Now that Loona is an actual band, is it any surprise that the result is a huge let-down?

There’s a lot I could and should have been saying about the Loonaverse in the preceeding months, but now that Loona is an actual full-on band, I’m not really surprised that the resulting first MV is pretty much a nugu-level choreo video:

After all those artistically ambitious solo MVs and the subunits, this is such a boring throwaway, I wouldn’t be surprised if I’m told it’s not the “actual” “debut single”.  But I’m not going to go looking for excuses.  This is, musically and visually, less exciting than any individual Loona song or MV– and they certainly were not created equal in the first place.

The whole thing just looks like some kind of Produce 101 stage-call promo.  Watch all twelve compete!  Oh look, there’s Go Won!  And– shit, you know what?  Some of these girls I “love” and yet it’s still a challenge to keep up with them.  Why is this?  I was listening to Love & Evil Sunday night and I was so enchanted with it.  Even with all my trepidation–indeed, outright anger– at the Ill*m*n*t* crap 2/3s and 3/3s have dived into, that first album is so beautiful, I’m tempted to give it to my niece for Christmas.

And why is it I can’t keep “You and Me Together” and “I’ll Be There” separate in my head, no matter how many times I listen to them?  I can mentally hear whichever one I’ve listened to last–and the other is utterly unretrievable.

Needless to say, I am NOT going to waste a billion braincells trying to nail which letters in “Favorite” they want me to capitalize or shrinkwrap!

Yes, there’s some sameiness issues going on with Loona, in spite of all the creative high points.  And this “debut” really makes me want them to shelve the whole stupid idea and just give us three different bands.  This clangorous danceathon is a terrible disappointment after the silky slink of “One & Only” or “Eclipse” or the emotion of the Loona 1/3 singles.


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