from figuring out– even on their own!– what is […]

Florida School Shooting: Another False Flag

We know now just how corrupt, how evil, the FBI is.  Every day our “intelligence agencies” lie overtime trying to depose the President of the United States, just because he won’t authorize an invasion of Syria or North Korea, or give them the immivasion they desire to destroy Heritage America. And so it should be […]

Our friend whorefinder on the State of the Union Address

Noble Alt-Right legend whorefinder has this to say over in the comments at isteve: Dear gosh, did Trump just get Vox to compare the DREAMers to Black Lives Matter? Seriously, this man is inside their heads and their OODA loops. He got Vox to compare illegal immigrants to a violent terrorist organization. And here’s the […]

The last season of “The Apprentice” in review

Before the new season premiere tonight!

Congratulations, Roger Federer!

Like James Bond, Victor Newman, and God, the man just cannot be stopped!   It is always an inspiration to see that this man has–yet and yet and yet again– pushed the boundaries of what even his most ardent fans have considered humanly possible. It has been ten years since John McEnroe declared Federer’s triumphs […]

Oh, it’s so-called “Holocaust” Memorial Day . . .

A Centerthot on dating an SJW

She left a lot of good opportunities for zingers on the table–and she’s hardly anything like a real conservative.  Still, this cutesy goof’s reading of an SJW’s dating profile has a few amusing moments.