Tom Kawczynski did nothing wrong

Tom Kawczynski, a rural Maine town manager, has been dismissed after making “racist comments” to the effect that the region should maintain its historic White majority and keep Islam out.

The predictable response from Leftist do-badders was to vilify him as a “White Supremacist”.  One scowling Marxist who turns up in the bing search cajoles “the good people” of Jackson, Maine to fire him for his “clearly racist views and vision”.  Apparently this soyboy thinks the good people of rural Maine should turn their daughters and dogs over to sucking majority Muslim dick instead.

Well fuck that.  Islam has no right whatsoever to Euro-American soil: and it will be driven out.  Mr. Kawcynski did nothing more than peaceably state the peaceable solution to the immivasion crisis.  If fanatic anti-White Leftist racists would only listen to him, they could avoid an astonishing amount of suffering for everyone– good White people, Muslims and other foreigners, and their own hateful, cowardly selves– down the road.

You can’t fire the whole productive citizenship of the United States (and Europe) for hating Islam.  Islam is a barbarous religion, persuasive to no one who isn’t part of the genetically unintelligent Southern Belt of the Globe (the Koran Belt!).

Nor will glorious White America and Europe submit to “browning” by shitbrain mestizos, blacks, and Arabs, no matter what fat hack schmuck Rob Reiner thinks.  Supposedly “schmawt” Jews and other soyboy community college-level mentalities who claim to despise “ignorant” people have an outright fetish for the dumbish dolts of the planet (browns are ugly and smelly too).  So much for their supposed “cosmopolitanism”.

There are a hell of a lot more good people where Tom Kawczynski came from– and now you’re making them angry, you brown brown-nosing underhanded haters.  “Muh I got him fired” won’t cut it.  You will be fired– right out of the Western World you don’t deserve to stay in any longer.


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