Nicholas Freaking Sarkozy is under freaking arrest, and damn this feels freaking good

K!ke former Europeror Nicholas Sarkozy is under arrest for taking million of euros in bribes from Quaddafi–whom Sarkozy later started a freaking war against, apparently all as a goddamn hit to keep his bribe-taking from coming to light.

A nation destroyed, open air slave markets returned, an American Ambassador tortured and killed, shenanigans with ISIS, and–I won’t say “started the immivasion” because that was already well underway, but drastically accelerated it with the “refugee” boat people of crap coming through– all so this Jewish carpetbagger, who threatened to use the legal arm of the French state to force “miscegenation”, could cover up his tracks.

And today this motherfucker is in custody.

SHIT CAN AND WILL GET REAL.  Drain the Ill*m*n*t* swamp.  Lock Hillary up.  Lock up the Rothschilds.  Shoot the immivaders.  Lock up Obama.

They can all pay for their terrible, monstrous, outrageous crimes.  Took bribes and then bombed the dude who bribed him!  It’s all so “unbelievable”, what point is there in pretending to analyze it “rationally”?  “We came, we saw, he died.”  Hillary, you’re just a fucking ex-Secretary of State.  If the French can lock their weasel up, WE CAN LOCK UP OURS TOO.

President Trump, we who are about to be vindicated salute you!


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