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“We have a great country: I wanna keep it that way, and you WANT me to keep it that way”

Damn right, Mr. President! Advertisements

SinB gets her groove on

In some Awakening-era behind-the-scenes footage used for this FMV for “Ave Maria”.

Happy Birthday ZN!

Laboum (and Uni.T)’s chic goddess turns twenty-four! This piece of fanmade art showcases ZN in a moment of such New Waved chic that she seems at first almost unrecognizable.  But ZN’s chic can be more of the rarefied elegant variety. But perhaps most often tres sportif. But whatever her moods–or bands– we wish Goddess ZN a happy birthday […]

April’s “Take My Hand” Inkigayo 20171008

Mega camera-tilts, cute sailor outfits, and some keen Jinsol passion.  While Music Bank’s suite of “Take My Hand” stages are the most famous ones here, this Inkigayo stage brings its own autumnal-fresh energy!  

A Pink’s Summer of Love

There’s more than one contender of course, but this stage from Fukuoka reminds us why 2015 is a strong entry.   Plus the Japanese fangirls look so cute!

“Only the name of a puppy was ‘Happy'”

WJSN and their choreo, pre “Dreams Come True”:

Hayoung’s hair flipping spin at 2:42

In this famous “Only One” stage had I ever noticed, till now, how sublimely lustrous is the moment Hayoung flits across the stage in an elysian halo of light circa 2:42? It’s truly angelic! Her hair fans out, and it’s as if just as she spins on her tippy-toes her hair eclipses the stage lights […]


All day and every day, always!

Racist Post of the Day: Valerie Jarrett is a damned dirty ape

And somebody should have stood up long ago and told her to get her monkey paws off the United States government. But then, that would’ve required somebody saying the same thing to the cokehead mulatto criminal.

Now that GFriend is a juggernaut again, what does it make me feel like doing? Like watching splendorous stages of “Love Whisper”!

Such as this one from Music Bank:  

Free Tommy Robinson: and overthrow the EUSSR

Ban Islam in Europe.  Shoot the immivaders.  Forcibly deport all non-Whites from all White homelands.  Hang the traitors who let the rapes happen.  Burn the paki, arab, and African rapists.

“Ah mah sway Romeo!” GFriend’s “Love Bug” on Show Champion

While I pray A Pink will renew their Indian Summer this summer, if not then let us bask in the fact that GFriend will be there to carry the torch of Innocence and spread the magic of love:   And on this stage, none carries off her outfit better than “World’s Most Cutest” Yerin!

“All we have left now is open revolution”: Britain’s Pro-paki Tyranny

  “Britain is now a totalitarian state.”

Hey Chelsea Clinton! Your mom’s a f**king murderess

Cruel and degrading to America.  Even moreso than your wearing wetlook leggings when you were eight months pregnant.  Maybe we can lock the both of you up. Free Tommy Robinson.  Death to Pakis.

Sujeong Could Hardly be Lovelyzier!

–And Kei too, for that matter, but let’s be honest that this song and performance is very Sujeongcentric.  That’s not a complaint of course . . . . But the song is still pretty lame.  Sigh.

12JSN: 우주소녀 “모모모” on Inkigayo

It feels like a predebut, but already WJSN was bouncing along happily, full of the energy of great things in the making.   Plus I love the cut to that shot of Yeoreum at 0:52.  Cinematic!

Dayoung is all bunny ears

The now-nineteen pop princess was still eighteen when she delivered this pose, but she’s welcome to do it again!  

Not JooE’s Greatest “Great!”

Playing arbitrary stages of “Bboom Bboom”, it seems like all the ones I’ve heard lately were JooE taking it easy on her GREAAAAT!s.  But oh well.  Here in these pale blue outfits and Nancy as almost always in her trim hat and JooE sporting her blonde tresses, the song still entertains:

“Time for the Moon Night” sails on with the trophy haul

With repeat wins on Show Champion, Music Bank, and Show! Music Core, 2018 GFriend’s return to undisputed preeminence is guaranteed. Whether or not an Inkigayo Triple Crown awaits, it is indisputable now that all early talk of GFriend’s obsolescence is now burned to the ground.  The group never really left–but now, it is as if their […]

This made me dream of A Pink in Space

This and, probably, the fact they did that whole “Pink Space” concert– but I swear I had forgot about that, and anyway I haven’t seen any clips from it yet.  But earlier this week I had been rewatching this one night and then I dreamed of A Pink singing “My My” while somehow floating above […]

Scream for WJSN

–and appreciate the lingering intimate closeups during the song’s epic breakdown!

A Classical uneducation: Vox Day’s infuriating lapses and self-congratulations

Suppose I’m reading Alexander Pope’s Essay on Criticism.  And I recognize in a passage its debt to Aristotle’s Poetics.  And I put to play in my mind this Popean appropriation of an Aristotelian notion to my reading of Racine’s Andromaque, even though neither Pope nor Aristotle reference the play and the play references neither. That’s […]

GFriend Make “Music Show All-kill” with “Time for the moon night”

Dramatically driving a stake through the torturous rumors of their impending commercial demise, GFriend win Inkigayo to complete a weeklong six-trophy clean sweep of all Korea’s competitive music broadcasts.  Congratulations, GFriend and Buddies!

