Since we can be sure the new A Pink single won’t be the best single of the year, indulge in some more Oh My Girl “Secret Garden”

It’s not much of a secret that WJSN’s “Dreams Come True” looks to be the best song of the year, but Oh My Girl’s “Secret Garden”, gorgeous in sound and on stage, is way up there too.  This isn’t the first stage mix I’ve watched for it, but it’s great to take another set of impressions from the very high number of classic stages this song scored during its promotions (even if a couple, like that third Music Bank stage, may not even be in here or hardly in here at all).  But the M! Countdowns, the first two Music Banks, the blue costumed Show! Music Core, and the red third week Inkigayo are all well in evidence here.  Plus, a heart-tugging cut to Jiho on her seat when her ankle was still recuperating!


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