Can somebody please explain to the NFL that the problem is not Papa John’s or Jerry Jones–it’s their goddamn players who started this “divisive” crap

It just kills me to see these newsfeed items like “Papa John’s apologizes for CEO’s divisive remarks” or “NFL accuses Jerry Jones of stirring up controversy”.  Hey listen assholes: the only ones “stirring up controversy” are your millionaire felons in spandex who insist upon disrespecting the National Anthem at your games.  Anyone who complains about that fact is complaining about the divisiveness started by them.  Your ratings are plummeting, and that’s because of the divisiveness started by them.  This is ALL on your players.

Now, talk about “freedom of speech” if you like, but employers also have a right to fire people for muking around while they’re on the clock.  Apparently if you’re a liberal employer with conservative employees, you get to fire them even for their free speech in their private time, but that’s another essay.

If pampered negro affletes have a problem with the cops, they can move to Liberia where I’m sure they’ll find the security of life and property that comes with black-only rule over a black-only population much more appetizing.  As it is, all the crime statistics point out that, far from suffering too few adversarial encounters with the police, the black community in fact does not suffer nearly enough conflict from police and the court systems.  We need to be cracking down much harder on black criminality– we need to go Duterte-style and start mass executions of drug dealers, for instance.

But then, I advocate paying all blacks in America $50,000 to resign their citizenship and relocate to Africa.

In any event the NFL can stop playing stupid, as if everyone would go back to watching their games if only people would shut up and stop pointing out the fact that a bunch of pampered black imbeciles in spandex are taking a squat during the National Anthem.  Stop being a bunch of faggots.  Everybody knows what your pampered dolt negro affletes are doing, everybody hates it, and everybody hates you for playing dumb and not kicking their asses to the welfare line– which is where they’d end up in ten years even if none of this ruckus had ever started.  Because dez dumb, dummy!


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