GFriend Win M! Countdown with “Time For the Moon Night”

Congratulations, GFriend! With prizes from The Show and Show Champion too, it appears that GFriend at least is not losing any further traction on their present commercial perch.  I wish them further success with this comeback, although I must admit that, while the new minialbum altogether is very good, I remain puzzled by this choice […]

Dayoung Holds Yeoreum Hostage

Will momma Yeonjung accede to her crazed demands? But wait: just because she’s Main Vocal, how does that make Yeonjung a mommy?  She’s a maknae!  Why, Yeoreum is older than she is!

Peak Namjoo

There could be many peak Namjoo moments–and may there be peak Namjoo moments to come!– but here in the glorious “Five” era on stage for Simply K-pop she gives us a strong contender, with epic hair and a resplendent high note:   Why, even the screencap is a Pink BnN moment!

Fan Boys and Kindle Book Vaders: the Alt-Right in the Hour of the Peterson Debate

The other night morning, having already bestrewn the pages of Arion The PA World and Times Blog with my rantings against Alt-Right opinionmaker and sometime media mogul Vox Day, I undertook the challenge to set out a slightly more organized set of pushbacks against what I take to be a ludicrously manufactured “crisis” for the […]

Hip to Hip: Hayoung’s distractability, Eunji’s motherly smile, and other pleasures of A Pink on stage with “My My” in 2014

This performance is already up here in the archives–Eric was in the comments–but since it popped up on screen after my latest viewing of “Miracle” I watched it afresh.  Not for the last time is Hayoung distracted by events off camera!  Saucy Bomi bops her with her hip, and at another juncture Eunji, as a […]

Seeing Butterflies: April’s “Take My Hand” on Music Bank 20171013

Music Bank gave nothing but spectacular stages to April’s tremendous “Take My Hand”, and I’ve just (with an intermission after viewing no. 4 for milk and a peanut butter sandwich) given this one the Camille Paglia six-viewings test.  What an epic treat!

Pink Box? or Pink Wall? “Five” on Music Bank, 20170714

2017’s summer was nothing if not a celebratory one in K-pop, arching along from Black Pink’s most tolerable single through Red Velvet’s commercial apex through six-member Laboum’s last outing and on into GFriend’s late summer “Love Whisper”.  And there was A Pink, enjoying the rebounding success of “Five”!  And though there would be no Music […]

Joy laughed

at Seulgi’s mic malfunction and the subsequent intervention of Music Bank staff to remedy the situation:

Who gives a damn what Vox Day thinks? Camille Paglia likes Jordan Peterson just fine

The lumpenfacefuhrer is on a jihad against what he bizarrely calls “the crazy Christ”.  Yet he purports to admire Paglia, who surely is more of a metaphysical relativist than Peterson, but Paglia practically flutters for JP in this 103 min. lovefest:

Lionel Nation on androphobes

The new GFriend album “Time For the Moon Night” is, thank God, very good

God, in His infinite sense of humor (or is that just the Adversary laughing at me–I can’t tell) has seen fit to strike me down simultaneously with swimmer’s ear in my left ear and the left side of my premier headphones going all but out.  In such a case, I can’t call myself “listening to […]

Intelligent Dasein: The Battle against Liberalism

A young man named nebulafox wrote a long, fine comment at isteve which I was about to paste in here (go follow the thread), but then Intelligent Dasein left an even more remarkable reply: “The coalition of the fringes will never fall apart. That’s because it isn’t really a coalition to begin with, at least […]

If you are feeling sad and lonely, let YooA, Jiho, and the gang take you to their “Secret Garden”

Music Bank’s run includes not just those first two classic stages– but this one too. And while a lot of stalwart acts are releasing underwhelming new music, let it be said that 2018 already has given us “Bboom Bboom”, “Holiday”, “Secret Garden”, “Dreams Come True”, and also A Pink’s exquisite anniversary anthem “Miracle”; and for […]

GFriend 2017 did nothing wrong

Nevertheless, GFriend 2018 is almost upon us, as this attractively photographed and so-early-spring-it’s-almost-autumnal video teaser shows. But . . . what is up with this music?  Is this really lead single material?  Doesn’t sound like it’s going to have my hands reaching for the sky like “Love Whisper” or “Navillera” or “Rough” . . . […]

In which I fail to recognize Jiyeon and Hyomin

Watching a non-Seungyeon-fall performance of Kara’s “Lupin” I was struck by a split-second cut at the end to that 2010 broadcast’s MCs, which apparently included Eunjung but also two girls mysteriously dressed in lavender PVC just like her although obviously not members of T-ara. Even when I dug up the closing remarks clip, it didn’t […]

The Nobel Peace Prize Goes, Of Course, to Red Velvet Irene

While Pres. Trump is due great credit for the rapprochement on the Korean peninsula, when America’s overpriced troops finally are removed to defend our own border we will owe the lion’s share of credit to none other than Red Velvet’s charismatic Leader, Irene:   Without Kim Jong Un’s infatuation with lovely Irene, what peace overtures […]

Though I have swimmer’s ear AND broken headphones, my WJSN fix marches on

–with this superb “Dreams Come True” performance on Show! Music Core, with the audience very much in audio evidence even on my diminished audio reception: Godspeed my full hearing, my audio equipment, and my glorious WJSN and all of K-pop!  We shall hear this in full surround sound again!