A Pink Win Show! Music Core With “Five”!

Truly, we have been blessed with this resurgence of legendary A Pink to the pinnacle of triumph with “Five”!

I went to bed early, in part due to real fatigue but also, alas, deterred from imagining there was much of a shot thanks to a quick perusal of a onehallyu poster’s breakdown of next week’s likely show winners, which puts A Pink in contention for The Show and Show Champion but nothing else.

But, whatever next week’s outcomes, A Pink has recovered from losing Music Bank and taken the trophy for Show! Music Core!  Can you believe this is the first time they’ve won on this stage since the days of “Luv” vs. “Up & Down”?

EXID, in fact, appears finally to have faded from that virally-surged peak; yet A Pink (and Shinsadong Tiger) have once again proven the power of their vernal allure and powerful innocence.  Great congratulations to A Pink, and to all the Pink Pandas– and as ever, we shall always be hwaiting!



  1. MBC’s official upload of the win/post-broadcast celebration:

  2. –actually comment 3 is the broadcast version, comment 1 being that stationary low angle alternate MBC’s started simulcasting 9or just simuluploading) for added effect.

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