Where Has 4/4ths of Dal Shabet in Thigh High Boots Been All My Life?

Yeah yeah yeah a bunch of Freemasons signed a piece of parchment today– but have you seen this Dal Shabet stage from Inkigayo, ludicrously billed as “cute” when obviously it’s a sake-she concept?:

And this time, baby, Subin put on the thigh high boots too.  Can’t believe I haven’t watched–??–this before.  Though admittedly the tops are a bit Fleetwood Mac for my taste.

I don’t even consider myself a “fan” of this song– besides “Joker”, it’s the weakest of Dal Shabet’s singles (though “Joker” actually isn’t bad or anything: I listened to that album a reasonable amount back in 2015), but now that I’ve played it about seven times in a row . . . .



  1. Well, now these things seem ubiquitous:

    Did I never watch all this stuff last fall, or did it just not seem as diverting at the moment?

    Or am I just feeling nostalgic for Dal Shabet and now guiltily reveling in their latest pranks in happy recognition that they’ve still got “it”?

  2. Dal 4habet in denim:

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