Ten Points of the Alt-Right: A Manifesto

I. Truth. The Alt-Right believes in objective truth. Man surveys the myriad phenomena of the human, living, and physical worlds and beholds sequence and symmetry. We notice patterns and test predictions. Humans exist not apart from the natural order, but occupy a remarkable place within in as rational animals. The search for truth is what fulfills our purpose. Whether Christian or atheist, we share a conviction that the truth shall set us free.

II. Realism. The Alt-Right rejects the evasive agnosticism toward fact and truth displayed by the Post-Modernist academy and media. Language is necessary for the communication of truth and shapes our attitude toward the objective world but cannot recreate it to suit our fancies. The Left, drunk on corporate cant, academic Marxist tripe, and rabble-rousing rancor, is debased and abused by its idol-worship of bovine, illogical drivel. Its most intelligent adherents knowingly bear false witness. They comprise a sort of diabolic priesthood–a Synagogue of Satan. The question of how to dispose of this threat is, for us, a vital one.

III. Speech. The Alt-Right celebrates the freedom to express freely and fully one’s search for truth. Reasoned debate and salty satire are valued traditions in the West, where the figures of Socrates and Jesus, Juvenal and Swift are an integral part of our heritage. Without free discourse there is no true culture, no just polity, and no sound relationship between society and reality. Persons who observably cannot cope with the bracing freedom of debate (which also encompasses the free play of wit) are, by definition, worthy of marginalization from education, politics, and, ultimately, civil society–all settings where participation must be contingent upon honesty, integrity, and forbearance of reasoned dissent. Emotional incontinence is not a guiltless offense.

IV. Nation. The globalized elite defines a nation merely as a random aggregate of persons in a shared geographical space under a single government– a way station, in other words, to a new world order. The Alt-Right by principle opposes the dissolution of nations and, of course, most particularly our own.

A nation is revealed by shared language, history, culture, purpose. A nation is, in other words, a people: a population created by common ancestry. It is the duty of nations to fight by all means necessary to preserve the patrimony left them by their forebears, who bore so much to pass on to their progeny a life made fuller by their sedulous stewardship of culture and creed. Globalists would reduce all peoples to mere strangers behind the locked Gate of Ishtar, toiling under one lidless Cyclopean eye.

V. Race. A race may be defined scientifically as “a group of organisms that have similar genetically based characteristics and form a distinct type within a species or breed” (American Heritage High School Dictionary). Demurrers that this definition does not apply to human races are mere pro forma PC cant. Racially-based characteristics encompass both mental and physical attributes, and wield a definitive role in the creation and expression of culture. If “racism” is defined as “the belief that race accounts for differences in human character [and] ability”, then racism, far from being a horror comparable to child abuse or Original Sin, is in fact simply the belief in inoffensive truth.

VI. Civilization. The Alt-Right prizes civilization. The West’s remarkable advancements, from the death-deferring palliatives of medicine and hygiene, to the technological triumphs of air travel, space exploration, and the internet, have made White nations the global standard of material excellence. In art, the spiritual sublimities of Homer, Shakespeare, Michelangelo, Beethoven, exalt our emotions, inform our morals, and beguile our leisure. All these are a priceless patrimony, wrought by indefatigable toil and sorrow, illumined by promethean insight, and left to us in trust. To fail to pass on to our children the riches of this treasure would be to surrender ourselves to shameless theft and vicious overthrow.

The Left is fundamentally, even overtly anticivilizational: it disparages harmony in life or art; it denies talent and the reward of effort. By the primrose path of puerile promises it leads only to nasty squalor, hateful violation, and brutish death. No Alt-Righter, whether Christian, deist, or Darwinist, will surrender to gangs, germs, and squeals of degeneracy. We fight to preserve knowledge, grace, and the just pride of our free existence.

VII. Justice. True justice must be grounded in moral rightness of action and will. As citizens are owed protection by the law, so too do they owe it their loyalty. Obtuse, truculent minorities abuse the word to demand free benefits, preferences, and immunity from the just censure of the law. We reject these demands utterly and without apology. Michael Brown got what he deserved; rioters deserve harsh treatment too.  Equality before the law demands the total abolition of “affirmative action”, whether by race or sex.  In a just society men will vastly preponderate in positions of public responsibility, and as long as blacks are allowed to live in multiracial societies, their race will be vastly overrepresented in the criminal and indolent classes.

VIII. Wealth. The Alt-Right, as the pro-reality, pro-civilization party, honors the free use of economic talents. However, we reject the reductivist recipes of economic autists, whether popular Marxists or vocal Randians. Economic decision-making is not the ultimate determiner in human life. Of mere fiat wealth we are profoundly suspicious. We consider a different angle: the prudent stewardship of more permanent resources, from precious metals to potable water to the liveability of our land, is of paramount importance. Most vital of all is human capital: we embrace the truth that our greatest wealth is our children, “more than all the money and riches in this world.”

IX. Sex. The sexual division of mankind is an intractable fact of life. The dogmatic insistence upon equality of aptitude and interests between women and men is dishonest and untenable. Hemlines may be a social construct, but penises and vaginas, with all their attendant, surgically nontransferable apparati, are not. Women warriors belong in classical poetry, not the Navy Seals. Cross-dressing might be tacitly tolerable as a bedroom kink (the Alt-Right does reject the surveillance state), but we owe it not a parade.  30 will be the new 20 when eggs are as plentiful as sperm (if then).

X. Immigration. Of all concrete policy issues, immigration is the most immediate and defining for the Alt-Right. We reject both the supposed necessity as well as the alleged desirability of mass immigration. The world is not getting smaller: a few inches of snow suffices to halt all but the most daring and duty-bound, even in the most advanced hubs of our high-tech civilization. How much more then should we reject the supposed “inevitability” of illiterate peons invading Europe by sea, when a mere whiff of maritime grapeshot would suffice to halt them utterly?

A nation is a people, not a proposition. Its wealth is its posterity, which is nonfungible. The races have very different attitudes and aptitudes, which are intractable in the face of the wishful manipulations of equalists. The White West has an aesthetic and spiritual preference for its own, which should not and will not be denied.

The United States, a supposed “nation of immigrants”, can afford to secure its borders, deport all its myriad illegal alien infiltrators (including the dreamy-eyed spawn they have amassed on our turf) and immediately cut all legal-immigration by four-fifths without any but the most transitory economic “disruptions”. In principle, there is no good reason why the United States should not place a complete moratorium upon immigration.

As to Europe, there is not so much as a Walt Whitman or an Emma Lazarus to look to, to provide a fig leaf for the serpent’s lie that the White continent belongs to “migrants“. Europe is the White race’s Eden, our gorgeous garden of self-cultivated peace and plenty, and we shall defend it with a righteous sword of fire. The respective nations of Europe should remain, by blood, as ethnically coherent and distinct as the noble lands of Korea or Japan– indeed, even those nations have modest room for improvement, by advancing their fertility rates and discreetly deporting the bastard spawn left by the imperial stormtroopers of the present, sadly decayed, United States military–which (most Alt-Righters will agree) should be drawn down.

The Alt-Right is for nation, not empire; for natural difference, not “diversity” by decree. It believes boys should be boys and girls should be girls, and to deny this is to erect a ditch that drains into depression, disease, and decay. Inequality of effort and ability leads to inequality of outcome, which is wholesome and just. Free men have the right to speak a ‘yes’ that means yes and a ‘no’ that means no. Each race will thrive, to the best of its abilities, when it can be alone among its own. And none of this is mere ‘ideology’, the ravings of a political id unleashed by boundless grievance, but simply the healthy acknowledgement of what is good, beautiful, and true







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