A Pink Win SBS “The Show” for Second Week with “Five”

A Pink’s glorious Reconquista of K-pop continues with their fourth trophy for “Five”!

apink-the-show-win 2nd Five win July 11 2017 soompi

With the “veteran” girl group displaying its musical, social, and cultural hegemony at the foremost ranks of the field.

Wendy Eunji couple onehallyu

Red Velvet’s Waifu Wendy (left) consorts with Queen Eunji



The girls delighted in their lemony outfits with the blue rococofied blue pocket ribbon detailies.  And now, in further proof of A Pink’s resurgence, they have topped the July girl group brand reputation index!


Ne!  And with Show Champion ahead, and the possibility even of winning M! Countdown, the trophy haul may not be complete.  And we have still the vague promise of a 2nd A Pink minialbum before the end of the year.  If 2014 is an indication, A Pink could even exceed themselves to a yet bigger hit!  But regardless, A Pink has boldly redeemed their fortunes from the perceived floppage of the “Only One” era (which nonetheless sold gobs of physical albums), and reasserted their sublime preeminence among the angels of K-pop.  The Pink Pandas have worked hard and shown their loyalty, and our goddesses have richly deserved this.  A Pink hwaiting!


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