Lee Jung Hyun Looking Cute for an almost-37 year old

She’s past that mark now, but here she was, about a month before her birthday, doing a cute rendition of some cute old hit of hers.


I just throw it out since it’s worth saluting well-preserved women wherever we can find them.  Not saying she wasn’t cuter when she was younger, but we all have to catch sight of something old eventually, and for almost-thirty-seven I think she looks pretty sweet.

In truth, her face has a succulent plumpness to it–and with that pink disco wig!  Well, Samuel Johnson said women to the age of thirty-five tyrannize us completely, so is thirty-six and eleven months impossible?

And now maybe I can chillax a little about Bomi and Eunji turning twenty-four soon.

Oh God, the horror! . . .


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  1. Total weirdness:

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