Laboum Came Back, and I didn’t know (but now I do)!

In my defense, what with all the huge excitement over A Pink’s glorious reascendance–plus my being off the grid for over a week– the fact that Laboum was teasing a comeback passed entirely without my notice.

But, I only missed it by a day (though I am saved further unforced Laboumlessness by scanning onehallyu when I don’t think there’s anything new to be found–onehallyu be praised), which is much less dire than the five days of shame that passed between the release of “Sugar Sugar” and my discovery thereof back in 2015.

So then here is Laboum’s latest high-energy and high-charm work, “Only U”!


Yujeong still doing her patented “hide shyly while looking on at some guy” routine lolz!  Rise, Laboum!



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  1. grey · · Reply

    some of these music vid reviews are amazing. all are entertaining

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