Lovelyz’ “That Day” Review: It’s Garbage!

Long story short:  Woollim has banished OnePiece, and Lovelyz has turned to crap.

The other night I wrote out ten major reasons why Lovelyz has declined since 2016.  Last Christmas’ “Twinkle” was fun, but the rest of that album was garbage.  With OnePiece’s exile continuing hope was low, but the news that Sweetune would produce the new single gave me pause.  After all, they did great work on “Emotion” and “The”, two of the standout tracks of the monumental but uneven R U Ready?/Now, We era.

But this new song is really lame and lowbrow, like something you’d hear from a nugu rookie act circa 2014.  My goodness.  And the video!  I guess the uniform excellence of the digipedi era, which became its own subject for the “Wow” MV, is gone too.

This looks like Lovelyz getting placed on the bottom rack of the grocery aisle, perhaps with a “closeout” sticker beneath the album.  I know Lovelinus are going to say it’s great; heck, they might try and call this the best thing Lovelyz’ ever done.  This is generic garbage, a travesty for what was once the most consistently artistic girl group of their generation.  Plainly the company has given up and pulled the plug on financing their delicate artistry.  They should’ve gone for or Duble Sidekick (if they’re still producing), or even just let Sweetune give them something simple but amazingly infectious like A.De’s “Good Time”.  The more this post-Lovelyz tries to sound like True Lovelyz, the more miserable it is.

I kinda saw the writing on the wall at Christmas.  Clearly there was anger at OnePiece not delivering the commercial goods, for what probably was once hoped to be a SNSD-killer level group.  But they’d be better off Xeroxing what Oh My Girl does than becoming this sort of icky parody of their old, glorious style.


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