Monthly Archives: August 2017

Lee Jung Hyun Looking Cute for an almost-37 year old

She’s past that mark now, but here she was, about a month before her birthday, doing a cute rendition of some cute old hit of hers.   I just throw it out since it’s worth saluting well-preserved women wherever we can find them.  Not saying she wasn’t cuter when she was younger, but we all […]

GFriend Dance in a Pond on Show Champion

GFriend’s “Love Whisper” is a daringly stripped-down song, their most minimalist single since their frankly underwhelming debut with “Glass Bead”. Early spring’s “Fingertip” has been scored as a “flop”, even though the song snagged a few trophies and the album sold over 60,000 physical units.  But after last year’s epic success with “Rough” and “Navillera”, […]

Laboum, the Queens of Summer?

Laboum seems to attract a lot of haters these days, so perhaps some of this chatter is just trolling, but fans are starting to talk up Laboum as the new “Queens of Summer” based upon the effervescent summer vibe of “Only U”: While I would never say “Only U” is my favorite Laboum single, for […]

Chorong’s Innocence

A girlfriend sketch with A Pink’s Leader Fairy (as bestowed on our poor schmuck by a witchy Bomi!). “Hello, wind!  Hello, fine dust!”