We Have to yank the cruise missile teat from the NeoCohen throat–and shove those missiles up their ass

It could be worse–but it could be a whole lot better.

Either the President knows Assad is innocent or he doesn’t.  If he doesn’t, God help us.  But if he does–he’s got to find a better response to these false flags than lobbing cruise missiles and calling it a day.  And, contra Vox Day, who projects his own hypersensitivity about insults onto everybody else by imagining any criticism no matter how constructive is vile faggoty backstabbing, we need to constructively criticize the President.  Trump needs a base he can point to and say, well they’re not gonna take this!  So what can I do?

Cruise missiles are still an act of war.  Potentially they could wind up killing Assad.  If the NeoCon conspirators are so dangerous that they have to be appeased with a suckerpunch against Syria, who’s to say they won’t go against the President’s orders and take out Assad with them?  One day their bluff must be called.  We’re still waiting.  Otherwise they may finally win.  The reckoning must come.  If not today, Mr. President, why not today?  What are we still waiting for?

As far as God, humanity, and American freedom are concerned, those cruise missiles would be better used taking out Epstein Island, Harvard Law, or Bank of America than attacking Pres. Assad.


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