Style Nanda Love 3CE Glossy Lip Stick #Picnicker

I don’t know what all the hell that means, but here’s today’s selection of cute photos from Style Nanda:

nanda love3CE glossy lipstick 01

Well it is glossy.

nanda love3cglossylipstick

And she seems pretty happy about it.  I think there’s something in the opening essay of Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal about the happiness-making of lipstick.  Not that Rand was really about that.  But then, maybe she was, in an underhanded way?  I’d say that the “sense of life” of this lipstick is pretty Romantic, actually.

Here’s some Seulgi-esque looking model sporting it as well:

LOVE3CE Glossy lipstick seulgi looking girl

How much Style Nanda stuff do I have saved that I’ve never posted, and for which the sale items have long since disappeared from the website?  I don’t know.

But I’ve gotta get on with that “Hello, Danny” post I meant to do.  I hope those skirts are still on there.  It’s all too much.






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