A Pink Wins SBS The Show and MBC Show Champion!

In what already is a significant showing for a seven year-old band, A Pink’s “I’m So Sick” has claimed the trophies for The Show and Show Champion!  A Pink enters the history books yet again with another solid summer hit!


Equaling or surpassing the feats of splendid Youngji-era KARA, to put that in perspective.

Here they are on Show Champion, performing before a sea of Pink Pandas with their glowsticks!


Bonus: another “Alright” stage with some especially giddy behavior from the lasses of love:


And another trophy was achieved for the bulging bookcase of A Pink triumphs.


A Pink im so sick showchampion win

with the prospect of Show! Music Core and Inkigayo in play!  Congratulations A Pink!  Kudos to the hardworking Pink Pandas!  Love is all we need!  A Pink hwaiting!!!



  1. The Show Champion win, encore, plus chipmunk fangirl in crowd:

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