Back When Girl’s Day Was In Command

Ah, 2013, when Girl’s Day and A Pink were competing to see who would be next Nation’s Girl Group.  Or so I billed it.  Well, in 2014 they were practically sharing that billing weren’t they?  Now, I know better how fleeting such power can be (what was GFriend in 2016 if not a Nation’s Girl Group? and yet, history will record flakey Twice inheriting that laurel from SNSD).  Plus, everybody in this video is old now, except perhaps the Girl’s Day members themselves (though Sojin is kinda getting into hot ajuma territory isn’t she?).

But here they’re hot and at the top, in their leatherette booty shorts and zip-up tops beneath their military vestlettes.  “Female President” is no “Dreams Come True” of course– it’s a sakeshe fantasy about the female boss, not a K-selection idealistic hymn to fortitude.  Still, it’s a fun time:

Well, I still like to revisit Girl’s Day from their hegemonic days.  They had a great quartet of megahits, and some terrific ballads/slow jams in there too.  And they’re still pretty hot, and maybe they have one more hurrah of sorts in them.  I’m sorry the wheels fell off in 2015.  You were great competition, even if at the end of this performance we see the Fairy Idols themselves taking stage.

Oh and check out the hot backup dancer circa 0:49 behind Hyeri.  Sake-she!


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