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Jessica Jung Through the Seasons of Love: Jessica’s “Summer Storm” MV Review

As we expect with Jessica, this latest release is another luminously photographed vision of Jessica playing around at hanging out at home, showing her sensitive yet whimsically domestic side. Is that clock at 9:05 a SNSD reference?  Sunny and– was it Sooyoung?– recently had an exchange about a “five member” versus a “nine member” group.  […]

Victoria’s Secret

Oh My Gi7l with “Coloring Book”

Goddess Jiho and the gang left some spirited performances in the KBS grabbag, as with this blaze of energy– though I pray the next comeback will be OM8!

GFriend’s Instaclassic “Love Whisper” Stage on Music Bank

An oasis of refulgence as GFriend unleash their dazzling new single upon this achingly romantic stage: But why was SinB stuck with a boring out of date fleshtone mic when everyone else got the glamorous new ones I first recall becoming a “thing” when Seohyun did “Don’t Say No”? Whatever the explanation, we won’t let […]

Listening to SNSD’s “Promise” and thinking about the Albigensian Crusade and Hitler

Well, I’m just being honest. I was thinking that, if the Albigensian Crusade was a genocide, it may well have been a fully justified one, as the Albigensians may have been a total threat to human survival, a mass psychosis. Whereas Churchill’s firebombing genocide against the German family was just pure evil.  Probably less than […]

“Chinese work hard technology”

I don’t know if this is a parody account or for real, but it rocks: africa black nigro govenments can not succeed without Chinese organize expertise U.S. cannot compete Chinese work hard technology. Chinese Children learn arithmetic and health exercise at camp. This boys wear a dress Fuck a #GoogleMemo Chinese technology company give work […]