I dreamed last night that Baby Soul was living on an Indian reservation, so I know which broadcast performance of “Twinkle” inspired that idea

One of a number of “Twinkle”s I had meant to post here and never got around to, so I guess my Conscience decided to whisper a hint to go ahead and do that now.

Plus, I dreamed Sujeong had a high school crush on me.  Oh no!


One comment

  1. –I still haven’t forgotten this so I need to put it down now: at first I wondered why in my dream Baby Soul was hiding out on an Indian reservation, but later in the day I recalled how I had been watching rant videos about “The Last Jedi” before bed and so I realized that this thread of the dream story was inspired by Luke Skywalker’s retreat. So Luke in retirement/hiding + the Overlook Hotel Indian motifs equaled Baby Soul disappearing into an Indian Reservation to chill out.

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