“Chinese work hard technology”

I don’t know if this is a parody account or for real, but it rocks:

africa black nigro govenments can not succeed without Chinese organize expertise

U.S. cannot compete Chinese work hard technology. Chinese Children learn arithmetic and health exercise at camp. This boys wear a dress

Fuck a #GoogleMemo Chinese technology company give work most skill mans phd. Woman cannot work hard technology because make child complain

#GoogleManifesto is weakness united states to have woman and black nigro to best Chinese phd computer science work hard technology

Chinese mans phd engineer make most algorithm program hard work. This fools make doodle art and word process excell spreadsheet application

Do not have girlfriend with tattoo not dutiful wife. “We are given our body, skin and hair from our parents; which we ought not to damage”

Chinese study depression but always prevention:

1. work hard

2. eat diet green vegetable lean protein

3. do not listen bad woman complain

And etc.:  https://twitter.com/WeihanWang4


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