Trump orders CIA to release real JFK files, so FBI muddies waters with release of fake news Sandy Hook files

–That’s my take.  Certainly no amount of fanfic about nonexistent “Adam Lanza” can wash away the mountains of evidence of Sandy Hook’s hoax status as a diabolical psy-op designed to disarm America and pave the way for Bolshevik tyranny.


There’s so much “good” stuff in the annals of Sandy Hook deception, multiple movie-length videos have and can still be made from them– but I think Robbie Parker’s Jokeresque grin (he does it again and again!) as his supposed dead baby girl’s body still rotted inside “Sandy Hook Elementary” (remember, by the “official narrative” authorities left the dead bodies in the building all weekend!) tells it all.

Stay keen-eyed, and pray for the President to stay safe from these conspiratorial madmen–and may their evil works soon be exposed.


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