A Pink Win the No. 1 Spot on the soompi chart with “Five”!

On my return from the woods, I was horrified to see that, despite taking trophies on The Show, Show Champion, and Show! Music Core A Pink only managed to move up to no 3 on the soompi chart.  Their best chance to win on the (admittedly idiosyncratic) aggregate barometer had failed!  And ironically, even “Only One” which never won a trophy at all, had been a No. 1.  Now, with a much stronger success A Pink would nonetheless break their string of soompi No. 1s from “No No No” on.  Sad!

Of course, I told myself that, with the subsequent wins on The Show and Show Champion, and the inevitable slackening for the older top two from Mamamoo and Blackpink, there might still be a chance . . . .

And then came the glorious revelation (which I only found by plowing through all the most recent updates for A Pink at onehallyu and hitting “next page”) that A Pink had won Show! Music Core again, the night I left for the incommunicative woods!  A Pink had fully replicated for a second week their trophy haul from the prior week!

And voila, it turns out that now A Pink has surged to No. 1 on the soompi chart, and their string of soompi No. 1s remains secure!  A Pink hwaiting!!!

Yes, the soompi chart doesn’t really “count” for much– but it’s part of my history as a K-pop listener, and in the old days A Pink dominated it, so it means a lot to me.

And it bummed me to be off in the woods (splendid as the stay was) to be off the grid for A Pink’s prospective week of triumph.  And now I find I am back for this week of glory deferred!


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