Burma is expelling Islam–so should we

Running over helpless people in the street is Islam’s latest spin on acid-throwing, suicide bombing, plane hijacking, and all the other arcane ways these jealous and zealous stains on planet Earth think up to promote their risible Desert Mormonism cult and their ludicrous fantasies of race supremacy over their Ice People superiors.

This latest murderous spree is not the worst, but it is enough.  President Trump, ban all entry into the United States from any Muslim-majority country.  Abolish all “refugee” “resettlement” programs.  If a “federal judge” someplace issues another unconstitutional freeze on such a program, ask that hyphenated Jew what army she has.  Fuck the federal judges.  We want Islam out of America!

Myanmar/Burma may be one of the poorest and most “backward” nations on earth, but in expelling its Muslim minority it is acting as a vanguard nation for the 21st Century.  We will all expel the Islamic invaders– Europe, Russia, China, America, Canada, Australia will be utterly free of this disgusting menace.


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