We the People have spoken:  we want the borders closed.

We want the 22 million illegal alien infiltrators to pack up and return to their beloved homes.  Our demands are peaceable and fair.  These criminal trespassers have been treated with extraordinary leniency thus far.  We should not have to resort to stiff-armed measures to be free of them–but if we must, we will.

We want an end to so-called “refugee resettlement.”  So-called refugees are not supposed to be “resettled” in the first place–they are supposed to return to their homelands at the first sign of relative safety.  And in fact, refugees– authentic refugees–while their plight may be piteous, are not entitled to an absolute right to safety and survival in foreign lands.  If your house burns down, you do not pace up and down the neighborhood until you find the richest household and then invite yourself in to stay forever.  And in the case of America and Europe today, most of the so-called refugees cannot even begin truthfully to claim to be displaced by war– most of them are non-Syrian, non-female and non-minors.  They all have to go back.

America has plenty enough native-born high-skill, low-skill, and no-skill people to do business with.  We do not need the talents of India or China– let them work in their empires of birth.  We do not need “hardworking” mestizos– we still have plenty enough poor White people for those jobs.  And nobody on earth needs more 80 IQ types leeching off the public teat and making a nuisance of themselves.

The 21st Century will not be a century of “mass migration”.  It will be a century of high achievement among the high achievement peoples of Europe and its diaspora and of Northeast Asia.  It will be a time of resettlement of Indians back to India, East Asians abroad back to East Asia, and of Jews to Israel.  It will be a century, furthermore, in which the “Global South” eases its endemic poverty the only way it can– by vastly curtailing its population, by trying to increase its relative proportion of relatively capable persons, and by making as little a nuisance of itself as possible to the greater civilizations of planet Earth whose exclusive destiny it is to explore the stars.  We will not have rap or reggaeton on the Mars colony, dumbasses.

And if Brazil, Congo, or Cambodia want a go at scientific progress, they are free to try it.  If they could peaceably excel, then they may hold their heads high among the nations.  But the nations themselves have a right to exist as what nations are– the sovereign homelands of distinct peoples, with their own languages, their own cultures, their own histories, and yes, their own ethnicities.  Distinct, separate, and permanent, just the way we like them.  The woes of foreigners, whether self-created or imposed by nature, whether fixable or permanent, do not create a claim upon other nations to dilute or destroy themselves in order to succor the pain of those not their responsibility.

Immigration must end.  White Europe, Yellow Asia, and Heritage America will stay.  Our nations, our rules.


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