Jessica Jung Through the Seasons of Love: Jessica’s “Summer Storm” MV Review

As we expect with Jessica, this latest release is another luminously photographed vision of Jessica playing around at hanging out at home, showing her sensitive yet whimsically domestic side.

Is that clock at 9:05 a SNSD reference?  Sunny and– was it Sooyoung?– recently had an exchange about a “five member” versus a “nine member” group.  Could Jessica have fit that in in time?  Or is it just happy synchronicity?  In any event the hour hand on 9 surely is significant.

This video lends itself to the suspicion it’s an idealized version of Jessica’s time with Tyler Kwon.  Of course, he’s present throughout thanks to the Coridel watermark (is that really necessary?).  Love Jessica in her autumn cherry (raspberry?) beret.  Is this because Tyler is her prince?

I don’t have any attempt at a deep insight to offer here except I pray that Tyler Kwon will finally wife Jessica up and they can formally begin their reign as Asia’s premiere power couple.  Please Lord don’t let Jessica waste her youth on him if he’s just going to dump her someday and hunt for another idol!

Make this the Christmas Jessica becomes an honest woman and bears a child.



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