A Pink’s “Eyes”

Twenty-two year old Kim Namjoo, 21 year old Oh Hayoung, and their unnies perform for Show Champion the second greatest ballad from their Pink Up minialbum:


with the glowing ice podiums that have been a sublime perennial for K-pop since the time of T-ara’s “We Were in Love” and the ballad arrangement of “Cry Cry”.  A Pink standing in formation like it’s “Secret” all over again!  Thank you, Lord God!

–Of course, my preference for “Evergreen” is provisional, though if it gets a music video a la “Petal” and “Secret Garden” then that probably will get set in stone.  But “Eyes” is a terrific song, with lyrics by Chorong and especially emotive moments for my beloved and beworshiped Namjoo!

Did I mention “Five” is No 1 on the soompi chart this week?  What a glorious era!  A Pink hwaiting!

apink-five-show-champion1 2nd win july 12 2017 soompi


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