Happy Birthday Baby Soul!

Baby Soul kpopmap

The Lovelyz leaderz turns twenty-five!

Sigh.  Poor Baby Soul, why have I always thought of her as an old woman, even back in the days of “For You” and Lovelyz in Wonderland when she was puttering around lost in Seoul and the captions on the show call her a grown-up baby who can’t ask for directions?  I mean, she was only twenty-three then, as old as Bomi or Eunji now– but today, she’s twenty-five:  truly old.

I’m so sorry Baby Soul.  I should have embraced your youth while you still have it.

Baby Soul sglovelyz blogspot

But now, you are still a remarkably well-preserved woman: so much so, that you may yet enjoy years ahead of radiance in which to lead Lovelyz to further great heights of excellence!

Baby Soul, we love you!  Happy birthday Baby Soul, and God bless you!  Baby Soulssi hwaiting!



One comment

  1. Jiae’s sleepwalking and Baby Soul’s monster ghost voice!

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