Spencer Quinn: “It would be best for all if the races admitted our differences and separated as soon as possible.”

An excellent piece in rebuttal of the obnoxious Cosby Kid affirmative-action “linguist” John McWhorter, with some of the most lucid writing I’ve seen at The Unz Review on the desirability of permanent separation from the African anthropoid populations.

Whites are beginning to wake up and realize that racial differences need to be discussed openly and then acted upon as part of official policy. This is the only way we can avoid being exploited and ultimately swallowed up by non-whites (including the blacks for whom John McWhorter speaks). He may paint them as underdogs and victims who need protection from the truth, but racial differences go far beyond mere IQ. Blacks also have absurd levels of crime, violence, drug abuse, and corruption in their communities – just like they do in their home continent of Africa. When the truth comes out, they don’t seem much like victims anymore. Quite the opposite, actually.



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