Where has 3/4ths of Dal Shabet in thigh high boots been all my life?

Testimonial No. LXXXVIIIIX why you need to make sure you catch every broadcast from Music Bank, here is Dal Shabet with last fall’s postgrad party anthem “Fri. Sat. Sun.” with Ah Young, Serri, and Woohee all decked out in latexy thigh high footwear:

Subin is the holdout, probably because thigh high boots are too lowbrow for her taste.  She’s always had a sort of Oscar Wilde wit and weirdness about her, plus now she’s pumping out all these quite amazing self-penned ballads (and of course she produced the Joker Is Here album), so naturally she goes for more of an aloof art-goth chick ensemble.

But then, Woohee gets the fashionably loudest schoolgirl skirt (Serri’s pleather skirt may have been overkill), while Ah Young gets those martial buttons on her bottoms like she’s in GFriend’s “Fingertip”).  Serri of course can settle for great hair, since she’s got it.

Just so you know though, ladies:  God knows.  Sigh.  But I know you know that so,– move your body like!

[Update]  Oh but I see someone did fit Subin out with a pleather mini for this stage:

Aloof art-goth indeed . . . .


One comment

  1. And it turns out I did notice Subin’s leather skirt, as well as Woohee’s “anti-high” top, last year:


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