Last weekend, A Pink took Show! Music Core again with “Five”!

What could be more glorious?  A Pink now moves into place as the third highest Show! Music Core trophy-winning act in history, with a win that gave them a second week clean sweep of The Show, Show Champion, and Show! Music Core.


Truly, “Five” is A Pink’s great comeback, a resurrection of preeminence–idol fairies in full bloom!

OMG the emotion: Namjoo’s tears, Mamapink interactions, and Xuan Yi bopping to “Five”–is this K-pop’s Golden Age?!?

Namjoo’s explosive laughter as she bows through her tears at 1:08 is iconic.  Hayoung keeps it together so pristinely at first–and then tears up so hard she’s strategically hidden from view during the group hug at the 2:40s.

Donald Trump is on his throne and the girl groups of K-pop are ruling the summer, with refulgent A Pink at the helm.  God is good!


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