Bomi Did Nothing Wrong

I’m not going to condescend to pretend to take seriously this “blackface” “scandal” some meddlesome idiots abroad have tried to lay at the feet of A Pink’s Bomi.

Understand, I have serious doubts whether blacks and humans even have a common ancestor (how many times do we have to go through this “Mankind originated in Africa”, “No, mankind originated in Eurasia” schtick before people wake up and get a clue?).

There is no black “culture”, and no deference is owed to black feelings.  The black population in America is entirely dependent upon tax dollars from the White population, each black being a lifetime net liability on Whites of several hundred thousand dollars.

Africa is a subhuman zone, one whose native population can and will be controlled, by whatever means necessary.

Blacks have no intrinsic right even to take notice of what Whites or Asians do.  How the hell is civilization any of their business?

Martin Luther King’s grave should be removed, as far as I’m concerned.  Certainly, his holiday will be abolished.  The vast majority of black hominoids the world over are clinically mentally retarded.  This is a scientific fact.

So, never mind that Bomi wasn’t even playing a black character.  South Korea can, and should, ban the entry of any black, half-black, or quarter-black person (and expel all such persons who, through the malignancy of black “American” soldiers’ malfeasance, have been created on their precious soil).  Insofar as Koreans or any other advanced race take notice of anything black people do, it should be only to mock at and excoriate it.  “I have a dream!”–nigga, puhleez.  F**k your dreams.  And what kind of tendentious kindergarten idiocy is going on about “I have a dream” like that’s something deep?  Typical black moron.

Nevertheless, this much more circumspect reflection from onehallyu commenter tteokbokki caught my eye, and as I’ve already dropped it at PA’s I’ll file it here:

Why do black ifans think if you disagree with them, it means you must be white? I’m Asian minority. Maybe some of us are sick of your constant negativity on intl sites. The “controversy” has been cleared and some of you guys are still going on at it. You guys won’t quit it even if the facts are laid out for you.

Well, the answer of course is that blacks are retarded.  And the minority who are not technically retarded are certainly not very bright, besides being full of envy at those who are prettier and smarter.

I mean, Jews are–relatively speaking–“smart”, but emotionally they can’t handle sharing the planet with Whites and Asians.  As for the dumb dirty apes, they can’t figure out nuffin.  Their emotional suffering is not on my conscience, nor should it be given a thought by any member of the august Korean master race.


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