April’s “Blue Bird” Show! Music Core Comeback Stage, with remarks from legendary commenter May Be

You could hardly ask for prettier LCD backdrops, with their splendorous children’s book colorfulness and detail.  And waifu Chaewon and the gang are visions in their own right as they spin through their latest melancholy e.one musical soufflé.

Meanwhile, legendary Laboum and April youtube fan May Be offers these remarks worth pondering and sharing:

Some kind people told me that they like to read my comments (thank you!!) – but April makes me realize how much I lack in this field… I can write comment long as a book – but still I can’t describe all this beauty – I can’t properly express my admiration… You know, it’s like with the sunset and the sunrise – you can write a book about the sunset or about the sunrise – but when you will see another sunset and another sunrise you will realize that it’s more magical and more beautiful than all the words of the world can describe… So what can I do? I want just to watch another April stage – another beautiful musical sunrise… 😍 Rise, April, rise in the blue sky… I Love You!!


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