Laboum, the Queens of Summer?

Laboum seems to attract a lot of haters these days, so perhaps some of this chatter is just trolling, but fans are starting to talk up Laboum as the new “Queens of Summer” based upon the effervescent summer vibe of “Only U”:

While I would never say “Only U” is my favorite Laboum single, for a beachy sort of jam it is remarkably likeable, especially with Soyeon working aegyo lyrics like “Dance dance dance dance” and a Frozenly blonde Yulhee moving her sake-she maknae bod all over the stage.

Sistar of course worked a much sake-she-er concept, but let’s be realistic: not all of their summer bops were really all that fun.  “Alone” is a classic, but a brooding one; and while “Shake It” may be the most perfectly crafted pop song ever designed around the exclusive theme of butt shaking (praise be to Duble Sidekick, and why aren’t we hearing too much from them lately?), it is well known that some of Sistar’s other summer megahits I consider tepid and overrated.

Red Velvet’s “Red Flavor” has some of the same qualities as “Only U”, for better and for less, but “Red Flavor”s self-conscious artiness hampers it from achieving the same air of sonic escapism– though Wendy and Joy and Irene and the gang give it a great go on stage, to be sure.

Anyway, I’m hoping Laboum rake in a trophy from The Show or something to consolidate their infamous upset win on Music Bank for “Hwi Hwi”–show the haters that Laboum is here to stay, and “nugu” no more!


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